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BlackBerry PlayBook shows off HTML5 support, Flash performance

“Uncompromised web experience”

RIM's upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will sport a dual-core processor that makes it powerful enough to handle Flash games and video on the web -- if the browser is up to it, that is. RIM has just posted a PlayBook demo video that seems to demonstrate that both the hardware and the software can handle the stuff most people do on their desktop web browsers -- Facebook, Facebook Chat, Flash games and Flash video.

In the video, RIM repeatedly pushes a "full desktop version of the web, no compromises" message. It showcases the Blackberry web browser which has both Flash and HTML5 video capabilities.

They have also demonstrated how well Flash works on the Playbook, using Flash games on Facebook.The demo smoothly travels through YouTube, Facebook, and into a game of the Flash-based Gems Swap 2.

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