HTML5 MP3 Player with the Latest SoundManager2 and on Sale!

Cross browser HTML5 music is getting even better with the HTML5 MP3 Player 1.0.7 that includes the latest SoundManager2! In this update we also included some fixes for the title not updating, dynamic data browse and more. If you still don't have this awesome Dreamweaver extension, now you can get it with over 25% discount until next Wednesday.

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The Story

Music Store Demo

In this demo you can see a simple music store created with the HTML5 MP3 Player and Sliding Billboard extensions. When you click on the image thumbnails, the Sliding Billboard playlist changes.


What's New in HTML5 MP3 Player 1.0.7:

  • Latest SoundManager2 version for greatest HTML5 audio support!
  • Fixed: Title not updating
  • Fixed: Update state when song finished
  • Fixed: Dynamic data browse

Manage Your HTML5 MP3 Player Playlist Online

With our latest release of Online HTML5 MP3 Management bundle you can add, remove and manage your website music playlist directly from the browser. If you want to learn how you can edit an MP3 Playlist online you should also check out the video tutorial made upon the demo below.

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