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Client Side

Log in extension


I'd like to see an extension (free, if possible!) that would set up a log-in page for my website.



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Database driven menu system

I would like to have an extension that are fully databasedriven with mulitple levels, and where I can choose graphics. MainCategory, ParentCategory.

If I can use some of the existing extensions, I would like to have a spesific walktrough.

Best regards from Norway

Runar Bolstad


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CSS Form Designer

Hi i was wondering if the CSS Form Designer free extension was available for Dreamweaver mx





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Client Side

Modal Windows

I was lookin at your Advanced Layer Popup and viewed the demo.  Where can you get the one you use to show the demo stuff.  That is exactly what I am looking for and that one displays well.


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Star rating system


I'm looking for an easy way to allow my web visitors to rate an item when it displays on the search-results page, using stars -- just as DMX Zone allows people to rate these requests, in fact.   

For example, if a visitor thinks the item is not very good, he could give it one star, but if he thinks it's excellent, he could give it five stars.

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