Using the Media Library in WordPress

Now that you know the basics behind uploading images and using them to gain SEO traction, you might want to know how to leverage the WordPress image libraries so you don't overload your site.

Using Images in WordPress

If you want to streamline your images for your WordPress (WP) blog, Linda shows how to do this in this tutorial. You'll learn how to upload images as well as how to size them so they fit in your theme.

WordPress and Graphics II

In this tutorial, you can learn how to change your masthead in your WordPress theme. This change may involve working with a CSS file, which Linda also covers here. You will need to use Photoshop or some other graphic program that can create .jpg, .gif and/or .png files.

WordPress and Graphics

Are you ready to add images to your WordPress blog? This tutorial can help you with your decisions on how to use images in your blog before you begin to upload images. Linda talks about placement, colour and resources on finding images for your blog.

Building a Child Theme from a Child Theme in WordPress

You already may have child themes down and you've built a few from some WordPress themes. But, have you thought about building a child theme from another child theme? In this article, Linda shows how to accomplish this small feat, which is very similar to building a child theme from scratch.

Building a Static Page with Hybrid News Theme in Wordpress

The Hybrid Theme, developed originally by Justin Tadlock, opens doors to a variety of possible layouts - all easy to change and to adapt through child themes. In this article, Linda shows how to create a site with a static page and more with the Hybrid News Theme.

Choosing and Changing Themes with WordPress

By now you should have WordPress installed on your server as well as a new theme and child theme in development. In this article, Linda shows how you can change themes on a whim, as well as how to alter them within WordPress (WP).

WordPress Themes and Child Themes

At this point in the WordPress process, you probably are anxious to use a theme other than the bland WordPress default theme. In this article, Linda shows how to choose themes and how to modify them easily and safely with the child theme option.

Styling WordPress with Widgets and Plugins

If you've uploaded and installed Wordpress (WP), you're probably anxious to style your site with widgets and plugins. In this article, Linda provides tips and tools that can make these design options work best for you.

How to Maximize WordPress Settings without Losing Your Mind

In the previous article, Linda wrote about how to upload and upgrade WordPress. In this article, she'll show you how to create settings for WordPress – one time operations and other tips that can help save your sanity.

What You May Not Know About WordPress

In this article, Linda offers some advice for WordPress users who want to focus on WordPress as a content management system and who want to host that platform on a server. You'll learn about the changes WordPress has made to installation and upgrade processes, along with advice on code changes and themes below.

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