Five Metro UI Themes for Six DMXzone Extensions

DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack is a Dreamweaver CSS set of styles that allows you to create an interface similar to Windows 8 Metro UI for 6 different DMXzone extensions - DMXzone Accordion, DMXzone Calendar 2, DMXzone Colorpicker, DMXzone Slider, DMXzone Tabs and DMXzone Timepicker. Thanks to its great Dreamweaver integration you have access to the Metro UI styles directly in your extensions' design drop down menus.

The updated version of DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack is on sale with 50% discount until next Tuesday!

Get Your QR Codes Directly in Dreamweaver with DMXzone QRcode Generator

DMXzone QRcode Generator is the first DMXzone extension that gets a power boost this week. It's the best tool to encode everything from a simple website URL to vCards, phone numbers, social media profiles and more. DMXzone QRcode Generator provides you with easy to fill in forms for all types of QR codes and also features a built-in high performance QR Code generator component for Dreamweaver usage and generates the QR Codes as native PNG images that you can use on your site as you wish.

Check out the useful showcase that contains the DMXzone QRcode Generator and make sure to get it soon because it's on sale with 50% discount for a week!

What's New in Dreamweaver 13.1

With its official release in June, Dreamweaver CC has been gaining more popularity among web designers and developers and after only three months it received a major boost last week. The new Dreamweaver 13.1, which is an update of Dreamweaver CC (13.0) comes with amazing enhancements and new features that were presented by Paul Trani on Adobe Tech Live last week. If you missed it and you're using Dreamweaver CC or planing to migrate to, check out the video presentation of the new features.

What You Missed This Week
Like every Friday, again it's time for our weekly summary of DMXzone content that we published during the past five days. We have five updated DMXzone extensions that also made it to our Summer Sale - DMXzone Calendar 2, DMXzone Timepicker, Universal CSS Navigation Menu, HTML5 Responsive Notify and DMXzone Ajax Form. Each extension is available for purchase with 50% discount that can be also combined with our multiple purchase discount.
DMXzone Ajax Form Improved and on Sale

Reduce page flickering, minimize the load time, and get response immediately after submission with the latest version of DMXzone Ajax Form. Submit any form and retrieve the result on the same page quick and easy, enhancing the user experience like we did in our showcase below, where we also used HTML5 Responsive Notify for the success message upon submission. 

DMXzone Ajax Form also comes with 50% discount as part of our ongoing Summer Sale!

Create Rich Type Notifications with HTML5 Responsive Notify
Today, we have one more useful and improved Dreamweaver tool that lets you create rich notifications and users alerts, and enhance the experience for your website users- the HTML5 Responsive Notify. Supplied with the latest jQuery 1.10.1, it also comes with full Dreamweaver CC support and other goodies in its 1.0.1 version. Make sure to check out the showcase that we designed with this awesome extension and also get it with 50% discount if it's still not a part of your DMXzone extensions collection.
Universal CSS Navigation Menu Improved and on Sale

Having easy navigation is important to the success of your website visitor's experience to your website.
Cascading drop down menus, mega menus, popup or context menus, it's all possible with our most powerful Universal CSS Navigation Menu, which has been improved today. In our newest showcase, which is available for preview below, you can see how we integrated it on a page with beautiful image icons.

Until next Wednesday, you can get the Universal CSS Navigation Menu with 50% discount as part of the ongoing Summer Sale.

Keep Your Site on the Clock with DMXzone Timepicker

As a follow up of yesterday's updated version of DMXzone Calendar 2, today we offer you an improved version of its add-on and also standalone extension - DMXzone Timepicker. It allows you to add great looking and well validated time fields on your web forms and improve their usability and user experience. No matter from where your customers are you can pick up from different time formats to suits you best.

DMXzone Timepicker comes with 50% discount until next Tuesday so get it now!

Keep Your Site up to Date with DMXzone Calendar 2

The completely rewritten DMXzone Calendar 2 is the best Dreamweaver solution when you need a date picker. It can be easily added to any website and is fully customizable with all international and custom date formats so it can serve your users from varying locals. All of this, together with some great improvements you'll find in its updated version that is already up on DMXzone.

Don't forget to check out the showcase below, where you can experience the power of DMXzone Calendar 2 directly in you browser. Until next week you can also get this useful tool with 50% discount!

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, here's our summary of DMXzone content that we released the last five days. We updated five DMXzone tool  - Advanced Multi Uploader, DMXzone Slider, HTML5 Parallax Slider, HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery and Facebook Fan Page. All improved extensions are also included in the Summer Sale with 50% discount so make sure to get them before the sale is over!

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