Setting Up IIS 5 under Windows 2000 Professional

There are many tutorials how to set up the PWS under Windows 98. However, wehn you migrate to Windows 2000 Professional, how is the IIS 5 installed?
This tutorial covers the steps of the IIS 5 installation under Windows 2000 Professional. There are many screenshots to show the user around.
Don't get stuck - it is easier than you think! This is what you will read in this tutorial: Get Windows 2000 started for using UltraDev 4.

Introductory Notes

When I bought a new computer, I found myself stuck with Windows 2000 Professional because now I had to use the Internet Information Server (IIS). before, I had worked with Windows 98 and the Personal Web Server. For this later combination, there are lots of tutorials.
However, when I tried to find information about how to install the IIS, I wasn't so lucky ... But I need a local server to test my UltraDev applications!

The information I give away in this tutorial are based on what I found basically in the Microsoft newsgroups, on several mailing lists, and in the different search engines. So big thanks to everybody who known or unknown helped me with installing and configuring IIS :-)

I guess there are tutorials on that, however, I am not aware of them.

Now, it is important to know that I am German. For this reason, I am using the German version of UltraDev 4. So please don't be angry at me if the screenshots I am going to provide are held in German. I will use the English vocabulary in the text. I hope that is fair enough and you will be able to follow.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email:

Finally, please excuse my English - especially those whose mother tongue I am "violating" here ...

Ok, now on to the first step, installing the IIS.


good idea but...

October 2, 2001 by Michael Rudge
is there an english version?

RE: good idea but...

October 5, 2001 by Stefanie Guim

Hello Michael,

Sorry about the German screenshots. However, please refer to the introductoty notes. I clearly state there I only can provide German screenshots but will use the English names in the tutorial.

The reason is, I am working with a German system ...


MIssing the most important step

October 5, 2001 by Todd McConnell
You are missing the most important step to running IIS - Keeping it Secure!  IIS has many holes in it with the original install.  Make sure that you apply all the security updates from the Microsoft web site.  Within 5 minutes of installing IIS on my machine I was infected with Code Red (which is easily removed).  Right now my webserver sees more traffic that are attacks from other IIS machines that have the Nimda virus.  This was a good tutorial and shows the basics.

RE: RE: good idea but...

October 6, 2001 by Michael Rudge
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