DMXzone Nivo Slider Features Unveiled!

June 13, 2011

Features highlights of the upcoming Nivo Slider

If you missed our last week's announcement for the upcoming DMXzone Nivo Slider extension, here you can check out the features our developers packed in it. We will also give you a preview of the extremely helpful User Interface, which allows you to customize the slider with just few clicks. Greatly integrated in Dreamweaver, this extension is also supplied with out of the box image resize for hussle free slideshow generation, ready to go CSS designs and more...

The Story

  • Integrated DMXzone Resizer - Resize all your images super fast to a regular size for the slider, bigger size for display the image in DMXzone Lightbox or as thumbnails.

  • Preview of images, title and description - Awesome preview of your images, title and description directly in the User Interface.
  • Rich HTML Description - Your description may contain any HTML code you want, including links and extra styling.

  • Nivo Slider directly from dynamic sources like a Recordset and an RSS/ATOM Feed fetched with Feed Genie.

  • Great integration with DMXzone Lightbox - Generates automatically DMXzone Lightbox links.

  • 16 unique transition effects - You can choose between different transition for your slides, which are fully cross browser compatible and even run on iPhone/iPad.

  • Many CSS editable skins supplied - Select one of the added skins or edit them through the CSS to fit your website perfectly.

  • Cool looking navigation control - Available in many styles and fully stylable with CSS.

  • Title for each slide - A cool title can be displayed as additional slide info.

  • Timed transitions on slides - You can specify the duration of the slide and the transitions.

  • An inline property inspector -  The property inspector enables you to change several options after you’ve created the slider.

  • Full support for the DMXzone Behavior Connector - You can easily bind other DMXzone extensions to your slides.
  • Great Dreamweaver integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you'll need.



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