Nivo Slider Review by Günter Schenk
by Günter Schenk

In this review Günter Schenk will investigate the quality and usage of the DMXzone Nivo Slider from DMXzone. He will show you how to create a Nivo Slider driven slideshow in less than 5 minutes.

Creating a Nivo Slider driven slideshow in less than 5 minutes

Just some days prior to writing this review a customer of mine asked me to spice up her website by replacing a static image with "can I have a slideshow please ? I don´t care how you do it." But as such a matter does matter to me, I started searching the web for a jQuery based slideshow plugin which not only comes with a multitude of settings to play with, but also – amongst other criteria – needs to be a popular, well supported and hence future-proof solution.

Guess what I happened to stumble across and instantly began to like for many reasons ? Yep, the Nivo Slider plugin.

While it´s easy to create a rudimentary slideshow by hand, I soon noticed that subsequent production steps can be quite challenging and overly time-consuming for a Nivo Slider newbie like me, and when you need to get your job done ASAP and don´t feel like experimenting for days, what do you need ? An ingenious utility which can conduct the whole procedure from A-Z, makes you forget about the complexity of what you´re dealing with by providing a well-organized and self-explanatory user interface, and nevertheless allows you to gain access to the extensive range of settings which the Nivo Slider plugin itself comes with.

Very fortunately the DMXZone Nivo Slider extension for Adobe Dreamweaver© happened to step in just in time, and in my opinion this one is an amazing tool which not just meets the requirements mentioned above, but comes with one particular feature which will give the buyer a well-deserved lead over the traditional "Dreamweaver is crap, Adobe is an Evil Empire, and all I need is Notepad" ignoramus :: a variety of precast CSS-based "skins" to make your slideshow look "pro" right out of the box.

What´s great about having several slideshow layouts at hand and make this extension toggle them in an instant ? Well, while demonstrating a Nivo Slider – driven slideshow to her, my customer was more than pleased to observe that her choice was based upon "show me something cool right now" rather than having to watch me code for a long while, because this feature makes it possible to use an existing array of (her !) images and apply various color combinations, navigation symbols etc. to them in seconds.

All in all it took me less than 5 minutes…

a) to figure out how the DMXZone Nivo Slider extension works and what I´m able to do with it, and…

b) to insert a great looking slideshow into the HTML page.

The following video will demonstrate how the DMXZone Nivo Slider extension can help you completing such a  procedure, which could otherwise take you a very long time, in minutes:

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