DMXzone Calendar 2 Released and on Sale!

January 11, 2012 Source article

Check out what you can do with this amazing calendar

The DMXzone Calendar 2 is here! It comes with new extended functionality that will help you keep your site up to date with an amazing date picker. The extension's appearance, navigation and date format are fully customizable. You can even style your special dates with conditional formatting and use our Behavior Connector to bind your calendar to other DMXzone extensions like the Ajax Event Calendar, DMXzone Lightbox, and Advanced HTML Editor 3. Check out the inspiring demos and videos to get an idea how you can give your site that user experience edge, which will satisfy your customers!

For a week you can save big with the DMXzone Calendar 2 new product sale so hurry up. If you already own the DMXzone Calendar, you can benefit from the upgrade price!

The Story

Features Highlights:

  • New extended functionality - The DMXzone Calendar 2 has been rewritten from the ground up.
  • 24 designs - There are 24 different designs to choose from so the calendar fits your website design. You can also create your own custom design by editing the CSS.
  • All international and custom date formats - Visitors from varying locals respond to different date formats so we added all to use the best one for your website.
  • Custom appearance - You can customize the way your calendar will be navigated and what drop-downs will be available for your users.
  • Conditional Date Formatting - You can specify as many dates and/or date ranges and style them with a specific CSS style, and also make them selectable or not. This way you can for example indicate which dates on your calendar are available, busy or have other special meanings.
  • Full support for dynamic dates and server formats
  • Dynamic Conditional formatting of dates - Choose from a recordset your date field and a conditional statement for the class to be assigned or not.
  • Inline calendar - Rich inline calendar within Dreamweaver for easy date pickup
  • Full support for DMXzone Behavior Connector  - When the user selects a date from the calendar for example a custom action behavior is trigger or other extensions are controlled (DMXzone LightboxAdvanced HTML Editor 3, Ajax Event Calendar and other).

DMXzone Calendar 2 Features Demo

In this demo we show the main features of our DMXzone Calendar 2. Explore the many options that we've included into this amazing Dreamweaver extension in order to give you full control over its appearance, navigation, date formats, restrict date range and many more!



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