DMXzone Google Maps 2 Manual
July 11, 2016

In this article you'll find useful tutorial that will help you when using DMXzone Google Maps 2. We covered basics like how to insert it on a page, using control behaviors, how to use HTML5 Data Bindings as data source for your maps and more. If you're experiencing any troubles with the extension, please write in the support forums or contact us via Live support chat.

Table of Contents

Before you begin

How to install extensions from DMXzone

Learn how to install DMXzone extensions

Google Maps 2 Reference

More detailed overview of the features in DMXzone Google Maps 2

Insert and control Google Maps

Inserting DMXzone Google Maps on a Page

Step bu step video tutorial on placing DMXzone Google Maps

Control the DMXzone Google Maps with Behaviors

Use the control behaviors in DMXzone Google Maps

Dynamic Google Maps and real time position tracking

Using Google Maps 2 with HTML5 Data Bindings Data Source

Learn how to use HTML5 Data Bindings with DMXzone Google Maps 2

Real Time Position Tracking with DMXzone Google Maps 2

Track your current position on the map
How to install extensions