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Preferable Payment Methods

In an effort to improve our purchasing process and shorten the time of checking out, we're currently working on a shopping cart to deliver maximum security and easy shopping. For the past few years PayPal has been the most common payment method used on DMXzone but we also offer 2 different systems - Kagi and Bank. In this Poll we would like to ask you which one of those three do you prefer and why.
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Which Dreamweaver User Are You?

Are you a content Editor, a creative Designer, a hardcore Developer or maybe a little bit of all? That is what we would like to know. With this information we can help you out by providing the most useful extensions, articles and more...
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Which Blog/CMS system do you use?

DMXzone is constantly trying to keep up with the development in web design world. Although there are many polls on the web regarding the usage of Blog- and CMS-systems, we are curious what DMXzone users think of this! Please let us know which system you use or think about using in the future.

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Hand coding

What is your percentage (in code size) of hand coding, opposite to code generated by Dreamweaver, UltraDev or other code-generation tool? Read More

What browser do you use?

What is the browser that you are using? Read More
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