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Messenger Smilies Tutorial

Server Model
December 7, 2001 by Tim Green
There is no mention anywhere as to which Server Model (ASP,JSP,CFML or PHP) can be used with these formats.
RE: Server Model
December 7, 2001 by George Petrov
Currently it is ASP only
RE: RE: Server Model
December 16, 2002 by steve harvey
Sorry, complete newbie, do i need to download the smilie collection from here as well, then upload them to my server? couldnt see link for the smilie collection. Also, can i adjust it to use my own smilies?
Great Job
February 22, 2006 by Sara Juanita

I greatly thank for this extension, i know its your job and it wasnt easy, but it could be a good idea to add a little more info in  your tutorial, for example on how to add more smiles to the list.


Thank you for giving this extension to the world :)