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cannot create folder

Asked 18 Dec 2012 05:30:21
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18 Dec 2012 05:30:21 Alejandro Mucino posted:
I am using the latest version of PureASP Upload.

The application uploads files just fine in my development enviroment, but when put on the production server it gives the following error message:

"Cannot create folder \\pha-sql-03. Maybe you don't have the proper permissions.

Thing is we had every user of that machine have FULL permissions to such folder.

Not sure what else to check for.


Replied 18 Dec 2012 07:23:04
18 Dec 2012 07:23:04 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Alejandro.

Can you double check that you have applied the proper write permissions?

Replied 18 Dec 2012 07:45:20
18 Dec 2012 07:45:20 Alejandro Mucino replied:
Folder has FULL Control for each user, so everyone has full permissions to that folder.

I will triple check the correct path tomorrow, but is there anything else you can think of meantime ?

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