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I need to develop software as soon as possible or for a store, where can I find a professional?

Asked 28 Feb 2023 04:02:06
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28 Feb 2023 04:02:06 Louis Hideo posted:
I need to create software to keep the sales and stock control of an online store that sells clothing and accessories in order, but obviously I don't have the slightest idea of ​​how to develop software, so I'm looking for professional help Is anyone here a professional or do you know a professional who can help me? Since I need this software as soon as possible, by increasing my sales considerably it is getting quite difficult for me to keep everything in order, so I repeat, I need the software ASAP


Replied 28 Feb 2023 11:43:24
28 Feb 2023 11:43:24 David Sens replied:
To create software for sales and stock control of an online store, you will need to hire a software developer or a development team. You can search for development companies that specialize in software development for e-commerce and online stores. When hiring a developer or team, it is important to look for experience in developing similar software, technical skills, and communication skills.
Replied 28 Feb 2023 14:13:53
28 Feb 2023 14:13:53 Nikita Brikman replied:
To hire qualified developers or programmers to create software for an online store, you should look for companies that work in the field of software development https://digitalsuits.co/hire-developers/hire-java-script-developers/ for e-commerce and online stores. When hiring a developer or development team, you need to keep in mind their experience in software development, technical skills, and communication skills. You should also pay attention to the degree of experience.
Replied 28 Feb 2023 15:14:16
28 Feb 2023 15:14:16 Варвара Лузина replied:
Wow! Super! I'm overwhelmed with emotions! Just wanted to ask a similar question. I needed help with software. As I understand it, this company does just that. I will contact them soon and we will solve my problem. Thanks for the tip!
Replied 01 Mar 2023 02:08:35
01 Mar 2023 02:08:35 Douglas King replied:
You can use commercial solutions such as Shopify or Magento to create sales and residue management software for your online store, or you can create your own software using programming languages. If it's difficult to do it yourself, then ask for help from professionals and don't waste your time, you will still need it.
Replied 01 Mar 2023 04:29:50
01 Mar 2023 04:29:50 Omarta Kishta replied:
I have been studying programming for three months, I have passed the second stage of training and there is no end in sight, I have compiled a trial program, but it does not work correctly. To be honest, I'm tired of this training, but I need a program for my store. Here I followed the link to the website of programmers, the good thing is that they have a license, I will contact them, the main thing is that the price is not too high...

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