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Sebastian Sulinski is fake

Written by on April 29, 2009

I think this guy is fake no tutorial just stupid image

I have tried many times I think this is a bad way to get business. By making people upset.



Written by on August 5, 2008

hi Mr. Sebastian. My name is emil..I am 19 yrs old and a student.Taking up bachelor of science in information technology.. i have found your site when i have read your posted bulletin in some site that asks if php can be installed in a vista os.. i have read there that if i type the,you know,something that if we type isntall php in vista, in search bar we can find your site.. then i typed ive found this site. i did see your tutorial bur i havent finished it because i was confused when i saw in you "mycomputer" that you have your data E: . when i was about to copy and paste it to the windows server, i didint see any data E: ..then ive read that i may know that in the first part of your tutorial when you were installing an apache. the problem is i havent seen your first part..tutorial of installing php is just the first tutorial that i have seen on your site.. so.. can you tell me where can i find your tutorial part one so that i may able to complete the installation? and or shall i install apache first for me to install php? i actually have an xampp came from my classmate but when i "save as" it on the htdocs,i cant save it.. it says that i dont have a permission and asking me if i would like to save it to some other folder. then when i asked my classmate about this.. he figured out that its because i am using a vista os.. he asked me to search for a "php for vista" so that i may able to have a php.. so i decided to uninstall that xampp on my computer and download another php..



-i am sorry for this long . its just i really want to have a php acces so that i may able to practice to create a website or design it on my own.. i am really asking for your help and hoping that you could help me with this.. i cant find any address where i can send you a message so i chosed this "post a new comment". i have actually subscribed to your site so that i may know some of your new tutorial..


thank you in advance,

i am really hoping for your reply..

thank you. 

RE: Are you for real?

Written by on June 16, 2008

Hi Leon, this is an external tutorial, please press the Read it at the external site... link or view the tutorial directly at

Are you for real?

Written by on June 14, 2008

Firstly, how do I view the tutorial. Where is the Play or Download Button?. Then in frustration I try to give a review and I am asked again what the subject is. Come on guys, if you don't want to help that is fine but please then don't waste my time like this.