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The nuts and bolts for
Creative web development

Change Content Depending on the Device Orientation

Change your web site content, according to the visitor's device orientation

Access the Browser Properties Tracking on Your Page

Learn how to use HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties

Controlling HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater with Dreamweaver Behaviors

Use Dreamweaver control behaviors in order to jump to a specific page of the repeat region

Creating Custom Repeaters

Create custom repeaters using HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater Add-on and HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter

Custom Start Index for HTML5 Data Bindings Repeat Region

Set the start index of an HTML5 Data Bindings repeat region

Sorting the Repeat Region Data

Sort the data of a repeat region based on a specific property

Client Side Pagination

Add client side paging to your content

Displaying a Notification When the User Login Fails

Display a notification when the user login fails

Displaying a Message When no Results are Found from Search

Show a “Not Found” message when no results are returned

Validating Form Fields with HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter

Use HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter and regular expressions in order to validate a form field