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Lightbox Showcase
Click on a thumbnail to open the Lightbox and get a greater preview of the images. Customize the look of your Lightbox by using different presets.
Showcase Your Products With Style
In today's showcase we covered a very important subject in the process of highlighting a product. When you create a site for your customers, it is really important how you present a service or product. For that purpose ...
Responsive Sliding Panels with Special Price
This week we have a new and improved version of the Sliding Panels extension. Now you can create fully responsive panels on mobile devices and when the navigation bar does not fit, it can be scrolled with gestures. To ...
Making of the Vertical Sliding Billboard Showcase
With the Sliding Billboard extension you can create stunning presentations for your product/services. The perfect example for that is the Vertical Sliding Billboard showcase that we put out yesterday and today we are ...
Loading Dynamic Galleries with DMXzone Ajax Form
If you checked out the features in detail that we unveiled yesterday, you would have seen that among all great stuff you can also use the DMXzone Ajax Form to load dynamic galleries inline. A day before the official ...