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Dropbox Two-Step Verification Security Option

Everyone knows that your primary email account is the lynchpin of your digital security: if someone gains access to that it's likely you could face quite a bit of damage, not unlike what happened to Mat Honan earlier this month. Your Dropbox account is a close number two, however, especially if you have passwords and other private files synced with your account, so Dante D'Orazio is glad to hear that two-step authentication is now available as an optional extra security feature.

August 27, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

Bootstrap 2.1.0 Released

Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications. It is a collection of CSS and HTML conventions. It uses some of the latest browser techniques to provide you with stylish typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation and everything else you need. After a smaller 2.0.4 release, Bootstrap got another huge update that resolves tons of bugs, improves the flexibility and durability of the code, and introduces a few awesome new features. It's a big release wrapped in a brand new set of docs and they couldn't be more stoked to launch it.

August 21, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

McDonald's Tests PayPal Payments in Mobile App Trial

McDonald's is testing a new payment system that could allow customers to purchase their meals using mobile devices. According to Reuters, 30 restaurants in France are involved in the trial, which sees customers payments processed by eBay's payment arm, PayPal. The concept was demonstrated at a McDonald's conference in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year as part of a booth featuring technology expected to go live in the next couple of years.

August 20, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

Samsung Released Galaxy Note 10.1

On paper, the Note 10.1 seems extremely capable: it has an extremely fast quad-core processor, the ability to run multiple apps side-by-side on the 10.1-inch display, and, of course, Samsung’s Wacom-powered S Pen stylus, which has been upgraded from the smartphone Note to offer 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. Other Android devices have tried and failed to meaningfully incorporate stylus support, but only Samsung’s 5-inch Galaxy Note smartphone has ever been a success, and Nilay Patel had high hopes the Note 10.1 would simply be a larger version of that experience.

August 16, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

Amazon To Build Massive London Research Base

As Amazon gears up for its quarterly earnings later this week, the company today has announced an expansion that points to its big ambitions in digital media, and an increasing focus on how that growth will come from outside the U.S.. Amazon is opening a new R&D hub in London focused on developing services and APIs for TVs, games consoles, smartphones and PCs, with the aim to roll those out across the company’s global footprint. That is a major development for a company that has been somewhat slow to roll out its newest services beyond its U.S.-homebase.

July 23, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

Skype Privacy Bug Sends Messages to Other Contacts

Skype users are taking to its support forums to warn that some instant messages from one contact are being sent to an unintended recipient on that user's contact list. It appears the bug may have stemmed from a Skype upgrade last month, according to the support thread. "SunnyLady78" kicked off the thread by noting how "surprised" and "shocked" she was to find that messages sent to one person ended up being read by another one of her contacts.

July 17, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

Blue Coat Software Allows Restriction on Wi-Fi

New software from Web security specialists Blue Coat Systems allows companies to restrict what employees can do on their cellphones while logged into the corporate Wi-Fi. The software, which works with Blue Coat's ProxySG Web filtering equipment, seeks to fill a gap that exists between company-issued PCs, which are often subject to security and access restrictions, and employee-owned cellphones, on which employees are often free to do what they want.

July 16, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

Microsoft and NBC Officially Call it Quits

The Internet partnership of Microsoft and NBC is officially over. NBC News announced last evening that it had acquired full control of from the software giant and was rebranding the site as NBC will continue to provide news content to, a Microsoft news portal, which will reciprocate by sending traffic back to the network, NBC said. For the short term, will mirror the home page of and eventually become the address of MSNBC TV.

July 16, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

HP Unveils Four New Desktops

HP announced a raft of new Ivy Bridge desktops back in April, but it had a few more all-in-ones up its sleeve. Today the company is unveiling a mix of business- and consumer-targeted machines: the Compaq Elite 8300, Compaq Pro 6300, Envy 23 and Pavilion 23. You can choose different processors from Intel or AMD, storage and graphics. The price starts at $650 and goes up to $929.

July 9, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov

T-Mobile to Bring NFC Payments

Financial services giant MasterCard and mobile carrier Deutsche Telekom announced yesterday that they would partner to accelerate adoption of mobile payments, which allow consumers to use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services. MasterCard sees business opportunity in Deutsche Telekom's 93 million mobile customers in Europe. The companies plan to begin in Poland and Germany, Deutsche Telekom's home country.

July 3, 2012 Author: Ivo Rangelov