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Dreamweaver Serial Numbers

We get lots of mails asking us for Dreamweaver serial numbers. We ask that instead you fill in this form or call USA 800-343-3325, which is free - as we guess that people asking us for serial  numbers prefer not to spend any money at all...
June 26, 2003 Author: Ian Blackham

FrontPage to kill Dreameaver?!?!

Currently FrontPage is to Dreamweaver what Etch-A-Sketch is to PhotoShop. But our friends in Macromedia had better start trembling.

FrontPage 2003 is just around the corner..."We focused on really being able to extend your Web pages beyond static become data driven and connected to multiple data sources using XML," said Melisa Samuelson, a Microsoft product manager. "We've heard in the past that customers felt our code wasn't transparent enough, that we generated messy code," she said. "We've really focused on generating clean, industry-standard HTML code."
June 11, 2003 Author: Ian Blackham

Review of Designing with web standards

New Rider’s slogan “Voices That Matter” is one that I generally take with a large pinch of salt. In Zeldman’s case, that’s true.

If Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the internet, Zeldman and the team at the Web Standards Project are the net’s midwives. The W3C wrote the standards (or recommendations as they apologetically and coyly them), whilst Zeldman and his gang set about the hard, political and (until now) thankless task of bullying (browser-beating?) Netscape and Microsoft to conform to the standards that they’d helped set.

Get the full details on the book here:

June 5, 2003 Author: George Petrov

Microsoft stop developing standalone IE.

From a recent chat, deep in the Microsoft site (

Host: Brian (Microsoft)
when / will there be the next version of IE?

A: As part of the OS, IE will continue to evolve, but there will be no future standalone installations. IE6 SP1 is the final standalone installation.

Host: Brian (Microsoft)
Why is this? the anti-trust? (no further standalone)

A: Although this is off topic, I will answer briefly: Legacy OSes have reached their zenith with the addition of IE 6 SP1. Further improvements to IE will require enhancements to the underlying OS.


June 3, 2003 Author: Ian Blackham

AOL / Microsoft lawsuit controvery continues

There's a good discussion on MetaFilter ( on the ramifications of AOL (who own Netscape) successfully suing Microsoft, and (as part of the settlement) taking IE for the next 7 years as the AOL default Windows browser.

Some good rants like "Web monkeys who only write for IE, or write to IE's buggy implementation while ignoring standards are lazy, sloppy, and/or dilettantes", and speculation that " for the foreseeable future, most people browsing the Web are going to be using IE6 or lower."


June 2, 2003 Author: Ian Blackham