Android now Represents Half of U.S. Smartphone Market

Google's Android has bitten off a 50 percent chunk of the U.S. smartphone market, according to the latest stats from ComScore. Over the three months from December through February, Android carved out an average 50.1 percent share, a leap of 17 points from the same period in 2011 and 3.2 points from the prior three-month period. In second place, Apple's iOS grabbed a 30.2 percent share, inching up 1.5 points from the previous three months. Combined, those numbers gave iOS and Android a collective share of more than 80 percent.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Gains, but Gingerbread Dominates

Android 4.x "Ice Cream Sandwich" is making gains, though Gingerbread still takes the lion's share, according to a snapshot of data provided to Android developers. Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) had about a 2.9 percent share and Honeycomb had more than a 3 percent share, according to Android Developers, which describes the data as "the relative number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform."

Siri is Just All Right with Most iPhone Users

According to a new study, most people who have access to Apple's Siri voice assistant think she's just fine - they just don't want her around all that much. As part of its quarterly "Market Focus" report, Parks Associates today said that in a polling of 482 iPhone 4S owners in the U.S., more than 50 percent of respondents said they were "very satisfied" with Siri. About a fifth of the group said that they were simply "satisfied," and some 9 percent said they were "unsatisfied."

Linux and Android, Together at Last

Linux and Android are two closely linked open-source projects, but they've been as notable for how distant they are from each other-until yesterday. That's when Linus Torvalds, leader of the Linux kernel project, released a version of the operating system core that bridges between the two worlds. Version 3.3 of the Linux kernel is the beginning of the end of isolation between these two projects.

Microsoft Unveils Tango Windows Phone Update

At the Mobile World Congress show Microsoft has finally unveiled some details regarding the next update to the Windows Phone operating system, known around the Web as Tango. It looks like Tango is going to all Windows Phone users. The Nokia Lumia 610 will be the new low end model running the updated OS and will offer Live Tiles, People Hub, IE9 and access to more than 95% of the apps in the Marketplace.

Mozilla Boot to Gecko Prototype Hardware Demonstrated

Mozilla announced its browser-based operating system 'Boot to Gecko' running on a Telefonica prototype hardware at a press conference at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain. With the 'Boot to Gecko' project the company is trying to bring a developer-oriented mobile device with OS that runs HTML5, JavaScript and CSS directly on device hardware without the need for an intermediate OS layer to market.

Microsoft's Windows Phone Mango Commercial Release 2

Earlier this week Nokia announced that their high-end phone, the Lumia 900 runs a newer build of Widows Phone called Mango Commercial Release 2. According to an article in the official Nokia corporate blog this new operating system is not the next Tango 1 OS which is supposed to be on devices that will launch in the first half of this year, but just a name for the Windows Phone build 8107.

Google's New Year Resolution Must be Android's Virtualization

After the many rumors about Google's Android being virtualized and productized as such on smartphones and tablets in 2012, people become more and more impatient to see their mobile operating systems with a fix for the update problem. Many experts say the solution to this issue is Android Virtualization and expect Google to introduce its productized form in 2012.

iPhone 4 Owners Can Legally Get Siri

Apple released a new updated version iOS 5.0.1 which allows iPhone 4 owners to legally get Siri. Thanks to the platform's unencrypted RAM disks in the iOS 5.0.1 people with enough technical knowledge would be able to write a script and extract from the software all the files needed to bring the virtual personal assistant to the iPhone 4.

iOS 5.1 Beta 2 is Out

Apple released second beta version of iOS 5.1 which includes several new features and fixes, but it's not clear if the problem with the low battery life of the devices is fixed. The iOS 5.1 beta is available only for registered developers who aren't involved with the battery drain issue so BGR still hope that the bug might be fixed.

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