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DMXzone is Testing New Live Support

You need to get in touch with us as quick as possible? Starting today, DMXzone Team will be testing a New Live Support. It's the easiest way to get your questions answered in no time! Doesn't matter if you have troubles navigating through the website, problems using the extension, looking for something special or give us any feedback, feel free to contact us between 9 a.m - 5p.m CET.

Simply click on the Live Support image on top of the left sidebar and choose between a Sales or Technical Representative! 


January 7, 2010 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Important DMXzone Changes - Multiple Currencies

Here at the DMXzone, we have friends from all over the world and we are really happy about it. We've implemented an unique IP 2 Location technology so your country and currency is automaticaly detected. Currently we support USD, Euro and British Pounds. Once the currency is set all prices and payments will be done in it - so you never need to worry about currency exchange!

November 24, 2009 Author: Lubov Cholakova

DMXzone CSS3 Redesign and Site Optimization Live

Maybe you won't see it but we have been working under the hood on the layout engine of DMXzone. It is now very optimized to the latest web standards and specific with CSS3. This will give you as visitor of DMXzone, much more speed and easy navigation. Are you interested in details, then read on ...

September 30, 2009 Author: George Petrov

Get your DMXzone Jewel Box

Today, DMXzone released its Jewel boxes. An exclusive collections of the best extensions available on the site. Each one selected to be a great help when designing or managing your site and most importantly to be done in no time with just few clicks!

August 14, 2009 Author: Lubov Cholakova

DMXzone Gallery Competition

This week, DMXzone starts a "Gallery Demo" competition that will end on August 26th. All you need to do is sending us a Gallery Demo that has been created with one or more of our Rich Media extensions (such as 3D Photo Wall, DMXzone Lightbox, 3D ImageFlow, CSS Image Gallery etc.).

* Make sure that you use images made by you or non-copyrighted ones. 

August 12, 2009 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Great Improvements on DMXzone!

After enough sun tanning and sea breeze DMXzoneTeam is coming back with great improvements on the website. As you may have already noticed we've added some great new features such as cooler sidebar, better overview of the bundles and extensions, and a lightbox preview of the videos/demos. Check out the screenshots below to see how they look like now!

August 3, 2009 Author: Lubov Cholakova

DMXzone Folder View 2.0 Released!

DMXzone Developers team is proud to share the second version of the so popular Folder View extension. It's packed with great new features such as tree view of javascript objects (DOM or JSON), ability to list folders from the site filesystem (PHP/ASP servers) and more...

Check out the product page for more details, videos and demos! 

July 29, 2009 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Universal Form Validator PHP Released!

Two weeks after the official release of Universal Form Validator, we are glad to announce that our developers are also ready with the PHP version. The user input is validated both client as well as server side - so there is no escape! You can choose from many predefined validation rules, conditional validation and even Ajax style inline validation! The validation errors and hints can be displayed in great tooltips and input masking can be applied. All fully customizable to your layout and needs!

Check out the product page for more details, videos and demos!
July 22, 2009 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Folder View 2.0 to be Released Next Week!

A week before the official release for Folder View 2.0 our developers created a demo to show you some of the new features that are included in the second version of the extension. You can choose from different tree styles, bullets and sources.

July 22, 2009 Author: Lubov Cholakova