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DMXzone is celebrating: get your free special edition of our e-Magazine!

We have gathered the best of our e-magazines and put them in this special edition. From Photoshop and Flash to scripting, we collected the best articles and combined them in one package.

We also included the interviews of major guru’s like Craig Swann, Rob Chiu and Sas Jacobs.

And last but not least we’ve drawn up the highlights of 5 years at DMXzone and in the world of web development in general. From the birth of DMXzone’s predecessor UDzone to the latest hypes in web development, we took a good look on the past five years and we’ve placed the most momentous events.

We hope you enjoy this special edition!

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February 16, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Major e-Book upgrade for Design of Web Developers

DMXzone completely redesigned their most successful e-Book; Design for Web Developers. We've added a new modern layout and we've added some beautiful graphics.

If you've already bought this e-Book, you can download the upgraded version for free!

DMXzone regularly updates their e-Books as a service to the community, so stay tuned for more updates of other e-Books as well!

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February 16, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

DMXzone Mega-Polls Roundup

If you've been on the Moon (take me please), then you may have not heard there's a few things going down in the Macromedia world. Some of us don't visit as often as others here @ DMXzone, so here's a helpful roundup of all the popular and important polls in our web-community.

Vote, make your voice heard!

April 29, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton

How to purchase articles

Just a little note about how to buy our Premium Content.

Important: Please read it through before you run of and buy an article that you need!
The payment process with Kagi is different then with PayPal.


March 9, 2005 Author: George Petrov

MyDoom virus hits companies, spreads fast

The MyDoom virus has been spreading like wildfire in the last 24 hours. Some companies are receiving 1000 infected emails a minute. The virus installs a trojan that can leave the host machine open to sending spam or denial of service attacks before it grabs email addresses off an infected computer, and emails itself on. Reportedly, it records keystrokes on affected machines so can mail off passwords, user names etc to whoever coded it.
January 27, 2004 Author: Patrick Woldberg

Announcing the DMXzone RSS feed

At DMXzone, we've launched our RSS feed. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, and is a way of putting out content in a pre-defined way so that anyone else who wants to can take the text file and automatically import it into their own site. If you want lots of detail, here's the full specification, but in order to use someone else’s RSS feed in your own web site, all you really need to know is that an RSS feed is text, but the data in it is a small subset of XML. DON'T PANIC! (I always say that when someone sees the 'X' word). RSS isn't nicknamed Really Simple Syndication for nothing).

Most web developers write a script in their preferred scripting language that grabs the feed at a pre-defined interval (depending on how frequently it’s updated by its author) and then put it in their website using ASP/ PHP (or whatever). Because it’s just text, the typeface, colours etc are determined by the HTML or CSS of the site that is consuming the feed. (If you are running a PHP-driven site, Matt Machell has a very simple  tutorial with all the code needed use someone’s RSS feed in your site.)

January 8, 2004 Author: George Petrov

Win XP Service Pack 2 beta starts testing today

Microsoft have released a beta of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP to selected testers. It includes significant security enhancements including

  • An improved version of Windows Firewall (formerly known as the Internet Connection Firewall). Windows Firewall will be turned on by default. Why wasn't it before?
  • Blocking of accidental downloads and installations. Internet Explorer will help protect users from accidentally downloading and installing programs from potentially malicious Web sites by automatically blocking download requests. Users who decide to install a program can click on the download link that will automatically appear below the browser toolbar.
  • Pop-up Manager. Internet Explorer will detect that a pop-up or pop-under window is unwanted if it doesn’t directly result from the user’s clicking on a link on a Web page.
  • Better file attachment handling in Outlook Express and Windows Messenger. This means that attachments can open and execute with the fewest permissions possible.
  • Increased customer control over downloads of external content in Outlook Express. Outlook Express will no longer download external content (such as graphics) in HTML mail by default.
December 18, 2003 Author: Patrick Woldberg

Where do I find the support forums?

Many of you who have purchased an extension from DMXzone have a hard time finding the support forums for each extension.

We get this question asked frequently and we as a support team found it necessary to give you an overview where to go. Here is a list with all the support forums. We hope you find it helpful.

Tip from Martha: Look through the support forum and faq's first to see if your problem or issue has been answered before.

September 8, 2003 Author: George Petrov