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Coming up: Professional Content

We at DMXzone are happy to announce our latest adventure. We are adding professional content to DMXzone starting May 15 at a very low introduction price per article of $1.99.

We have contracted world renowned writers that will be writing new articles especially for DMXzone on a daily basis. You as a member will be able to see an overview of the article and when you decide to purchase the article you can either read it online or download it to your computer.

April 24, 2003 Author: George Petrov

New installation process

An important message to our members:

Our extensions have become very popular, so popular that there are illegal copies on the net.
We like to be famous and in the spotlight, but do not agree with piracy.

To protect you we have created a new installation process that will require you to enter a Serial Number and to login to DMXzone before installation can be finalized.

All our existing customers will receive a Personal Serial Number by email. If you do not receive a serial number email us at

April 1, 2003 Author: George Petrov

Link to Us page

Link to Us

As you have probably noticed, we have added a Link To Us page on DMXzone!

You will find the page by clicking on the Link To Us link in the General section, in the top left corner of your screen.

We know you enjoy your experience here at dmxzone and would like to share the excitement with others. Now you can!

You can choose from several cool animated banners or buttons or create a text link.

January 16, 2003 Author: George Petrov

DMXzone joins hands with Marja Ribbers (FlevOOware)

DMXzone is proud to announce that the top extension developer Marja Ribbers from FlevOOware is joining forces with us.  In a close cooperation, our top extension developer George Petrov will work together with Marja Ribbers to create some fantastic new extensions to make your work with Dreamweaver an experience you fully enjoy.
January 10, 2003 Author: George Petrov

Merging of UDzone, MXzone and DWzone

We have combined UDzone, MXzone and DWzone in 1!

The new zone is called DMXzone!

Now you can find what you need in one place. The new zone will have info for all your web developing needs. No matter if you develop in Ultradev, Dreamweaver or Dreamweaver MX. Help is now one click away.

All the features are still the same. Everything you loved about UDzone, MXzone and DWzone now in one place:!

Why have we decided to do this? We can offer faster and more efficient support and you can find what you need in one place.
No more confusion about where to go with your questions. You can come to!

November 12, 2002 Author: George Petrov

Write A Tutorial Competition

Time is Running Out!

Due to high demand we have extended the competition till Monday November 11, 2002. This is your absolute last chance.

We are giving away the greatest and most inspiring books in the field to the best tutorials we receive. The 1st Prize Winner will receive the Storefront 6.0 AE for Dreamweaver software package! And the tutorial will be featured on the front page of UDzone.

This competition is open to members of UDZone, MXZone, DWZone, FWZone and FLZone. Joining the competition is easy, as long as you keep the rules in your mind.

November 5, 2002 Author: George Petrov