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UDzone interviews InterAKT

Today InterAkt Online ( has released PHAkt, a wonderful extension for Dreamweaver UltraDev that allows web developers to make dynamic websites using PHP. This is the first third party developed Server Model for Dreamweaver UltraDev and it is available for free. Waldo Smeets from UDzone interviewed Alexandru Costin from InterAkt. Alexandru is one of the driving forces behind PHAkt together with Bogdan Ripa.

July 16, 2001 Author: George Petrov

UDzone Presentation at MM UCON

UDzone was invited to give a presentation at the Macromedia User Conference 2001. We have published the presentation for those who haven't been able to visit the UCON.
April 7, 2001 Author: George Petrov

myUDzone LIVE!

We are very proud here at to announce myUDzone!

A central place where you can see all your uploads, downloads and favorites on

March 26, 2001 Author: George Petrov

Macromedia invites UDzone to UCON

Macromedia has invited UDzone to their biggest user conference - the Macromedia UCON in New York, April 10-12.

Macromedia saw the potential behind UDzone and invited us to speak about how the site was created, and  the technical hurdles that we encountered.
We will show off some of the cool things that have been done to make UDzone work the way it does!

The presentation will be given by George Petrov. He is the Technical Advisor behind

March 7, 2001 Author: George Petrov

UDzone Renewed has been renewed! We greatly improved the user management. Also some cosmetic stuff like new logo and icons are in now.

February 17, 2001 Author: George Petrov