Googles offers IMAP for Gmail
Google is currently activating IMAP on Gmail accounts. IMAP, or Internet Message Access Protocol, lets you download messages from Gmail's servers onto your computer so you can access your mail with a program like Microsoft Outlook Express or Apple Mail, even when you aren't connected to the Internet.

Google Analytics expands tracking capabilities

Google has updated their popular Google Analytics service to begin tracking Ajax and Flash-based requests. This update will allow developers to leverage Ajax, JavaScript and Flash without the worry of losing valuable stats data.

Google Analytics is a software which companies use as an enterprise analytics package to watch over their websites and plan their design strategy.

Next Firefox will tell Google all about you
The next version of Firefox, Gran Paradiso will have a function that will tell Google all the users browsing habits. This feature is disabled by default.
Google launches JavaScript API that allows you to write back

The GData team released a GData JavaScript Client Library that allows users to access feeds that require authentication. Users can also write and update data in feeds. The first service that supports the new features is Google Calendar.

"The consequence of today`s release is basically that you can create an application without any server-side component involved, not even proxy sever and post it anywhere," commented Jun Yang, an engineer from Google Data APIs Team.

Google calls for international privacy standards

Google called for new international standards on the collection and use of consumer data. According to Google fragmentary international privacy laws burden companies and don't protect consumers.

Google Phone All But Confirmed by New Plates of Details

Judging upon the Boston Globe article and Om Malik's five facts "from a reliable source", it seems like the Google Phone is very likely to be more then just a rumour.

Sources say the Google Phone will be Linux-based and will run Java apps.

Google Wiki Prepares To Launch

Google is rumoured to be preparing a re-launch Jotspot, a wiki collaboration company which Google acquired one year ago to enrich Google`s office strategy.


New Google Apps For Linux Coming
According to the Desktop Architect Meeting 4 (DAM-4) presentation delivered lately to Google Linux Client Team, Google will be introducing new Linux desktop software. And this will possibly happen in a matter of weeks.
Google Earth Flight Simulator
A Flight Simulator was found hidden inside Google Earth. This secret feature allows you to take full advantage of Google’s extensive satellite imagery.
Google released Web Toolkit 1.4

Google Web Toolkit 1.4 or GWT 1.4 is an open source Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications easy for developers.

The latest version comes with many enhancements among which is a revamped Mail example that shows a three-paned email client written in GWT.

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