Office 12 will also Support the new XPS-format next to PDF

Jeff Bell, an employee of Microsoft, made public that the new Office 12 will contain the new option of saving documents in XPS-format.

XPS is a platform independent format for documents and can be regarded as a competitor of the PDF format. 

The XPS format doesn’t contain all structure elements of Office 12-documents so it isn't completely backwards convertible with the native office format.

New extension; Smart CSS Shadows

Ever wanted to create cool CSS shadows which are cross browser compatible? Smart CSS Shadows allows you to create drop shadows on text, tables, form fields, images and Flash Movies. This extension allows you to create customizable shadows without code hacking or using complex graphic applications.

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Firefox sees 100 millionth download

The Mozilla Foundation celebrated the 100 millionth download of its Web browser.

Mozilla has seen a steady growth of the downloads of its browser since its release last November. After a somewhat higher download rate immediately following its release, the browser has settled into between 200,000 and 300,000 downloads a day.

New dot-com bubble fears not justified?

According to excitement over a new class of programs may fuel a new .com investment bubble. The programs that help consumers customize how they use the Web have been named as the source of the problem.


Key executives resign from Microsoft

According to Don Gagne, director of development for Microsoft Office, plans to leave the company to pursue a car racing hobby. Don has worked for 11-years at Microsoft and gave his notice last week.

Upcoming HTTPS Improvements in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2

MSDN's Internet Explorer Weblog talks about the new HTTPS-security features within Internet Explorer 7. The HTTPS-protocol in an encrypted version of the HTTP-protocol that is used for safe transactions. Most of the changes boost the standard safety settings of the browser and are manually configurable by IE6.

Google's battle over library books

Ten months ago, Google announced that it planned to scan, digitize and make searchable the collections of five of the largest libraries in the world. At first, it seemed like one of those nifty ideas that regularly percolate out of the young search giant.

But there's a big catch: Many of those books are protected by copyrights, and Google is requiring copyright holders to opt out of the scanning process if they don't want their books in libraries to be searchable.

Php is the future?

According to one of the leading men behind Netscape, Marc Andreessen, PHP is going take over Java in the web development field.

Java had a good start, according to Andreessen. Development in Java used to be relatively simple, although this is not necessarily true anymore. Java is more advanced than other languages.

New flash lite (version 2.0)

At MAX 2005,  Macromedia presented the newest version of Flash Lite (version 2.0.)

Jonathan Duran is convinced that this new version is quite a step forward for Flash mobile development.

Help the victims of the South Asia Earthquake

One of the writers for DMXzone is Syed Mazhar Hasan from Pakistan, he lives in a country that has been badly damaged by the earthquake which jolted South Asia on Saturday, the 8th of October.

Fortunately Syed is doing relatively well, but a lot of other civilians did not survive the deadly earthquake. Buildings and houses in Pakistan are badly damaged and millions of people lost their homes. “At least 47,500 people had been killed and 42,397 people had been hurt", Pakistani Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao said.

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