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Adobe Apollo; a combination between the Flash Player and Acrobat Reader

Adobe is working on creating a new product codenamed "Adobe Apollo" that integrates the Macromedia Flash Player with the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. Adobe Apollo software will provide Macromedia Flash and HTML functionality and will run independent from the web browser. Kevin Lynch disclosed this in a Macromedia MAX 2005 keynote address.

Clock's ticking on new Sober attack

Security experts warn that a new outbreak of Sober may be coming, even as e-mail systems worldwide work to get rid of the last infestation of the mass-mailing worm.

According to iDefense the next attack is hard-coded in the version of Sober that hit the Net on Nov. 22. Infected computers are set to download instructions and potentially mail out a new wave of Sober e-mails on 5 January.


Adobe Completes Acquisition of Macromedia

Adobe announced the completion of its acquisition of Macromedia, Inc. The transaction was finalized on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2005. The combination of Adobe and Macromedia creates one of the world's largest software companies. The move accelerates Adobe's strategic initiative to advance a powerful software platform, based on PDF and Macromedia® Flash® technologies, that scales from mobile devices to high-end servers.

Sober worm stalls MSN, Hotmail

According to Microsoft, a Sober worm has disrupted e-mail traffic between Comcast account holders and users of Microsoft-based e-mail. A variant of Sober known as Win32/Sober.Z@mm is harassing servers at Hotmail and MSN with an "unusually high mail load," causing delays in e-mail delivery to Hotmail and MSN customers.

Microsoft Bows to Eolas, Revamps IE's Multimedia Handling

Microsoft announced under pressure from Eolas that it will change the way Internet Explorer handles embedded content on Web pages.

Trojan exploits unpatched IE flaw

According to rumours, Microsoft released an emergency out-of-cycle security patch because of a Trojan that exploits an unpatched IE hole. The Delf-DH Trojan downloader uses an Internet Explorer vulnerability to infect unprotected Windows users who vist maliciously constructed websites. Delf-DH downloads other malware onto infected machines changing settings in order to monitor user activity and redirect surfers onto porn sites.

Microsoft delivers Windows Live Mail beta

Microsoft has released a new beta version of Windows Live Mail which aims to deliver Internet-based personal tools such as blogging and instant messaging software, as well as the e-mail service. Microsoft expects the products to be supported by advertising, in its struggle against companies such as Google and Yahoo.

Three critical flaws found in Java

Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) contains critical security flaws that could allow remote attackers to execute applications on a system. The bugs, patched in a new release yesterday, affect Windows, Unix and Linux platforms. The Java Software Development Kit (SDK) is also affected.

Apple releases critical security patches

Apple Computer has released critical security updates to address thirteen security flaws in Mac OS X. The flaws were found in areas related to the Apache 2 Web server, curl technology and the Safari browser. The vulnerabilities ranged from potentially letting an attacker launch a denial-of-service attack to taking control of a person's system remotely.  

Firefox 1.5 released

Firefox 1.5 is the next major release of the award-winning Firefox Web browser. Before installing, make sure your computer meets the system requirements. Starting with Firefox 1.5, Mac OS X users must have Mac OS X 10.2 or greater.

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