Mozilla's browsers global usage share is still growing

According to OneStat, Mozilla's browsers have a total global usage share of 11,51 percent. The total usage share of Mozilla increased 2.82 percent since April 2005. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the global browser market with a global usage share of 85,45 percent which is 1.18 percent less then in April 2005.

Mozilla Firefox software update!

The release candidate of Mozilla Firefox 1.5 is available for download. The browser has become very popular in a short time. 

New Google service takes flight

Google has a new service that helps travellers to find flight information. When a user enters the city from where they depart and the destination that he wants to go to Google will generate the available travel schedules from companies that fly on those routes. Among them, there are links to websites of Expedia, Hotwire en Orbitz where you can find prices and flight data.


Google hires employees for OpenOffice

Google plans to hire new staff to improve, a demonstration of its affinity for open-source initiatives and one the company believes also shows sound practical sense.

"We want to hire a couple of folks to help make OpenOffice better," a manager for open-source programs said.

Free version of Oracle

Towards expectation, Oracle will present the first beta release of the Oracle 10 G express edition, also known as the Oracle Database XE. It is targeted at students, small organizations and software vendors that could embed the Oracle database with an application. It is the intention to launch the final database software somewhere before the end of this year.

SPARK, Europe first premier Flash conference

SPARK, Europe¹s premier Flash  conference showcasing the Macromedia® Flash® platform for developing content and applications, will be held November 16-18 in Amsterdam.

The jam-packed, three-day, event features educational and inspirational seminars on motion graphics, video, mobile, interactivity, and open source. SPARK is produced by United Digital Artists and sponsored by Macromedia, and will be held in Amsterdam¹s celebrated Paradiso, the historic music venue whose stage has hosted everyone from the Rolling Stones to Phish.

To register for the event or get more information, visit, and if you have questions send email to

Office 12 will also Support the new XPS-format next to PDF

Jeff Bell, an employee of Microsoft, made public that the new Office 12 will contain the new option of saving documents in XPS-format.

XPS is a platform independent format for documents and can be regarded as a competitor of the PDF format. 

The XPS format doesn’t contain all structure elements of Office 12-documents so it isn't completely backwards convertible with the native office format.

New extension; Smart CSS Shadows

Ever wanted to create cool CSS shadows which are cross browser compatible? Smart CSS Shadows allows you to create drop shadows on text, tables, form fields, images and Flash Movies. This extension allows you to create customizable shadows without code hacking or using complex graphic applications.

Get it now for a special introduction price of $29! >>

Firefox sees 100 millionth download

The Mozilla Foundation celebrated the 100 millionth download of its Web browser.

Mozilla has seen a steady growth of the downloads of its browser since its release last November. After a somewhat higher download rate immediately following its release, the browser has settled into between 200,000 and 300,000 downloads a day.

New dot-com bubble fears not justified?

According to excitement over a new class of programs may fuel a new .com investment bubble. The programs that help consumers customize how they use the Web have been named as the source of the problem.


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