Leaked memos of Bill Gates and Ozzie illustrate Microsoft's frustrations

The Wall Street Journal reported on a leaked memo from inside Microsoft that was sent to top management and direct reports just before the press conference in San Francisco last Tuesday. De correspondence illustrates the displeasure of the company regarding the development of new services and products.

Google Paying For AdSense Referrals
Every AdSense referral earns site operators $100, while every Firefox with Google Toolbar download earns them "up to" $1.

New worm targets Linux systems

A new worm is attacking Linux systems. The worm spreads by exploiting Web servers that host susceptible scripts at specific locations. Software maker McAfee has named the worm "Lupper."

Flash Player 7 Vulnerability
A vulnerability in Macromedia Flash Player 7 has been identified that could allow the execution of arbitrary code.
MS Anti-Spyware becomes 'Windows Defender'

The new name for Microsoft Anti Spyware will be "Windows Defender". Windows Defender is about what Windows will do for customers, defending them from spyware and other unwanted software.

Microsoft patches may break Web sites

The problems occur after installing the patches Microsoft delivered with security bulletins MS05-038 and MS05-052. Both patches can cause problems with ActiveX controls, small programs designed to perform a simple task that can make a Web site more interactive. The MS05-038 patch can also hinder Java applications. After the patches are installed, some applications will no longer work in Internet Explorer!

Mozilla's browsers global usage share is still growing

According to OneStat, Mozilla's browsers have a total global usage share of 11,51 percent. The total usage share of Mozilla increased 2.82 percent since April 2005. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the global browser market with a global usage share of 85,45 percent which is 1.18 percent less then in April 2005.

Mozilla Firefox software update!

The release candidate of Mozilla Firefox 1.5 is available for download. The browser has become very popular in a short time. 

New Google service takes flight

Google has a new service that helps travellers to find flight information. When a user enters the city from where they depart and the destination that he wants to go to Google will generate the available travel schedules from companies that fly on those routes. Among them, there are links to websites of Expedia, Hotwire en Orbitz where you can find prices and flight data.


Google hires employees for OpenOffice

Google plans to hire new staff to improve OpenOffice.org, a demonstration of its affinity for open-source initiatives and one the company believes also shows sound practical sense.

"We want to hire a couple of folks to help make OpenOffice better," a manager for open-source programs said.

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