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Guild of Accessible Web Designers launches

The Guild of Accessible Web Designers launched two days ago, to promote a vision of the future that assumes accessible web design to be relevant, obtainable and not at odds with successful business practice or good visual and usable design. is pushing accessible web design into the mainstream of web development - it may be travelling in that direction already - but the Guild aims to speed that process up. For more information read: What is the Guild of Accessible Web Designers?

DMXzone: CSS and XHTML

As DMXzone got  bigger and bigger, so was the HTML we used to keep all the articles, tutorials and news. It was getting more bloated than Vegas Elvis with gas.

Now we are totally rewriting the  code so that it is fully CSS and XHTML based!
No more nasty tables and rubbish html code – all clean XHTML and CSS compliant code now! Not only did we improve our standards-compliance, but we also cut down the page size - the homepage went from 100Kb to 40Kb XHTML!

Phase 1 is completed: getting the homepage sorted out, and writing effective CSS to replicate the old more-nested-tables-than-a-tornado-in-IKEA layout. In fact, we've done better than replicate it - it looks better than it ever did in the modern browsers.

There's a few CSS strangenesses and "charms" to iron out, and some of the XHTML doesn't validate on the sub-pages, but it's a start - and, from the emails we've received from users praising the increased download speed and happy whistling of our server, we think it's been a good start.

But we've still got a lot more work to do; the pages with tutorials still need work as the HTML is pulled from a content management system, so we need to retrofit the code in there.  It's been tested on all major Mac and Windows browsers, but there's a lot of code and a lot of pages, so if you see any strange layout anomalies, please drop us a line telling us which browser and operating system you're using.

Google offers 1 GB free web mail
Google is offering 1,000 beta testers 1 gigabyte of free webmail space, in anticipation of rolling the service out by the end of the year. (This was announced April 1st so I delayed posting it in case it was an April Fool's joke!)
Dutch Internet blackmailer gets 10 years
The Register reports that a 46-year-old Dutch chip programmer who tried to blackmail dairy giant Campina using the most up-to-date Internet technologies, has been jailed for 10 years - but almost committed the "perfect crime".
Opera developing voice-enabled browser
Not only does it incorporate a screen-reader to read the contents of web sites, but it will respond to a usder's voice to fill in forms, navigate and call up web pages - for example, say "Get AP" and the browser brings up the Web page for The Associated Press.
Win A Dreamweaver Book!

Foundation Dreamweaver MX 2004

We're giving away five copies of this book free!

In conjunction with the publishers, friends of ED, we're giving away five copies of this book to registered DMXzone members. That's cooler than Jack Nicholson smearing ice-cream on The White Stripes in a freezer. In the Winter. On Pluto! We review the book here.

All you have to do to win one of these lovely books is contribute a short tip or answer in the Request a Tutorial Section, then email us with the URL and the answer to this tie-break question: What is chapter six called?

MM release Dreamweaver Updater

Macromedia have released an updater: All users running the English version of Dreamweaver MX 2004 7.0 should apply this updater, regardless of location or operating system.  This is what MM say is in the new update:

Performance improvements

The update fixes various performance issues reported by some users, such as when typing in pages with nested tables, switching documents, or launching Dreamweaver.

Stability improvements

The update fixes several bugs that caused Dreamweaver to crash, such as in certain circumstances when working on ASP.NET or JSP pages in Design view, or when applying bold or italics to text after applying a color style to the text.


The timelines feature, available in Dreamweaver MX but not in Dreamweaver MX 2004, has been restored.

Happy 10th Birthday, Spam!
The first Spam message was posted 10 years ago today, reports ContractorUK. Last month, 62% of all email was spam, reports Brightmail, with the USA responsible for more than half of that.
Good News: Microsoft not changing IE.
Good news indeed. The proposed changes to Internet Explorer to force the dialog of doom every time rich content is required have been indefinitely shelved by Microsoft.
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