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Brad Halstead joins DMXzone

We’re delighted to welcome Brad Halstead as a Premium Tutorial author today. Brad is considered by New Riders publishing to be their stellar technical editor on matters Dreamweaver, and has also co-written “Inside Dreamweaver MX”, “Dreamweaver MX Magic”, and “Dreamweaver MX Templates” (with Murray Summers, with whom he maintains the web site

Brad will be writing on Dreamweaver Templates every second Tuesday. The tutorial plan (which is subject to change after feedback) is:

September 2, 2003 Author: George Petrov

New MSBlaster worms released

In cheerful Friday news, it's been announced that new versions of the MSBlast virus have been released. Kaspersky labs said "Kaspersky Labs' experts anticipate that in the short run a repeated outbreak of the global scale may occur. This is because the two versions of "Lovesan" exploit the same vulnerability in Windows and may co-exist on the same computer. "In other words, all computers infected by the original "Lovesan" will soon be attacked by its revamped versio," commented Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Anti-Virus Research for Kaspersky Labs, "Taking into consideration that the amount of infected systems is now reaching 300,000 the return of the worm will imply a doubling of this number and lead to unpredictable results." In the worst case scenario the world community might face a global Internet slow-down and regional disruption of access to the World Wide Web: just as it happened in January 2003 due to the "Slammer" worm."
August 15, 2003 Author: Ian Blackham

Internet Infection Spreading Rapidly A virus-like infection that was the subject of urgent U.S. government and industry warnings spread rapidly Monday across the Internet, causing computers to mysteriously restart and coordinating an electronic attack against Microsoft Corp.

Infected computers were programmed to automatically launch an attack on a Web site operated by Microsoft on Saturday. The site,, is used to deliver repairing software patches to Microsoft customers to prevent against these types of infections.

Read more at Read the DMXzone hack report.

07.55 GMT August 12 ZDnet reports: "The fast-spreading MSBlast worm seems to be crashing as many Windows computers as it's infecting, demonstrating to administrators that they need to patch their systems, security experts said on Monday. By midafternoon on Monday, the worm had infected at least 7,000 computers in a matter of hours, according to data provided by security company Symantec. Still, security experts stressed that the program had several flaws that had slowed its spread."

August 12, 2003 Author: George Petrov

MX Widgets, NeXTensio2 launched by InterAKT

MX Widgets Suite (PHP) is a collection of server behaviors for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, designed to help developers create complex HTML controls similar to the Access ones.

NeXTensio 2 was designed to help developers build administration sections for their database-driven websites. The main product feature is the generation of record lists and forms, allowing programmers to edit database content with ease.

August 7, 2003 Author: Interakt Online

Flash player 7 public beta improves video performance 15 - 70%

The Flash Player 7 public Beta is said (by Macromedia) to have improved video performance by 15-20%; to have improved video quality concerning gradients, and better Actionscript performance for text scrolling and component initialisation.

It also checks for updated versions and offers the user a chance to download a new version:  "On Window 2000 and XP systems, the notification leverages pop-up bubbles linked to system tray icons."

<rant> What does "leverages" mean that "the notification uses pop-up bubbles" doesn't? We give 9/10 for technical competance; 1/10 for gratuitously mangling the English language. </rant>

August 6, 2003 Author: Ian Blackham

The Big Hack hasn't happened..........yet

Update Aug 5 at 3pm: Reports of Linux hacking..

This weekend saw some interesting activity, however. was down on Friday 1st August, but repaired again. A spokesperson for Microsoft said:

“This attack does not have any association with any known vulnerability in Microsoft software. Microsoft has contacted the appropriate authorities, is cooperating in the investigation of the cause of this attack, and will take appropriate action. We regret any inconvenience this has caused to visitors to the Web site.”

It’s an important distinction to note; the news has been full of critical microsoft Windows flaws that could allow a malicious hacker to take control of a user’s computer. But this attack didn’t exploit those flaws; it was a simple ‘nuclear’ attack by lots of hostile machines all attempting to access the site at once, locking out genuine attempts to request pages.

August 5, 2003 Author: George Petrov