Bug Fixes for Flash MX 2004 available

Macromedia have released a free bug fix updater for Flash MX 2004 which has "34 crash bugs found and fixed! ". The cynical might wonder why it was ever shipped with that many bugs; the pragmatic will install the patch and breathe a sigh of relief.

Let's hope there's one for Dreamweaver soon .....

Run multiple versions of IE/ Win for testing

The big trouble with testing your web sites for backwards compatibility has always been that you can't install multiple versions of Internet Explorer on Windows. Until now! Joe Maddalone has discovered how to run different versions of IE on the same windows box in order to test. And here's downloadable Internet Explorer versions 3, 4 and 5.

Hooray for clever people!

It's not just Windows with security flaws..
An unknown intruder attempted to insert a Trojan horse program into the code of the next version of the Linux kernel, stored at a publicly accessible database, reports ZDNet. Meanwhile, security research firm @stake is warning Macintosh users about three security problems with the Mac OS X 10.2.8 and previous versions, reports Security Pipeline magazine.
Microsoft offer bounty of $500K for arrest of virus writers

Bill "Sheriff" Gates has put a bounty on the writers of MSBlast and the Sobig viruses - half a million dollars for information leading to the arrest of those varmints, ZDNet reports

New Windows virus - and Microsoft kill Windows Messenger
A virus which pretends to be a security patch from an Anti-Virus firm is going round. The Sober virus has attachments called  anti_virusdoc.pif, check-patch.bat, playme.exe and others. More at The Register which also reports that Microsoft are discontinuing the Windows Messenger Service in Win XP (this is different from the Microsoft messenger which allows you to waste hours chatting to friends. Microsoft are also going to turn on the firewall by default in XP. Like, duh!
Dreamweaver and Flash for Linux

Codeweavers have announced support for Dreamweaver and Flash to Linux in  the CrossOver Office 2.1 product that already has support for Photoshop. CrossOver Office 2.1 is priced at $59.95 per user.

Poll for members who use Macromedia

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Win a copy of The Dreamweaver Developer's Instant Troubleshooter

DMXzone premium tutors Rachel Andrew and Gareth Downes-Powell, together with new premium tutor Kevin Marshall, Drew McLellan and Nancy Gill, have got together with Apress to bring you The Dreamweaver Developer's Instant Troubleshooter.

Our founder, George Petrov writes, "This is the best book for professional Dreamweaver users who need to know how to integrate other web technologies, but don't need yet another tour around the menus. Real solutions to real problems that will save you lots of time ... not to mention hair!".

Read more about this book.

This email will self-destruct in 5 seconds...

The BBC reports that Microsoft Office 2003 has a new feature, the lemming email, which can be set by the sender to delete itself after a specified time period - and which can be prevented from being forwarded or even printed. A free Office Viewer will be available for those who don't run Office but receive a lemming mail.

The big question is: will anyone use it? Many companies have a policy or regulatory requirement to retain emails for a certain time period. I bet some of these people will love it, though...

10% off e-commerce suite for DMXzone members

DMXzone partners, LaGarde make the e-commerce suite Storefront and are offering a 10% discount for all DMXzone members. Storefront is a full suite that integrates with Dreamweaver and allows you to build product management, marketing and order management facilities for your clients.

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