Critical ColdFusion patch released

ColdFusion MX 6.1 is vulnerable to a denial of service attack if a malicious user creates a ficticious request containing a large number of form fields. Here's the patch.


Booble! makes a boob.

Readers may recall from last week's newsletter that a new "adult-oriented" search engine has launched, called Booble. Completely unexpectedly, Google have sent them a cease-and-desist letter:

"We dispute your assertion that your website is a parody... Your website does not comment on the Google website at all; it merely uses the Google look and feel and a similar name for a search engine. Your web site is a pornographic web site."

To which Booble respond: "Booble's web site is an adult search engine, not 'a pornographic site,' as referred to in your letter. In fact, entering the terms "porn" and "sex" in the Google search engine return 98,400,000 hits and 269,000,000 hits, respectively, while entering these same terms in the Booble adult search engine return 268 hits and 291 hits, respectively. Therefore, the Google mark - which has a longstanding association with pornographic terms and material - is obviously not tarnished."

Be interesting to see how this plays out.. I bet Booble won't settle for an X-box....

U.S. goverment launch Computer Emergency Readiness Team website
U.S. government launches National Cyber Alert System with nice buttons to centralise all computer security announcements, and alert people of virus threats etc.
MyDoom virus hits companies, spreads fast
The MyDoom virus has been spreading like wildfire in the last 24 hours. Some companies are receiving 1000 infected emails a minute. The virus installs a trojan that can leave the host machine open to sending spam or denial of service attacks before it grabs email addresses off an infected computer, and emails itself on. Reportedly, it records keystrokes on affected machines so can mail off passwords, user names etc to whoever coded it.
On-line fraud is 50% of all U.S. fraud complaints
The Register reports that, for the first time, on-line fraud is up to 55% of the $437 million complained of in the U.S.A. "The most popular Internet scams reported were online auction rip-offs -- 15 percent of the cases -- and spammy quit-your-job-and-work-at-home-for-big-bucks swindles, which made up nine percent of the complaints."
90% of top UK company sites Inaccessible

Nine in ten of the UK's top companies are failing to make their Web sites accessible to people with disabilities, reports The Register.

The report can be obtained from Nomensa.

New Virus alert

Warnings are being issued about the rapidly spreading Bagle Windows worm, reports the BBC. The Bagle worm can be spotted in e-mail inboxes as it always has a subject line that reads simply: "Hi". Running the attachment causes it to mail itself to all email addresses it finds on your machine.


Free ASP.NET extensions

DMXzone's ASP.NET premium author, Kevin Marshall, announces free ASP.NET property inspector extensions to work with MX 2004 and MX. The default inspectors have been enhanced to allow easy insertion of validators and event procedures directly from the property inspectors. New inspectors have been added to support .NET controls that don't have property inspectors by default.

They're available for download from his company website, WebXel.

Microsoft needs your help!
Rob Scoble and the leader of the Internet Explorer team are asking for input into what changes Microsoft should make to Internet Explorer. Last year, they said they wouldn't develop it anymore, but with the as-yet-unpatched Phishing bug and potential changes due to the Eolas patent, I guess they've decided to tart it up after two and half years; after all, it's 3 or 4 years until Longhorn.
No more Kodak film cameras in the U.S.
 Eastman Kodak Co. on Tuesday said it will stop selling traditional film cameras in the United States, Canada and Western Europe, another move by the photography company to cut lines with declining appeal in favor of fast-growing digital products, reports Reuters.
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