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Win a copy of The Dreamweaver Developer's Instant Troubleshooter

DMXzone premium tutors Rachel Andrew and Gareth Downes-Powell, together with new premium tutor Kevin Marshall, Drew McLellan and Nancy Gill, have got together with Apress to bring you The Dreamweaver Developer's Instant Troubleshooter.

Our founder, George Petrov writes, "This is the best book for professional Dreamweaver users who need to know how to integrate other web technologies, but don't need yet another tour around the menus. Real solutions to real problems that will save you lots of time ... not to mention hair!".

Read more about this book.

This email will self-destruct in 5 seconds...

The BBC reports that Microsoft Office 2003 has a new feature, the lemming email, which can be set by the sender to delete itself after a specified time period - and which can be prevented from being forwarded or even printed. A free Office Viewer will be available for those who don't run Office but receive a lemming mail.

The big question is: will anyone use it? Many companies have a policy or regulatory requirement to retain emails for a certain time period. I bet some of these people will love it, though...

10% off e-commerce suite for DMXzone members

DMXzone partners, LaGarde make the e-commerce suite Storefront and are offering a 10% discount for all DMXzone members. Storefront is a full suite that integrates with Dreamweaver and allows you to build product management, marketing and order management facilities for your clients.

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More security updates for Windows

Microsoft has warned of four new flaws in the Windows Software. Microsoft will now issue monthly warnings and security patches.

It has promised to rush out an emergency patch midmonth if it determines hackers are actively breaking into computers using a flaw it can repair immediately.

Active Content Developer Center

Macromedia Active Content Developer Center

This center is your source for information, tools, and resources related to modifications to Internet Explorer that Microsoft has recently announced. These changes affect the use of active content like Flash, Shockwave, and Authorware in web pages.

Verisign removes "SiteFinder"

We reported in our newsletter a week ago that verisign were routeing all browser requests for non-existent .com and .net domain names to their pay-to-list "search engine" that broke spam filters etc. Fortunately, they've now been told to remove it by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). A victory for common sense.

New Windows Trojan Alert (3 Oct)

A Trojan that exploits an Internet Explorer vulnerability is capable of allowing attackers to hijack browser behaviour, anti-virus firms warn. More at The Register.


Free Accessibiliy kit, speech synthesiser for Linux

Allan Kent, DMXzone Flash and PHP tutorial author, found Skipper at Sourceforge (the place to be if you're into OpenSource stuff, and not only for Linux - much of it has Windows versions too).

Skipper allows you to build very cheap sensors, has a program to translate body movements picked up by those sensors into controls for programs, provides word predictors, dictionaries etc, and interacts with screenreaders. And it's free!

Skipper is a free package for Linux that:

  • Describes simple sensors that can be built at home, or re-used from other applications, to enable people with severely limited or involuntary movements to signal to a PC - for about $15!
  • Interprets each user's available movements uniquely to make the best use of them, and translates the signals into full keyboard and mouse control.
  • Provides word predictors, specialist on-screen keyboard layouts for a variety of user abilities, specialist on-screen menus for application control, user definable phrase books, an interface to the free Festival voice synthesiser, and many other features to make full access to all the resources of the PC and Internet a practical reality.
  • Reads to the user! People who have had impaired movement from birth often have limited reading skills, because they never had a chance to learn. So there's a program that uses Festival to read electronic books from Project Gutenberg to the user, and highlight each sentence as it reads it out. (That's the way most people learned to read - now everyone who needs one can have a retired office computer to read to them.)

The "manifesto" is also brilliant.

CS vs MX: Adobe release new integrated suite

Today, Adobe announced their new "CS" bundle (Creative Suite). The standard version (estimated at $999, or $599 if upgrading from Photoshop) bundles Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS and InDesign CS. The pro edition ($1299 or $749 if upgrading) has GoLive CS and the Acrobat PDF authoring tool.

We hear good reports of GoLive; the other Adobe tools have significant upgrades, and the CS suite comes with a useful new file browsing system called Version Cue. Could this be why Macromedia was so anxious to get MX 2004 out of the door?

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