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Bootstrap 3 Goes Mobile-First

The team behind Bootstrap, the immensely popular grid-based, front-end framework for web development, launched the first release candidate of Bootstrap 3 includes over the weekend. Besides a tweaked look and a couple of new features (and also the removal of a few others), the most important change in this update is that Bootstrap, just like its close competitor Foundation, is now mobile first and responsive by default. The announcement coincided with new data from source-code search engine meanpath, which also this weekend announced that 1 percent of the 150 million websites in its index now use Bootstrap.

July 29, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Microsoft Launches IE11 Developer Preview For Windows 7

Almost exactly a month ago, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 11 as part of the Windows 8.1 preview and today, it is also launching a developer preview of IE11 for Windows 7. Sandeep Singhal, Microsoft’s group program manager for IE, told me earlier this week that IE11 for Windows 7 will bring all of the advances of IE11 for Windows 8.1 to users of Microsoft’s older operating system.

July 25, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Google Nexus Devices are First to Get Android 4.3

Google executive Huga Barra said that Google's Nexus family of devices will be the first to get the new version of Jellybean Android 4.3, but the Google Play Edition phones will have to wait a little while. Android 4.3 isn't a big enough upgrade to the Android software to get its own dessert name, but that doesn't mean Google fans won't be clamoring for it. So which devices will get the new release of software first?

July 25, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Google Brings Cloud Print To Windows

Google launched a number of updates to Cloud Print that finally bring it to Windows and make it easier to share printers with others. Even Google knows that there are still some occasions when you just need to print something, so for the last few years, the company has been steadily improving this service. At its core, Cloud Print allows you to share your printers with others and print virtually anything from anywhere.

July 23, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Google Maps 2.0 for iOS Launches with Support for iPads

Just a week after a revamped Google Maps for Android launched, an update for iOS devices has hit Apple's App Store. Google Maps 2.0, which began rolling out to users worldwide on Tuesday, features support for the iPad's larger touch screen. As with last week's update to the Android version, the new iOS version seems to have a cleaner design with softer colors.

July 17, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Yahoo IDs Officially Up for Grabs

Yahoo on Monday officially opened a request site for inactive usernames, so people can start claiming any IDs that have been inactive for more than a year. The company said last month that it was doing some more cleaning on its site by closing inactive accounts. In order to save IDs from extinction, users simply had to log in before Monday.

July 16, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Apple's App Store Turns Five

Apple's App Store has a lot to brag about as it celebrates its fifth birthday. Over the last half decade, it helped fully realize the Swiss army-capabilities of the smartphone, which could do far more than make phone calls and browse the Internet. While not the first, it set the standard for mobile application marketplaces to come. The best part: it made apps accessible to everyone.

July 10, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Animated WebP Graphics Support no Shoo-in for Chrome

Google introduced WebP in an attempt to speed up the Web, but now the company's engineers are raising concerns that one of the graphics format's features will actually slow it down. WebP is designed to compress graphics more efficiently than JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Shrinking file sizes more means data arrives faster, though there can be a penalty of longer times to encode and decode image files. One of WebP's newer features is support for animation - a package of multiple images shown in sequence to display a short movie.

July 8, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Google Ordered To Amend Its Unified Privacy Policy In Europe By September

Google’s unified privacy policy continues to draw the attention and ire of data protection watchdogs in Europe. In the latest development, the U.K.’s ICO has confirmed it has written to Mountain View to confirm the privacy policy raises serious questions about Google’s compliance with the UK Data Protection Act (h/t to TNW for spotting). Specifically, the ICO said it is unhappy about the level of information Google is providing users about how their data is being used.

July 5, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Microsoft Rolls Out First Windows 8.1 Bug Fixes

The Windows 8.1 Preview has received its first set of bug fixes less than a week after its debut. Rolled out on Tuesday, the six updates address several different issues, two of which are rated important and four rated as recommended items. One of the important updates is simply a virus definition update for Windows Defender, the default security program for Windows 8 and 8.1. The other update improves the compatibility between Windows 8.1 and several third-party programs, such as AutoCAD, Parallels Desktop, Norton security software, and AVG Internet Security.

July 3, 2013 Author: Lubov Cholakova