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Sarge on Security in CFMX 7

Sarge's presentation on Security Changes in ColdFusion MX 7 was recorded in Breeze and is available.

Sheldon Sargent of Macromedia Server Support, better known as Sarge, is co-author of Hack Proofing ColdFusion, available on Amazon and Advanced ColdFusion MX 7 Application Development.

This event was sponsored by the AZCFUG in cooperation with the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group

May 25, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating: Not enough votes

Adapting Your Framework

In the last couple of months, [I] have been doing a lot of thinking about frameworks. They certainly are very important, and each has it's strengths and weaknesses. But are we choosing our frameworks for the right reasons?

May 21, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating: Not enough votes

Use CF to block problems with Google Accelorator

Explains some problems that developers are having with the Google Web Accelerator. The tools speeds up your surfing experience by trying to pre-fetch all the content for links on the page. That way whichever one you click it already has the content.

May 15, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating: Not enough votes

Using cftree For Server Side File Selection

Allow for file selection so that a user could pick a data file on the server. now supports recursion (as of CFMX7), so getting the files is easy. Getting them into is a bit trickier because the returned query cannot be passed to as is ( needs a flat query, not hierarchical data).

May 9, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating: Not enough votes

Taking Advantage of ColdFusion MX 7 Event Gateways

In this Macrochat, Macromedia Architect and Technical Lead for ColdFusion, Tom Jordahl discusses ColdFusion event gateways.

ColdFusion has long been the easiest way to create applications that respond to web requests from web browsers. ColdFusion MX 7 opens up a whole new world of applications that can respond to events and messages, from Instant Messaging (such as XMPP/Jabber and Lotus Sametime) to mobile phone SMS text messages, to Internet socket requests, to system events, and much more. Learn more as you watch and listen to his presentation.

NOTE: This Breeze presentation requires Flash Player.

May 3, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating: Not enough votes

Creating Better Search Functionality & Indexed Collections with ColdFusion MX 7

Document indexing and searching has always been one of the hidden gems in ColdFusion. Since the early days of ColdFusion, the Verity search technology has been an integral part of creating dynamic, high-function web applications. With the release of ColdFusion MX 7, the ColdFusion development team completely rearchitected this feature from the ground up, using the latest Verity K2 Enterprise release. With this upgrade, ColdFusion MX 7 takes advantage of the latest document filters, features, and capabilities of the best-of-breed Verity technology.

April 21, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating:

CF - Experimenting With Flash Form Styles

The look of Flash Forms can be controlled using styles. To help fine tune style selections, [I] threw this quick and dirty form together. It allows you to set eight style settings, the results of which are immediately reflected in a sample button control. Note that [I] am using the setStyle() method to set styles programmatically at runtime, but styles are typically defined in the style attribute.

April 20, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating: