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Naming Conventions in Application Development

Why use naming conventions? The use of standardized names for the elements of a project (or the naming conventions) allows all persons involved in the project to share the same language. It makes the code easier to understand for everybody, as it follows known rules, as well as making the application development more coherent.

May 6, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating:

Create Podcasts Using Your PC (RSS2.0)

Just in case you aren't familiar with podcasting, quite simply it's a process for distributing audio files using RSS 2.0. A podcaster creates an audio recording, posts it to a server somewhere, and references the audio file as an enclosure in an RSS feed. By subscribing to the RSS feed in an app capable of processing enclosures, you get fresh audio content delivered to your desktop every time the podcaster creates something new.

To learn the process, though, you don't need anything fancy.

April 9, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating:

Securely Edit Your Website Content in WebDAV

A couple of years ago, I became very fond of WebDAV. I replaced all of my FTP servers with DAV. I began managing the content on all of my websites via DAV. I even replaced most of my network file systems with DAV.

Please note that this is not a tutorial on setting up DAV, using DAV, or even telling you what DAV is.

March 29, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating: Not enough votes

Credit Card Validation and Verification

This chapter goes through credit card validation and verification, such as is vital during the checkout procedure of an online shopping application. The chapter as a whole covers all aspects of the checkout procedure in detail.

This sample is taken from Chapter 7: "Credit Card Validation and Verification" of the Glasshaus title "Usable Shopping Carts"

November 21, 2002 Author: George Petrov Rating:

Using Dreamweaver MX Snippets

Snippets are a new tool that allow you to collect and manage sections of Code. In many ways the Snippets Library is a code library.

In this article you will learn how to use Snippets in Dreamweaver MX and how to create your own Snippets.

September 5, 2002 Author: Matthew David Rating:

Gluing it all Together with Sitespring

It is said that it takes a village to raise a family, I would say that it also takes a village to raise a Web site. Think of it, for any web project you have anywhere from 8-15 people tightly involved with the decisions, design, programming, content and management. In the real world, you know that any Web project must be done in 6-12 weeks. Any longer and the data you are working with is already becoming obsolete. Sure, there are some applications you can buy to help manage your projects, but none of the “off the shelf” software addresses the specifics of Web projects. The Web is about fast, efficient and immediate. So, how do you manage client expectations while keeping the lines of communication open?
November 9, 2001 Author: Matthew David Rating: