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Ten Tips for Microsoft Access Developers

Learn Access programming tips such as displaying a range of dates in a Calendar control, creating a blinking label prompt for a text box, converting a number from one base to another, and more.
September 5, 2002 Author: George Petrov Rating:

AutoOrder and AutoSort Recordset Output

This code will provide you with the how-to on setting up Dreamweaver as well as the code inserts needed to dynamically sort and order your data on the fly.  Simple and effective, and makes you look like a better webdev then you are! :)

July 21, 2002 Author: aegis kleais Rating:

The UD 4 Connection

A tutorial for the New UltraDev user to make a DSN and a DSN-Less Connection to a Database
September 29, 2001 Author: Dave Baxter Rating:

RegExp on Search Results

This tutorial shows how to make use of Regular Expressions to make your search input return in a choosen style (bold, font, color) within the search result.

September 2, 2001 Author: Marcellino Bommezijn Rating:

The Zen of Recursion

Anyone working on a content management system should have a good grasp of "recursion" and how to implement it. This article explains how use MS SQL Server stored procedures recursively to traverse through hierachal data :)

August 1, 2001 Author: jason parker Rating:

Installing mySQL under Linux

mySQL is a robust Relational Database Management System. Currently it runs under Linux, Windows, OS2, and several other operating systems. Aside from the fact that it is free (yes, you heard right), mySQL has become the database management system of choice for many small and large solutions (Yahoo has been known to use mySQL).
This tutorial teaches how to install mySQL under Linux.

July 19, 2001 Author: Scott Ruttencutter Rating:

Upsizing Microsoft Access-Based Applications

The purpose of this paper is to enable the developer of Microsoft® Access-based applications to use and understand fully the Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools. The developer should be able to use the tools to facilitate client/server development between Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server™. The paper will discuss design strategies for using the tool optimally in the development process.

April 6, 2001 Author: George Petrov Rating:

Stored Procedures in Access Database

In this tutorial we are going to talk about yet another powerful feature of database programming, Stored Procedures. Most of the time we use ASP pages, we use them to retrieve or manipulate records in the database. These database connections are resource heavy and every query takes time on part of the server. Thus we should try to make use of everything possible to optimize and speedup database access as much as possible.

February 9, 2001 Author: George Petrov Rating: