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Photography Inspiration: Color Palettes of Fall

With the fall kicking off a sweeping change of nature’s color palette, we thought we would turn our inspirational spotlight once more in this direction. So with this mission in mind, we collected a range of new autumn photographs from some talented artists, and derived color palettes from them. Welcome to the Color Palettes of Fall! 

November 1, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova Rating: Not enough votes

36 Exquisite Mobile iOS and Mac App Website Layouts

Graphic designers for Apple software often have a way of precision. Mobile iOS apps and Mac OS X have proven to bolster a community of developers publishing under one library. And from this we can see a trickle-down effect into application websites.

October 31, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova Rating: Not enough votes

Spooky and Fun Halloween Wallpapers

With Halloween right around the corner, one of the year’s spookiest and most playful seasonal celebrations, we thought it would be somewhat appropriate if we put together a collection of desktop wallpapers for our readers to use to decorate their backgrounds. While some may think that this time of year is all about the horror and the macabre, we thought we would more focus on the lighter, more whimsical side of this holiday. No tricks, just treats.

October 28, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova Rating: Not enough votes

Focusing on Good Design, Not (Just) Good Decoration

Designers must keep in mind that true graphic design is less of an art and more of a theory. Graphic design is simply a means to solve problems, but once you have solved your problem, you are free to dress it any way you like. The best way to design your web sites (as well as any other thing), is to first figure out what the goal of your site is to be.

October 25, 2011 Author: Daniela Vaseva Rating: Not enough votes

The Keys to Organic Designs

In the world of design we all tend to have our processes and approaches that rule how we craft our work. This is essential for most of us in the field to have in place. Our own systems that we have spent years honing and developing down to less of an art, and more of a routine. We do this so that we have an order by which we can methodically craft our designs without letting any little things slip through those proverbial cracks. Our processes tend to be a series of steps that help us cover all of our bases. But this can also prove to have a negative impact on our work.

October 14, 2011 Author: Daniela Vaseva Rating: Not enough votes

Design and Code an Integrated Facebook App

During this series Aaron Lumsden will be looking behind the UI of Facebook and, in the process, showing you how to create your own integrated Facebook blog app through an RSS feed.

Love it or hate it Facebook has become an integral part of people’s lives. For many it’s a tool that allows us to catch up with old friends, share photos or plan our nights out with our mates. However, behind the social interaction lies a complex structure of careful UI planning that has been tweaked and re-tweaked.

In the early days of Facebook he was never a fan of its “boring look and feel” and always felt that it had potential for so much more in terms of design. However, it’s only as his knowledge and experience of being a UI designer has progressed that he now realizes it’s Facebook’s simplicity and ease of use that has allowed it to become so successful. Its design is certainly something that should be admired.

October 10, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova Rating: Not enough votes

Designers Know Your Code: Web Design Tutorials

As almost any web designer worth their salt, and a large percentage of web developers will tell you, to be fully considered a web designer you have to have some background in code. Not to the depth that full on developers must, but it really is unfair to the rest of those working on a website with us if we do not have some knowledge in a handful of key areas. Which is where these web design tutorials come in.

October 3, 2011 Author: Daniela Vaseva Rating: Not enough votes

30 Useful and Hilarious Lorem Ipsum Generators

We’re going to briefly discuss why lorem ipsum and its brethren still have legitimate uses and then we’ll have some fun as we check out thirty great dummy content generators that you’ll definitely want to bookmark.

September 12, 2011 Author: Rob Nijkamp Rating: Not enough votes

Tips for Designing with Multiple Photos

Photography is one of your most powerful resources as a designer. Here we’ll take a look at some clever and unique ways to create photo-centric designs using multiple images. It’s always nice to keep your content to a minimum in order to maintain a clean, easy to scan page. Using one primary image with some accompanying text is a simple model that works for a lot of purposes, but when you’re designing for real world clients you often have an entire folder full of resources that you’re expected to use.

August 10, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova Rating: Not enough votes

SEO Beyond Your Site

The most common initial SEO strategy is to follow best practices for building user-friendly, well-formed websites. Optimizing your content and HTML, using good web page titles and generating links to your website are all ways you can help search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing index your site better and more accurately.

June 16, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova Rating: Not enough votes