Frames Solved : How to Design with Frames without problems

This tutorial details all procedures for ensuring that you use frames to their fullest potential, and how to get around all problems that were considered drawbacks in the past. Now you can use frames without any hesitation.

A tutorial on using Templates in Dreamweaver
How do you create Templates. Here is a step by step approach that will walk you through the process.
Dreamweaver Behaviors
Use the Dreamweaver behaviors panel to create jump menus, swap images, pop-up windows, play sound, validate forms and more. Dreamweaver behaviors make it easy to add interactivity to your site. Try out all the cool stuff possible using Dreamweaver behaviors.
Update Multiple Records with SQL Update and Where/In Clause

There may be instances where one wants to update a field value for a large, select group of records. Doing this one record at a time is a killer on productivity. However, using checkboxes and a drop-down list, one can select a large group of records and then define a DMX Command to update the records in one fell swoop. This builds upon an article written by Marcellino Bommezijn concerning the deletion of multiple records and uses the SQL WHERE IN clause that he used in that tutorial.

Inserting and Diplaying the Regional Date Format correctly with Dreamweaver

Many people have trouble converting, inserting, updating and diplaying the correct regional date format when using databases like MS-Access. This tutorial teaches you how to insert and display the correct regional date format correctly with Dreamweaver.

How to install extensions from DMXzone
A step by step guide to installing our commercial extensions, with screen captures and tips along the way.
How to find out if a record already exists in a database, If it doesn't Insert A New Record

I've seen this question posed many times in the ASP Q&A Messageboard... Typically this is done to determine if a user name already exists, common to many login required sites. Many people query the database and then check the values against the returned values through a loop of some sort. If they don't find it, they then add the record.

Create Side Menu with Layer Genie

This tutorial will show you how to create a flyout side menu with the Layer Genie extension.
You can take a look at the results by clicking here.

Check the Demo page for results

Percentage or Pixel?

All of us that dedicated ourselves to designing web pages, at one time or another we have been asking ourselves this question, should I use percentages or pixels to define the width of the tables in my site? What is better?

Creating a News Module using PHP and MySQL

In this tutorial we will look at an easy way to implement news into your website using only 3 different PHP scripts.

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