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Pure PHP Upload 2 Manual

Welcome to the tutorials of Pure PHP Upload 2.

In this list of tutorials you will learn how to create a file upload, restrict certain files or sizes of files from being uploaded, upload files and insert them in a database and much more...

Applying CSS to forms
Learn how to lay out and format your forms with the power of CSS.
Configuring a Dreamweaver MX site with phAkt and Firebird

Configuring a Dreamweaver MX Site Using phAkt and Firebird

Recent DMXZone Premium articles on using Firebird have inspired me to try connecting to a Firebird database, using the phAkt PHP_ADODB server model.

phAkt can be downloaded from:


Please note that the Server Model for this exercise is actually PHP PHAkt 2 for DWMX and MX2004, not PHAkt 1 (UD4) as shown above, but the submission form doesn't give that option.

Installing and Testing MySQL 4 on Windows

The purpose of this tutorial is to take you through the process of installing MySQL 4 for Windows. This is very important, if you intend to use the PHP/MySQL Server Model within Dreamweaver MX.

For more knowledgeable detail, read Gareth's Premium Article at

But at least mine is FREE!!!


-Display number of users and Guests visiting your site.
-Display User Details (name etc.)

You can easily (off course you should have some knowledge of Asp/VBscript ) modify the code to show details like:

- Login and logout time of users
- Number of times a Member visited the site
- Duration of there stays
-You can also modify the code to Display the No. and Name of Users Viewing a Particular page .


Fading Scroller from Database Field (ASP/Vbscript):

In this tutorial we will force the Fading Scroller show the Database Content.

Display Filtered Recordset based on Authorised users or any Conditions

Have you come across a situation where you want to show Filtered Recordset results based on some Criteria/ conditions? Please Note that I am not talking about Filtering Recordset values but Filtered Recordsets.

e.g. you have a search - Result/Detail page in which some of Filteres Recordset Results are supposed to be shown only to authorised Members.

You have Search - Result pages in which you have given the Users the option of "OR" and "AND" (sorry for my terrible english, to have an idea of what i am talking about see this search page).
We will go through the two Scenarios one by one.

Insert/ Update the same Request/ Form Variable in multiple Fields of Database Table using DW Insert/Update behaviour

Unfortunately by default it is not possible to Insert or Update the same Request/ Form Variable in multiple Fields of Database Table while using DW Insert/ Update Server Behaviour. Well you have to handcode few lines only and its done.
So lets see what we can do about it!

Setting NTFS Folder Permissions for IUSR account
This Tutorial is for Newbies. It is fairly simple to set the Ntfs Folder permissions. So i will just demonstrate here step by step how easy it is
Multiple paramater ASP - Access Database search
This tutorial will explain how to create a database search page, a results page and a detail page using Dreamweaver and Microsoft Access. You will need both these applications and a PC with Windows 98, Windows NT with PWS (Personal Web Server) or Windows 2000 or XP pro with IIS (Internet Information Server) installed in order to complete the tutorial.

NOTE: This tutorial was originally written for Ultradev 4, however, with the exception of a few interface differences, the process is almost identical for Dreamweaver MX and you shouldn't have any problems following the tutorial.

Take a look at the working demo to see how the finished pages will work.
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