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Print-Ready Version

A question that I am asked quite often by other developers creating dynamic news/article content is, "How do sites like CNET and others achive the 'Print Version' that gets rid of images, banners, etc." The process is actually very simple, and uses a server behavior that comes standard with Dreamweaver UD/MX.
February 13, 2003 Author: Jeremy Conn Rating:

PHP and MySQL in Dreamweaver MX

This tutorial will walk you through the following:

  •  Installing MySQL
  •  Set up of phpMyAdmin
  •  Creating your database
  •  Connecting to database
  • February 11, 2003 Author: Allan Kent Rating:

    Choose The Right Programming Language

    Many webdesigners have discovered that Dreamweaver now gives them the power to develop cool webapplications. In this way you can cross the border between graphical design and web application developers. We have seen a lot more basic starter questions in the Talkzones reflecting the will of many designers to explore these exciting possibilities. Questions like: "I want to build an E Commerce site for a client. Can anyone write a tutorial on how to get started with ASP and MS Access?"

    Let's start with the real basic questions first. Like what programming language are you going to use? This is a major decision to make. When i got started developing as a former webdesigner a few years ago, it took me a long time to figure out.

    January 31, 2003 Author: Tjerk Heringa Rating:

    Handling recordsets and multiple selection lists

    Filtering records using dynamically generated checkboxes or Multiple selection lists

    There is an excellent extension and a good tutorial available for deleting and updating records using checkboxes and multiple slection lists. This is based on tweaking the command-options in Dreamweaver. But when you want to use dynamically generated checkboxes or multiple selection lists to filter records, you are virtually on your own. An integrated solution for Dreamweaver is high on my whishlist, but untill then we have to do some handcoding.

    The code below is simplified for clarification. There are some more issues to this. It now uses an OR-operator which is not allways the most elegant way to retrieve data from the DB. In a next article i will cover the use of the IN operator in SQL and Dreamweaver, which does a better job. Trying to use the IN-Operator with Dreamweaver can be a very "interesting experience" since MM forgot about this very handy and common option in SQL as well.

    January 16, 2003 Author: Tjerk Heringa Rating:

    Keep track of your work with versioning software

    Managing your code with versioning software will save you countless hours.

    No developer should overlook the possibilities of versioning software to keep his development machine tidy and manage his files. I found Microsoft Visual SourceSafe an indispensible asset when developing. It is easy to use and saved me an enormous amount of time.
    January 16, 2003 Author: Tjerk Heringa Rating:

    Emailing an ASP/HTML page

    This is a tutorial I requested in the past, and have been asked several times if I found any info on it.  Well, here it is - short but sweet!  Very helpful for those who want to design a nice page to email out as a newsletter.
    January 14, 2003 Author: Bob Fortin Rating:

    Dreamweaver 4.0 Tutorial

    A basic tutorial in Dreamweaver 4.0 focusing on the beginning user.  This workshop teaches the user how to build a site from the ground up!
    December 20, 2002 Author: Dynamic Zone FX . Rating: