Smart Image Processor Tutorials

To give you more inside knowledge of the working of the Smart Image Processor, here you can read all the available online tutorials!

How to pass url with Smart Mailer and insert record

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a form that a user can fill out, the results are inserted into a database and a personalized mail is send to the user based on a template. I am using a url parameter to pass the user's name to the template page that is send to the user by mail.

I created a pdf file of this tutorial. You can download it by clicking on the Code Download link in the blue properties box.

UCase LCase Capital word or sentence

Applying a UCase (all uppercase) or LCase (all lowercase) to a word or sentence is a standard function within Dreamweaver. Applying a UCase to the first letter and the rest a LCase in the word or sentence needs some manual coding. This short tutorial shows you how to use these stringfunctions.

Smart Mailer ASP Manual

The Smart Mailer extension offers your clients the ability to send HTML mails based on a template (either on your machine or at a URL), each personalised with the recipient's name. You can add attachments to everyone, or a group of people, there's progress bars while you're sending them - all this in an external ASP class file, so just a couple of lines on your page.

Read the tutorials how you can accomplish this with the extension.

CSS Gradient Background

In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a CSS gradient background.

Advertisement Sliding Billboard

Discover the power of interactive presentations – the Sliding Billboard ! Organize your work greatly in a virtual book, which auto scrolls and enables your users to slide from page to page or chapter to chapter naturally. You can present any type of work this way: your portfolio, photo albums, products index, web shop, ads and much more. Choose from the 13 cool CSS designs included, so your billboard always looks great and suites your site perfectly.

Get Sliding Billboard read more


CSS: How to make links not underlined..
This is a simple tutorial that shows you how to remove underlines and add mouse over colors to links using Dreamweaver MX and CSS.
Using Dreamweaver MX with ASP and mySQL
This tutorial shows how to use Dreamweaver MX with ASP pages talking to a mySQL database. The only main problem you will run into is how mySQL handles dates, and this tutorial shows you how to fix that.
Random Image Script (with live working model and example)
Random Image Script (with live working model)
Self Closing Pop Up window

Self Closing Pop Up window.

Random Images by using simple to modify JavaScript

Websites become very easy boring when the images stay static. So on heavy used sites on the internet and intranet sites we can get arround the problem rather easy. The most simple solution is random images each time the user visits the page.

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