Keep track of your work with versioning software

Managing your code with versioning software will save you countless hours.

No developer should overlook the possibilities of versioning software to keep his development machine tidy and manage his files. I found Microsoft Visual SourceSafe an indispensible asset when developing. It is easy to use and saved me an enormous amount of time.
Emailing an ASP/HTML page
This is a tutorial I requested in the past, and have been asked several times if I found any info on it.  Well, here it is - short but sweet!  Very helpful for those who want to design a nice page to email out as a newsletter.
Dreamweaver 4.0 Tutorial
A basic tutorial in Dreamweaver 4.0 focusing on the beginning user.  This workshop teaches the user how to build a site from the ground up!
Upsize Access database

A short SQL Server 2000 tutorial about upsizing a MS-Access database to SQL Server.

The project used is the standard Access database that comes with the Learningsite command for Dreamweaver.

Scripting a Database

A short SQL Server 2000 tutorial explaining how to script a complete database with roles and logins and all other objects for a future empty database that resides in a single .sql text file.

The project used is the upsized Access database that comes with the Dreamweaver Learningsite command.

Index Tuning Wizard
A short SQL Server 2000 tutorial explaining how to use the SQL Profiler in combination with the Index Tuning Wizard to optimize your database.
Windows Forms Data Binding

One of the most powerful aspects of .NET and Windows Forms is data binding. Historically, data binding was used to bind views to data stored in databases. Some database management systems, such as Microsoft Access, have provided GUI APIs to help developers quickly bind to data.


This sample is taken from Chapter 6: "Windows Forms Data Binding" of the Blue Vision Title "Developing .NET Custom Controls and Designers using C#"

Preview Image with File Field

This short tutorial will show you how to attach a pre-view button to your file field, so you can see what image your uploading before actual hitting the upload button.

Note: the script view below gets truncated due to the width of the page, please copy/paste the javascript from the example (right-click>view source).

Color and Web Design

This chapter introduces the basics of color theory, choosing color schemes that work, and good practice when dealing with color on the Web.



This sample is taken from Chapter 2: "Colors" of the Glasshaus Title "Web Graphics for Non-Designers"

Alter a DB Online

If you develop ASP Websites using an Access database, you have probably been faced with the need to change the structure of your database, so what do you do?  First you download your database to your local environment, then you make your changes, then you upload your changed database to your Web server.  Easy enough except sometimes this is not pratical, for instance:

  • Your website/database is in constant use
  • Uploading your database while someone is accessing it can have unpredictable results
  • Database transactions can be lost or corrupted
  • Your database is extremely large

There is an alternative way to alter your database using ASP and SQL.  I will show you some basics:

  1. We will create a database table
  2. We will add a primary key to it
  3. We will add a unique index to it
  4. We will create a view or query
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