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CSS: How to make links not underlined..
This is a simple tutorial that shows you how to remove underlines and add mouse over colors to links using Dreamweaver MX and CSS.
Using Dreamweaver MX with ASP and mySQL
This tutorial shows how to use Dreamweaver MX with ASP pages talking to a mySQL database. The only main problem you will run into is how mySQL handles dates, and this tutorial shows you how to fix that.
Random Image Script (with live working model and example)
Random Image Script (with live working model)
Self Closing Pop Up window

Self Closing Pop Up window.

Random Images by using simple to modify JavaScript

Websites become very easy boring when the images stay static. So on heavy used sites on the internet and intranet sites we can get arround the problem rather easy. The most simple solution is random images each time the user visits the page.

Switching from ODBC to OLE DB

ODBC is the comonly used way to power your database driver apps, OLE DB will improve not only speed but will also be more reliable.

What i will show you in this tutorial is two ways to switch between ODBC to OLE DB.

PHP Nested Loop Tutorial
A tutorial about nested loops in PHP and MySQL.
Dreamweaver MX Snippets
Learning how to use, edit, create, package and share snippets
Deleting multiple records using a series of checkboxes

How to delete multiple records in a single operation using a series of checkboxes.

Setting up an OLE DB connection to an Access database

OLE DB not only offers a performance benefit over ODBC connections (DSN) but also has some increased functionality. This article shows how to set up an OLE DB connection to an Access database.

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