Create Side Menu with Layer Genie

This tutorial will show you how to create a flyout side menu with the Layer Genie extension.
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Percentage or Pixel?

All of us that dedicated ourselves to designing web pages, at one time or another we have been asking ourselves this question, should I use percentages or pixels to define the width of the tables in my site? What is better?

Creating a News Module using PHP and MySQL

In this tutorial we will look at an easy way to implement news into your website using only 3 different PHP scripts.

Uploading files on a RaQ4 with Chilisoft/MySQL

File upload on a RaQ running MySQL/Chilisoft is relatively simple but has practical limitations that have been overcome on MS platforms using Pure ASP Upload. The key issue is that the CHili ASP engine on the RaQ will only allow a single file to be uploaded at a time and the VBScript used on the upload page prohibits the use of any other Response or Request handlers.

The method describes here allows a user to upload a chosen file to a folder location on the RaQ server. Ideally the file name should be changed from the browsed fileName to something shorter. It can then be accessed using a database call from the MySQL database whenever it needs to be displayed.


INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE records in multiple tables.

Using Dreamweaver's standard insert, update, and delete server behaviours you can't modify records in multiple database tables using input from a single form. This article shows how to use the Command behaviour which enables you to do this. This is essential if you need to modify records in separate database tables and maintain relationships between them.

PHP and Dreamweaver MX Continued

In this tutorial we will cover the following:

  • Creating Recordsets
  • Displaying Data
  • Creating New Records
  • Deleting Records
  • Editing and Updating Records
  • Page Scraping

    This Tutorial will walk you through the process of Page Scraping.

    What is Page Scraping, the legalities and ethics and an example of Page Scraping with a PHP Script.

    Setting up an OLE DB connection to a SQL Server database

    OLE DB not only offers a performance benefit over ODBC connections (DSN) but also has some increased functionality. This article shows how to set up an OLE DB connection to a SQL Server database.

    Retrieve record identity from an autonumber field on record insert.
    In order to maintain the relationships between database tables or to return the identity of the record they have just created to the user it is necessary to determine the identity of the newly created record. There are many bad examples of how to do this, mainly involving the use of SQL and SELECT MAX(RecordID) to determine the highest record identity value. This article shows a more reliable way to determine the correct identity of the record created.
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