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Free! - Insert a Record across 2 Pages (PHP Version)

Inserting a record over two pages > Insert a Record accross 2 Pages (PHP Version)




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Download Source Code / PDF Help File: Download

Date Created: 2006-03-02

In this tutorial we'll show you how to let an end-user sumbit information for the same record accorss 2 pages.   This is great to know if you have a case want to split a form in half.  

Here's the demo: (end result)

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Free! - Build a Body Mass Index Calculator in PHP

This video tutorial  shows you how to create a body mass calculator application in PHP and Dreamweaver.

This great tutorial shows you how easy it is to create a calculator using PHP. It uses a step by step teaching method that takes you all the way from setting up your PHP page to testing the final application.

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Free! - How to generate bar codes in your application

This video tutorial  shows you how  to generate bar code images in PHP from recordsets.


Today we'll show you how to generate bar codes in your application.   Our client just got a new hand held scanner and would like bar codes on the bottom of all receipts.   In our real world demo we'll put a bar code on the bottom of a sales receipts. This bar code get's its value for the order details recordset.  

Download Source Code / PDF Help File: Download

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Server-side validation with PHP


In the previous article Hacking around with JavaScript we have looked at some techniques that can be used to bypass client-side (JavaScript) validation.  Although beneficial, client-side validation is not that reliable and should be utilized more as a usability rather than security feature. Having one in place does not eliminate the need for the server-side validation.

For the purpose of this article we will set up a simple MySQL table to store user registration data, design a user registration form and write some PHP code to validate user’s input.

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A File Browser Application with AJAX and PHP

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a hot topic at the moment in web circles. In this tutorial, we'll take the basic principles from my earlier tutorial on XMLHttpRequest (the core of AJAX) and build an example application.

We'll use a combination of PHP, XML and JavaScript to build a file browser, allowing users to quickly browse for files to download. We'll code it in such a way that it can work with or without JavaScript and compare the two different ways of interacting with the server.

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Free! - PHP and CSS: random images and CSS positioning

Until recently I was unaware of the power of CSS and Its ability to integrate with other languages. I always thought that styles were static and had to be coded into the style sheet.

It was with a visit to A List Apart when I stumbled across a PHP article about Random Images by Dan Benjamin. As I’m only a newcomer to PHP, I was interested enough to read on and found it to be a great article & script. Another blog style site Relatively Absolute  is a perfect working example of the Image rotation script as it uses one for generating random header images much like the ones I’m going to be demonstrating here. In fact Absolutely Relative inspired me to write this article because I liked the transparency illusion so much. 

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Building Your Own RSS Feed with Dreamweaver

RSS is a method of syndicating your content to other web sites and users. It provides a summary of your content in a compact XML-based form. If you read Weblogs, you've probably encountered them, as most blog generate them so that friends can share their recent posts easily across different systems. If you're using Mozilla, you can bookmark RSS feeds to easily keep up with the latest headlines from your favourite websites. Other sites with a similar interest can use RSS to show your headlines and send you interested traffic. Alternatively you can use a program called an RSS Aggregator (like the one at to keep track of all your favourite headlines:

In this tutorial we'll look at how to create an RSS feed in Dreamweaver MX 2004, using the PHP Server Model. It assumes a basic familiarity with the PHP Server Model, since it doesn't include the basics of setting up the site or database.

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Generating PDF files with PHP: Pt. 2

In the first part of this tutorial we looked at how to create a new page, and add text, tables and images using the EZPDF class from R & OS Ltd.

Using this class makes it easier to perform certain functions with only a few lines of code. In this tutorial we are going to look at using the PDF base class, which allows much more control over the output sent to the PDF reader, specifically looking at the drawing commands to add basic graphics to the page.

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Generating PDF Files with PHP: Pt. 1

In this multi-article series Gareth is going to look at creating PDF files using PHP via the use of a free code library from R & OS Ltd.

This approach offers several benefits over using the PDFLib that is bundled with PHP (namely the R&OS code library is free for commercial use and doesn't involve the installation of non-widely accepted modules on the PHP server).

In this first article Gareth considers the basics of this approach – downloading and setting up the PHP classes and creating simple PDF files, with basic output of text, images and tables. As the series progresses he'll be looking at creating more complex PDF files with graphics created on the fly, and other dynamic effects.

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PHP/MySQL Articles on DMXzone

Bewildered by the depth of our PHP articles? Confused by the range and scope? Perturbed by the DMXzone browsing system (don't worry that's high on the agenda in the next redesign)?

Well hopefully this laundry list of the DMXzone premium content articles covering the areas of PHP, MySQL and a few related topics will be of great assistance the next time you're looking for a nugget of PHP knowledge.

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