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Shopping List Assistant

For this showcase we used dependable dynamic dropdown list for our category and products. Once you choose a category, a second dropdown list appears with the available products and another one for the quantity. When adding products to the list, an insert record action is executed and a repeat region with the product shows up. The image, title, description, quantity and price(depends on the quantity, done with the DMXzone Database Formatter) are database retrieved, using the DMXzone Database Connector. When removing a product from the shopping list a delete record action is executed. All actions are done with the DMXzone Database Updater.
October 30, 2013 Views: 2407

Online Food Order Form Showcase

For this showcase we designed an online food order form that doesn't uses a database but the new features packed in the latest version of HTML5 Data Bindings. The global $FORM object has been formatted and used as bindings on our page. For the delivery/pickup and payment options we used attribute with conditional formatting (HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter) in order to show/hide certain fields of the form, depending on the selected option.
October 14, 2013 Views: 2879

Luxury Charter Yachts Showcase

For this showcase we used the extensions packed in the Dynamic Database Connectivity Collection PHP/ASP in order to create a page where the images and the description are dynamically retrieved from a database. The three dropdown menus allow you to filter the yachts by three different criteria and when there are no results a class show is applied that displays an alert. the filtering is done fully automatically, without refreshing the page.
October 9, 2013 Views: 1969

Weather Forecast Web App Showcase

For this showcase, we built a weather forecast web app, that populates the weather data on the page from a public feed with HTML5 Data Bindings. We also set a few conditional filters: if the temperature is -50 - 0 degrees the background is blue, 1-10 degrees - green, 10-20 orange and 20+ red. The temperature is displayed with round filter for better overview. The icons are also presented with conditionals. The page does not contain any static data, it's all dynamically displayed.
October 4, 2013 Views: 2304

Bikes Catalog Showcase

For this showcase we created a catalog, which presents the products image and title from a database (with repeat region) using DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and HTML5 Data Bindings. The read more button triggers a detail region with additional information, where we have currency and upper case filters, applied with the HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter. There's also a conditional filter that is applied on the sections, which changes the section class.
October 2, 2013 Views: 2108

Dynamic Portfolio Showcase

For this showcase we used DMXzone Database Connector in order to connect to our database and populate the images dynamically. We added form variable filter so that you can filter the images by category by clicking the corresponding button. The page stats display the current page and also the number of pages available for each category. With the help of control behaviors the navigation buttons show 6 results per page if available and also change the pages.
September 18, 2013 Views: 4506