Ajax AutoComplete & HTML Editor 3 Bundle Released

Almost every website contains a contact form, check out form or any other form so this week we've packed the Ajax Autocomplete & HTML Editor 3 in a discount bundle. With both extensions filling out web forms is extremely easy for your users and and we can prove that with our new Motorcycle Dealer Demo, which can be viewed below.

Ajax AutoComplete with New Store ID Field Feature

After many requests our developers made it possible to lookup text but store an ID in the latest version of the Ajax AutoComplete! This amazing feature allows you to select ID field for the AutoComplete field and store it in a specific hidden one. The extension also comes with the latest jQuery and improved compatibility with IE9. For the complete update list read on to find out more.

Online Page Editor on PHP Servers with Magic Quotes On

Prior to PHP 5.3 there was a feature called magic quotes that was created to help protect newbie programmers from writing bad form processing code and if you're still using any version before PHP 5.3 than this updated version of the Online Page Editor Add-on comes just in time. We included some advancements, from better handling of Unicode on ASP to improved automatic shared file copy, synchronization and upload from Dreamweaver.

Ajax DataGrid Improved On Speed And Handling
The Ajax DataGrid extension is improved with file handling and works even faster on the Dreamweaver interface! Now it's even easier to create your own AJAX-powered data grid that can be styled, sorted and paged. This updated version is packed with the Advanced HTML Editor 3 as well, for even more easy-to-edit situations with interactive Ajax Grids.
Mini-review & Competition: From Photoshop to HTML

We have our Mini-review & Competition for From Photoshop to HTML e-book ready and available in our Reviews section. Rockable Press are also giving away 5 free books, all you need to do is read the review and answer the simple question via email, and with a little luck you might win one!

Photoshop CS5 Smart Objects Workshop Winners!

With Photoshop CS5 Smart Objects Workshop you will learn how to create a complex transformation once and then swap out the contents for any artwork you choose. And today 3 of you will receive a free code to access it for free, from Video2Brain. If you missed our mini-review & competition you can still check it out in our Reviews section.

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Review by Paul Ogier

Paul Ogier from Outsourcehouse took the time to review our Advanced HTML Editor 3 and created a cool video where he compares the HTML Editor with all the other big well-known content editors, like TinyMCE and CKEditor. Fortunately, our HTML Editor turns to be a tremendous offer! Find out why that is, by checking his great article.

What You Missed This Week!
It's Friday and that's the day we summarize all the hot topics from the past week, packed in a nice list for your review. We had a big release of the amazing Online Page Editor Add-on which will bring you to a whole new world of live content editing. The Advanced HTML Editor 3 is updated with support for the Page Editor Add-on and improved enter handling. The Advanced Layer Popup is optimized to work properly with the latest web browsers, and last but not least, Killersites.com provide all the DMXzone members a special discount on their products!
HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies Book Winners!

Thanks to Wiley, today we have 5 lucky winners that will receive a copy of the HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies book. If you missed it, you can still check out our review in the Reviews section you will find a friendly and approachable guide when creating (X)HTML and CSS build, readable, attractive Web pages.

Online Page Editor Add-on Released

Improve the usability and capabilities of Live Content Editing with the astonishing Online Page Editor Add-on! This new extension extends the possibilities of the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and can be insert on your page with only a few clicks. Along with this big release, we bound both extensions in a discount bundle called Online Website Editor Bundle.

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