How To Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer E-book Winners

Not even a day left and we have some more give aways for 5 lucky winners that joined our competition: How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer. If you missed this amazing e-book from Rockable Press it's in our Reviews section along with some other fantastic and useful books and online trainings.

It's Showtime With Improved Sliding Usage

Another member of the Sliding family is updated with the latest jQuery. HTML5 Slideshow is smoothly improved to bring you better and simplified event handling, animation and interactions. We made a Skatepark Demo to show you the perfect example, how to implement this extension into your project.

Complete Training for Photoshop CS5 Winners

After a week of competition we have our two lucky winners that will enjoy a free access to Class on Demand's Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5. From all the emails we received we choose Rafa Veiga and Mary Ferrier to extend their knowledge in Photoshop CS5 for free. Both winners will be notified via e-mail on how to access their training. Congratulations and stay tuned for more online trainings coming soon!

Image Enhancements with Amazing Navigation
What do you really need to create a simple but impressive home page? The answer is simple: the latest versions of HTML5 Image Enhancer and the Universal CSS Navigation Menu. We'll give you an example how easy you can design a fantastic page with these two Dreamweaver extensions and will unveil what's new in them.
Video: Automatic Update on DMXzone Extensions

In January we released and updated version of the DMXzone Updater for Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5 users, which main goal is to keep your DMXzone Extensions up to date with just a click in your Dreamweaver. Today, we have a detailed video on how to do that.

Last Chance To Take Advantage Of The 10th Anniversary Specialties

Today is the last day to take benefit of our 10th Anniversary Sales. 30 % Off on All DMXzone Suites, 20% Off on Yearly Subscriptions and even a buy 2 extensions and get one for free. The sale will be over tomorrow morning at 6 a.m (CET) so check out our offers and choose the best one for you!

Upcoming Review: Nokia N8 Smartphone

Thanks to Nokia we have the first Symbian^3 Smartphone which we would love to give a closer look. The Nokia N8 Smartphone is the beginning of a new Symbian era. Unfortunately, Nokia announced that it would migrate away from Symbian to Windows Phone 7, so this could be the last moment we saw Symbian on a Nokia phone.

Embed Videos Directly in HTML5 Video Player through Youtubizer (free extension)

We're starting the week with some great new features in both DMXzone Youtubizer (free extension) and HTML5 Video Player. With the latest version you can embed videos directly in your HTML5 Video Player and even more. We've created an amazing video and a step by step video tutorial on how to do this, so check it out!

What We Read This Week: White Space is Not Your Enemy

We're starting the week with another great and very helpful book from our friends from Focal Press called White Space is Not Your Enemy. Written for non-designers, White Space is Not Your Enemy is a practical graphic design and layout text introducing the concepts and practices necessary for producing effective visual communications across a variety of formats, from print to Web.

The full review will be ready next week, when you can also join our competition and win a free copy of the book!

What You Missed This Week
This week DMXzone celebrates its 10th Anniversary. We're extremely happy about it therefore we have lots of Specialties until 23rd of February 6 p.m CET (Central European Time). We also have stretched the DMXzone boundaries by merging with the best social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Join both, that's the fastest and most easy way to involve in the DMXzone Family.
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