Pack and Unpack Files in Seconds!
Our developers are on fire to bring you the most amazing extensions this year. Our next tool, which we'll release next week is called DMXzone Zip Processor and is what you need to zip and unzip files and folders with just a few clicks. Thanks to its great integration within the DMXzone Server Connect it could be combined with a number of other extensions. But more about that we'll unveil on Monday, so stay tuned! 
DMXzone Extensions Roadmap 2016 (Updated)

It's June and we already have 13 extensions, delivered to your door steps but we have big plans for this year. Optimistically speaking, we'll try to deliver almost 30 new tools, which include various add-ons for DMXzone Server Connect and HTML5 Data Bindings, as well as rewritten versions of existing extensions. You can explore the full list below but if you still have something in mind that we should develop, do not hesitate to contact us and make your request.

DMXzone Mailer is Here!
Not even a week passes by and we already have the next crown gem ready for release. Sending dynamic, personalized emails, working with email templates and sending form data to email are just a few of the amazing capabilities of our DMXzone Mailer. Until next Wednesday you can get it with a discount and even greater if you already own Smart Mailer. 
Getting started with DMXzone Mailer

In about 24 hours from now we'll make DMXzone Mailer available and until then, you have the opportunity to experience its powers in our latest video tutorials. We'll show you how to use email templates as well as how to send data to email, two of the many amazing functionalities, included in this upcoming extension.

Inside DMXzone Mailer

It's Monday and as usual, it's time to unveil all the great things that will happen during the week. Last Friday we mentioned our upcoming release but now you get to explore its features. From a built-in editor and awesome live preview to rich HTML emails  and emails from dynamic source, it's all packed into the DMXzone Mailer. So stay tuned for more insights tomorrow and the official release on Wednesday!

Do You Need a Mailer Extension?
Another long awaited extension is set to make an official appearance next week, but before that, we have a sneak preview of what to expect. As the title suggests, it's called DMXzone Mailer, it's Smart Mailer's heir and is what you need to send powerful emails. You can send personalized as well as emails to a large number of recipients in minutes. From simple text emails to HTML ones or even from a dynamic source, it’s all possible.
Meet DMXzone Image Processor!
The most powerful extension for image effects and manipulation is here! Meet DMXzone Image Processor, the long awaited tool that comes more powerful than its predecessor. Process raw images to a substantial level, where they look most professional. With this extension, you can perform a large number of manipulations and offer your users the best result possible.
Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Image Processor with special discount and even greater if you already own Smart Image Processor!
Improved Extensions This Week
We have a number of improved DMXzone extensions today, so before you get DMXzone Image Processor make sure to have the latest version of DMXzone Server Connect. Also we improved DMXzone Database Connector PHP and now it comes with full support for PHP7. Last but not least HTML5 File Upload and DMXzone File System Connector are also updated therefor make sure to check out all improvements below. 
Getting Started with Image Processor

We're just a day away from the release of one of the most desired Dreamweaver extensions this year. Before we make it available tomorrow, you can watch two video tutorials, which will show you just a couple of large number of amazing features, included in DMXzone Image Processor. Make sure to check them out and stay tuned for the official release!

Sneak Peek DMXzone Image Processor
DMXzone Image Processor is the answer when it comes to processing raw images to a substantial level, where they look most professional. With this extension, you can perform a large number of manipulations and offer your users the best result possible.  Make sure to check what's included in this great upcoming extension. The release is set for Wednesday so just two more days of waiting.
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