Nivo Slider 3 to be Released on Wednesday

We're starting the week with amazing news. Our developers just handed us a brand new and fully rewritten version of our most popular jQuery slider. DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 is coming with full support for HTML5 Data Bindings and now you can make dynamic sliders with just a few clicks in the awesome user interface. Also it's supplied with 64bit Dreamweaver support is fully controlable by behaviors with many great actions to choose from. Stay tuned for the features in detail coming tomorrow and the official release on Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the last five days this is our weekly content summary which features the showcases, updates and announcements that we released. Make sure to check out HTML5 Animate CSS because it was updated with 10 more zoom effects and is currently on sale with a great discount. Also we created numerous amazing demo pages with it to give you an idea what you can achieve with this awesome tool. 

HTML5 Animate CSS with New Animations and on Sale

Today, we have a greatly improved HTML5 Animate CSS which our developers supplied with 10 new amazing zoom animations to use in your projects. Also it empowers hardware acceleration for better performance on mobile devices and many rewritten animations to become more delightful. Make sure to check out the latest showcases we created with this great DMXzone extension and get it now because it's on sale until next Wednesday!

Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection on the Web

For this awesome Food blog showcase we used the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection which features DMXzone Bootstrap 3 to help you create a fully responsive page layout, Elements and Navigation for the page content and menu and also HTML5 Animate CSS for the beautiful onscroll animations. Additionally, we used one of the free themes included in DMXzone Bootswatch along with the iconic font, designed for Bootstrap - the DMXzone Font Awesome.

What You Missed This Week

It's been a crazy week at the DMXzone headquarters but we made it! We joined the annual Adobe MAX conference where we showed awesome new stuff including an upcoming extensions that we'll release pretty soon. Also we improved and put on sale the amazing HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter and showed you how to use radio buttons with database values, and many more that you can read in our weekly summary below. Don't forget to watch both DMXzone sessions from the Adobe MAX if you couldn't join us in Los Angeles.

DMXzone Sessions at Adobe MAX

It's been an amazing week for us at the annual Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, CA. George Petrov, CEO & Founder of DMXzone presented revolutionary new approaches for working with databases in the latest Dreamweaver 2014.1 and also announced our upcoming DMXzone Visual App Builder which empowers the amazing Framework7. If you couldn't make it to the MAX now you can watch the full sessions and see what you missed. Meanwhile we're working on more amazing Dreamweaver extensions to blow your mind.

How to: Use Radio Buttons with Database Values

Today we have a greatly improved version of our totally awesome HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter extension which we also used, together with the HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP, to film a video tutorial where you can see how to use radio buttons with database values. All you need is a repeat region, a detail region with the radio buttons in it and the HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter in order to check the radio buttons values with the database values.

Until next Wednesday you can get the HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter cheaper as it's on sale!

DMXzone Visual App Builder Coming Soon!

At the annual Adobe MAX yesterday, George Petrov CEO & Founder of announced a new amazing extension at his Mobile Development without Code session that will be available pretty soon. As promised, today we'll share the well kept secret behind the upcoming tool. The DMXzone Visual App Builder displays the structure of your app fully visually in Dreamweaver, allows you to add and edit elements in the new editable Live View, add only elements valid for the current context, move around elements while their structure stays intact, and many more.

The New Dreamweaver is Here

The Adobe Dreamweaver team has been keeping busy with this release for over a year, and as a result this is no ordinary update. This release contains groundbreaking functionality for taking your Photoshop documents to the web, new innovations in Live View, code improvements, and has been re-architected as a native 64-bit app for improved performance and stability. Make sure to reinstall all your DMXzone extensions, which could be super fast and easily done with the DMXzone Extension Manager.

Great Looking Images in a Modal Stylish Popup

In order to save space on your pages you often use small previews which are hard to see it a small size. Using DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Elements we created a showcase page that offers larger preview of the tiny images, which opens in a great looking modal stylish popup with the help of our favorite DMXzone Lightbox. We used the minimalistic style for the lightbox but there's a wide range of fully customizable design presets, with great round corners, all drawn in real time with canvas, to choose from and match your site design.

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