DMXzone Calendar 3 Released and on Sale

Today, we're happy to announce our next addition to the DMXzone extensions family. Add DMXzone Calendar 3 to any of your sites and experience the power of this awesome date picker. It's fully customizable with all international and custom date formats so it can serve your users from various locations. The extension is supplied with 24 designer skins to match your site design and speaks 35 different languages. You can choose between many options for the calendar appearance, navigation and even add amazing animation effects when the date picker opens/closes. These and many more features you'll find in our newest release.

Until next Wednesday DMXzone Calendar 3 is on sale and if you already own the previous version (DMXzone Calendar 2) you can get even bigger discount by upgrading to it.

DMXzone Calendar 3 Features in Detail
We did our best to summarize the features highlights in one post and here's the result. Below you can explore the amazing functionality that our developers added in the upcoming DMXzone Calendar 3 extension. Along with the great HTML5 Data Bindings and Formatter integration, you can also use DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and create dynamic calendars with ease. These and many more you can view in our Features in detail. Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!
DMXzone Calendar 3 to be Released on Wednesday

For the past few months our developers have been working on a brand new and fully rewritten version of our DMXzone Calendar extension to meet the latest technologies. In just two days, on Wednesday, we'll release DMXzone Calendar 3, which is full of amazing features such as HTML5 Data Bindings compatibility and of course full compatibility with HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter. They also didn't forget about the latest jQuery 1.11.1 and many other that you can check our in our Features in Detail post tomorrow.

DMXzone Extension Manager Improved

We're starting the week with a very important update of our stand-alone application -the DMXzone Extension Manager. Our developers added some improvements to the version checking, for minor Dreamweaver updates like DW CC 2014.1.1, as well as for the connectivity and automatic updates. If you're still not using the DMXzone Extension Manager, please download it and experience its powers as it will save you time, when managing your DMXzone extensions.

Collapsible Rich Content Collection Released

The Collapsible Rich Content Collection features two amazing DMXzone extensions to organize your content in the best possible way (DMXzone Tabs 2 and DMXzone Accordion 2). You can divide and style it into as many sections or tabs as you need, directly in Dreamweaver. The HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties which let's you discover your visitor's browser properties and adjust your pages dynamically is also included and gives you the opportunity to show different content based on browser resolution,  language and many more.

Make sure to check us tomorrow as we'll unveil the details about our upcoming pre-Valentine's Day surprise that we have for you!

Content Management Collection in Action

For today's showcase we used the Content Management Collection, which is available in PHP and ASP version. Using its great extensions we created a fully responsive social network timeline, which allows posting of comments, using the Advanced HTML Editor 3. The "post" button has been disabled in order to avoid uploading of inappropriate content to the demo page.

Until Wednesday, Advanced HTML Editor 3 and Online Page Editor add-on are on sale!

Advanced HTML Editor 3 and Online Page Editor Improved and on Sale

This week we have improved versions of two of our most popular extensions - the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Online Page Editor add-on. Together, we used them in our latest showcase that you can explore below. Both extensions come with improved 64 bit Dreamweaver CC 2014 compatibility, as well as the latest jQuery UI and more that you can read in the list of improvements.

Until next week Advanced HTML Editor 3 and Online Page Editor add-on are on sale so get them now if you still don't own them!

Design Inspiration that You Need Today

If you need more prove of why DMXzone Tabs 2  is an awesome Dreamweaver extension then you're at the right place. For today's showcase we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements and Navigation for the page layout, content and menu. Also, in order to save space and present the additional information in a greater way we used DMXzone Tabs 2 and its Flick style to meet the needs of our page design.

Hurry up because the sale for DMXzone Tabs 2 ends tomorrow. If you already own the older version you can benefit from the even lower upgrade price.

DMXzone Tabs 2 Released and on Sale

As promised, here's the second version of our beloved DMXzone Tabs extension. It gives you the opportunity to divide and style your content into as many sections as needed. Arrange your text, images, videos and even whole pages and style them to create an intuitive and user-friendly navigation that will fit perfectly any window or monitor size. It also comes with full 64-bit Dreamweaver CC support and HTML5 Data Bindings integration.

Until next Wednesday you can get the DMXzone Tabs 2 on sale or upgrade with even greater discount if you already own the previous version!
DMXzone Tabs 2 Features in Detail

It's Tuesday and as always it's time to show you the amazing features, packed in the upcoming DMXzone Tabs 2. Of course our developers didn't forget to add awesome HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP integration so you can have dynamic tabs and content. Also it's fully compatible with  64-bit Dreamweaver CC and runs smoothly. These and many more you can check out in the full list below. Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!

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