DMXzone Font Awesome with 40 New Icons

One of our most amazing free extension received great improvement and a new version today. Our beloved DMXzone Font Awesome is not only supplied with the new 4.3 Font Awesome but also comes with 40 shiny new icons to use in your designs. In addition, our developers made some improvements on the Dreamweaver floating panel and now it's super easy to pick and use any of its icons. Make sure to check out our latest showcase, which features this great extension.

Design Inspiration That You Need Today

If you need a little bit of inspiration on what to do with our newly released Responsive Mobile Device Template 2 & Kit, we just created an amazing showcase to give you an idea or two. The one page design features stunning preview of the images in a slideshow, great navigation and a location map so make sure to check it out.

Meet Responsive Mobile Device Template 2

If you missed our latest release you should definitely check it out as we included it in the Easter Sale templates selection, which received an additional discount. The Responsive Mobile Device Template 2 is an excellent choice if you are looking to make simple but well organized page for your clients. Thanks to the fluid grid layout it will fit any mobile device. It's really easy to customize so you can use it on multiple projects. Al we packed the template with the required extensions in the Responsive Mobile Device Kit 2.

Enjoy Paaspop Festival with the Power of DMXzone

Paaspop is the first music festival of the Dutch festival season, which starts tomorrow and gathers music fans from around the world for a 3 day madness on 12 different stages. No matter what type of music you like, Paaspop has it all and offers anything from rock to hiphop, house to theatre and pop to metal.  We were asked to create a stunning image gallery, where world-famous photographers like Mike Breeuwer can present their amazing photos from the festival, and the result is awesome. Using DMXzone Supersized and File Genie PHP/ASP extensions our most talented web guru Teodor, designed a full screen gallery, which looks great on any desktop browser and mobile device, and is supplied directly with images, thanks to Flickfeeder, where the awesome photographers are plugged in Live.

Make sure to check during the weekend to see all those amazing photos popping up!

Easter Sale Starts Today!

Today we give our annual Easter Sale a start and until 8 April you can get any DMXzone extension or template with 20% discount. Additionally, we added more than 50% discount on selected templates so make sure to check the section and save big. Keep in mind that the multiple purchase discount also applies and do not forget to add the promo code in your shopping cart upon checkout.

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20% discount on extensions and templates

*Subscriptions are not part of the sale

Bootstrap 3 Family Meets Lightbox 2 in an Awesome Showcase

For today's showcase we used DMXzone Lightbox 2, which allowed us to combine our images and when clicked on the view gallery button, they open in a stylish popup for preview. In addition we used the DMXzone Bootstrap 3 pack of tools for the responsive layout, navigation and the page content, nicely wrapped in the DMXzone Bootswatch sandstone theme. The DMXzone Lightbox 2 extension is currently on sale until next Wednesday with 20% discount.

Bootstrap 3 Extensions Come with New Powers

DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Navigation and Elements received another power boost and we're happy to announce that the new versions feature the latest Bootstrap 3.3.4, 62 new glyphicons, updated inspector floaters in Dreamweaver, and other improvements. In addition DMXzone Bootswatch's themes have been also updated, an improvement with Paper, which brought the material design's principles of transformation and movements to Bootstrap. Best of all, Paper’s animations are implemented in pure CSS, meaning no custom markup or JS is needed. Make sure to check out our latest Material Design Dashboard showcase, which features the whole DMXzone Bootstrap 3 family as well as our recently released DMXzone Lightbox 2.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Lightbox 2 so hurry up if you still don't have it!

Design Inspiration with Bootstrap 3 Starter Kit

Last week we released this incredible Bootstrap 3 Starter Template, which is so easy to customize and lets you reuse any of the 6 content blocks plus header and a footer. For this showcase we used it along with the required DMXzone extensions to built a beautiful, fully responsive resort page with awesome images and fixed to top navigation.

Until Wednesday DMXzone Bootstrap 3 is on sale so hurry up and get it cheaper if you still don't have it. 

What You Missed This Week

It's time for our weekly content summary where you can see all our releases and announcements from the past few days. We released an awesome and free Bootstrap 3 Starter Template, which contains 3 pages, skeleton index, index navbar with fixed top and index navbar with static top. Also we announced our upcoming and future extension released, and also the highlight of the season, the upcoming DMXzone Connect tool. More you'll find in the list below so stay tuned.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Bootstrap 3 with discount so hurry up! 

Bootstrap 3 Starter Template Released and for Free

Due to the many requests that we received from you recently, we've decided to pack an amazing Bootstrap 3 Starter Template and make it available for everyone and for free. It is everything you need to get started with the Bootstrap 3 extensions or simply make your work with them easier. The template contains 3 pages, skeleton index, index navbar with fixed top and index navbar with static top. It includes 6 content block plus header and a footer which can be customized and reused. The layout is fully responsive and looks amazing on any desktop browser or mobile device. If you still don't have the Bootstrap 3 extensions you should check the Bootstrap 3 Starter Kit.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Bootstrap 3 with discount so hurry up!

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