Upload and Share MP3 Files on Our Music Flyer!

Pure PHP Upload 2 offers a one click upload to the server and today it comes with great improvements for checks and reliability for even smoother upload. If you're not familiar with this DMXzone extension you might want to check out the great demo we've created and upload your own songs to the flyer to see how it works on the web!

Upcoming Review: Dell Streak 5" Widescreen Tablet

Thanks to Dell we have a new Android-based pocket tablet to review in great detail. The Dell Streak 5" Widescreen Tablet includes the Stage User Interface and a collection of widgets that bring your content such as music, photos and email to your home screen. It even includes Flash support for the full mobile Web experience.

What You Missed This Week
For our busy friends, who don't manage to follow us every day, here is a list with the new stuff , published this week. Again, we have a new extension called HTML5 Video Player, beautiful showcases, premium articles and a book review plus give-away competition!
Sliding Catalog with HTML5 Video Player

Once you had the final version of the newly released HTML5 Video Player, we start creating awesome showcases combining some of our greatest Dreamweaver extensions. Today, we have the Sliding Menu in collaboration with the HTML5 Video Player, which will show you how to catalog your movies in a beautiful menu list.

Creative Suite 5 Bible Book Winners!

Another week of competition has passed away and today we're ready to award 5 of our users with a free copy of the Adobe Creative Suite Bible book. If you missed this amazing read, which learns you how to understand the design and productivity features available in all the CS5 programs, keep on checking us daily because we have more fantastic books coming soon.

HTML5 Video Player Released!

Today, we're ready to share the future of web video players - the HTML5 Video Player Dreamweaver extension! After many weeks we finally have it packed with some amazing features that you can't resist. Cross-browser compatibility, iPhone/iPad compatibility, supplied skins, videos from recordset and playlist support are just few among all of the goodies in it.

On Focus: Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5

We have a new stunning training review on the agenda brought by the Class On Demand company. Class On Demand is well known of its professional choice for video-based training and with the Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 they developed a perfect learning resource that gives beginners and experienced users a core overview of Adobe Photoshop CS5. In this training, you will find seven sections which each focused on different aspects that are essential for visual designers to get started with print, video and web-based projects.

The review will be coming very soon and Class on Demand is providing two free licenses to give away to two lucky winners.

More Awesome Features Come to HTML5 Video Player

Two days before the official release of HTML5 Video Player our developer keep on adding more and more features to this fantastic Dreamweaver extension. It's extremely easy to implement an HTML5 Video Player in your website, using the HTML5 Video Player user interface and today we'll show you how it looks like.

HTML5 Video Encoding in a Single Click!

Today, different devices and browsers require different video codecs and screen sizes require a video to be converted into to many different formats and sizes. Vid.ly gives you the opportunity to receive an unique URL that will play your video absolutely everywhere. It converts the video into dozens of video formats and sizes, which will be amazingly useful once we release the HTML5 Video Player this week, because we have a built-in support for it.

What You Missed This Week

We continue to deliver great new extensions and content as well as presents every day for each one of you. Therefore, look at the cool stuff we brought you this week.

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