What We Read This Week - Adobe Creative Suite 5 Bible

Do you remember Wiley's Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Bible we reviewed few weeks ago? Well, today we have a new book in our hands Adobe Creative Suite 5 Bible! What better way to improve your designer skills than having all Adobe Creative Suite's programs packed together in a fantastic guidance.

What You Missed This Week
Another week of awesome content has come and gone away, and for all of you, busy folks that missed it, here's the weekly summary of all the stuff we published. Make sure that you check out our newly released Sliding Menu & HTML5 MP3 Player bundle and join our competition to win a free copy of the Return on Engagement book.
Stay Up to Date in Fashion Trends with DMXzone

Just before the weekend we have one more inspiring showcase for you. It's a great start if you have an online shop on your work list. Pretty soon we will also have the complete Template ready to be downloaded from our Templates section. Until then you can check out all the other templates that are already done!

Advanced CSS Animator Reloaded

The last extension, our developers have been working on this week is our favorite animation tool - Advanced CSS Animator. Along with all the improvements that they did it also comes with a beautiful demo, which shows how easy it is to animate a layout, and a video to guide you through the process of animating color of HTML5 elements.

Feed Genie Reviewed and Updated

If you manage tons of pages, which content you need to display on a separate Web site, all you need is our Dreamweaver jewel - the Feed Genie. Supplied with feeds for the most popular pages, such as: Flickr, Last.FM, Picasa, WordPress, Youtube and Twitter, it's a great tool for your daily design work. Our friend Guenter Schenk has written an amazing review for the Feed Genie extension, which will bring more light to it's functionality and possibilities. 

New DMXzone Updater Up and Running!

The long awaited new version of the DMXzone Updater is here! For those of you that are not familiar with this free extension, its main functionality is to keep your DMXzone extension up-to-date and with the latest update. You can even download and install them directly within Dreamweaver! No need to go to DMXzone.com and download them separately.

Sliding Menu meets HTML5 MP3 Player

What better way to present your MP3 playlists than designing them in an iPhone/iPod like menu? Now, you can do that easily with the Sliding Menu & HTML5 MP3 Player bundle. It combines both extensions and to make it even easier we've created a fantastic demo to show you how great it looks even on your mobile. Additionally, there is also a video to guide you through the process of designing the demo. Check out the Sliding Menu & HTML5 MP3 Player bundle and see for yourself!

DMXzone Releases its Universal CSS Transforms Library to Open Source

Universal CSS Transforms library has been used successfully in many DMXzone Dreamweaver Extensions like Advanced CSS Animator and Universal CSS Transforms effects. We thought it is time to do something good back to the jQuery community so we released the code as Open Source jQuery library. Now every jQuery user can profit from having Universal CSS Transformations and use those fully cross browser - all the jQuery way!

Bring Your Digital Marketing to a Higher Level
No matter how good you're in developing products, software or anything that you're willing to sell, what you need is at least average knowledge in Digital Marketing so you can promote your brands to reach customers. And what can be a better help than the last book from Focal Press - Return on Engagement, which is now fully reviewed and with more luck a copy of it can be yours. Read the mini-review, along with the book sample and join our competition until 19th of January, 2011.
Review: BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slider Phone

We start off with our very first smartphone review. The BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slider Phone is our first product that we will investigate in a general overview, web support and detailed specifications. We hope that we will introduce you a whole new way of providing information about the latest smartphones, tablets and maybe other gadgets in the future.

Read the full review!

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