What You Missed This Week
Here you can read our weekly summary of the recent extension updates, book reviews and competitions. We've updated almost the whole Advanced HTML Editor 3 family, DMXzone Nivo Slider and Smart Image Processor ASP/PHP 2 with some great improvements.
Mini-review & Competition: Photoshop Curves Workshop

This week we have an amazing review that will be extremely useful to all the photographers who want to understand the concepts behind every aspect of the Curves adjustment in Photoshop. If you want to learn more about it check out our Mini-review & Competition: Photoshop Curves Workshop and join the competition so that you'll have the chance to win one of the 3 free coupons for this video workshop provided by Video2brain.

Nivo Slider for Advanced HTML Editor 3 is Here!

The waiting is over - DMXzone Nivo Slider is already updated and can be used as an Add-on for our most popular Advanced HTML Editor 3! Supplied with the latest jQuery 1.6.3 and other useful improvements, this Dreamweaver extension is the next great addition to your editor. Check out the great demo we've built, where you can test it live, as well as our video tutorials on how to use it. It's up to decide whether to use is as an Add-on or as a regular Dreamweaver extension.

Note that this update is free for all existing DMXzone Nivo Slider users.

The Adv HTML Editor 3 Family Gets More Power

With the release of the updated DMXzone Nivo Slider, we also updated almost the whole Advanced HTML Editor 3 family. The editor comes with great Nivo Slider integration, find and replace functionality, new short-cut keys, DMXzone Lightbox support for links and more. Below you will find a full list of what's new in the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and the Add-ons.

Smart Image Processors ASP/PHP 2 with Great New Functionality

A day before the official release of the updated DMXzone Nivo Slider, which you will be able to use also as an Add-on in the Advanced HTML Editor 3, we also have brand new versions of the Smart Image Processor ASP/PHP 2! We've added a great new functionality when used with the Advanced HTML Editor 3, called Crop to Fit and it makes all the images exact size.

Adobe MAX 2011 - Touch Apps Redefine Creative Software

At its MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe announced Touch Apps, a family of six, intuitive touch screen applications, designed for Android tablets and Apple iPad that enable anyone to explore ideas and present their creativity anytime, anywhere. Inspired by Adobe CS software, these stunning new apps bring professional-level creativity to millions of tablet users. The apps address multiple areas of the creative process: image editing; ideation; sketching; mood boards; website and mobile app prototyping; and presenting finished work. They are headlined by Photoshop Touch, a groundbreaking app that brings the legendary creative and image-editing power of Photoshop to tablet devices for the first time.

Nivo Slider for Adv HTML Editor 3 Features in Detail

With the upcoming release of the new version of DMXzone Nivo Slider, this Wednesday, you will have the chance to use it fully integrated into the Advanced HTML Editor 3. When working with it you will be able to create fantastic image sliders with just a few clicks, directly in your editor. Fully manageable online, you can customize them at any point to fit your website design. With multiple sources to upload your images from (File Manager Add-on, Image Gallery Add-on or directly from the computer) the Nivo Slider promises to become an irreplaceable part of the Advanced HTML Editor 3.

Stay tuned for our new fascinating DMXzone Nivo Slider this Wednesday. The update will be free for the users that already own it.

What We Read This Week: How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer 2

We're starting the week with another great and very helpful book from our friends from Rockable Press called How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer 2 by Rohan Mehta! DMXzone will offer you a full review of the e-book as well as a competition, where you can join and win one of the free copies Rockable Press are giving away!

What You Missed This Week

Here's our weekly summary that covers all the updated extensions, premium content, and upcoming stuff. If you still haven't checked it yet, now it's a great time because it contains many special discount offers!

Nivo Slider Joins Forces with Advanced HTML Editor 3

Our highly rated DMXzone Nivo Slider is getting even more powerful. Our developers have been working on integrating it into the amazing Advanced HTML Editor 3 and next week it will be available in its full potential. With the updated version you'll be able to manage the Nivo Slider directly online in the Advanced HTML Editor 3, pick up images for it from your File Manager Add-on, Image Gallery Add-on or upload them instantly!

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