960 Grid System 2.0 Released and for Free!

Today, our developers brought DMXzone's most popular free Dreamweaver extension - the 960 Grid System to a whole new level by extending the grid columns support. Not only you can have mixed 12 and 16 column grids, now the extension also supports standalone 12, 16 and even 24 column grids.

This 960 Grid System is available for download in our Free extensions section on DMXzone!

Manage Your MP3 Playlists Online
If you own a music website or you are about to create one, this week's release will be in great help. The Online HTML5 MP3 Management bundle allows you to edit your MP3 playlist directly from the browser. We have 2 amazing extensions and 3 add-ons that will do that for you so check out the demo and video how to work with them. This bundle package comes with the amazing 50% discount so it's a great deal!
HTML5 MP3 Player with the Latest SoundManager2 and on Sale!

Cross browser HTML5 music is getting even better with the HTML5 MP3 Player 1.0.7 that includes the latest SoundManager2! In this update we also included some fixes for the title not updating, dynamic data browse and more. If you still don't have this awesome Dreamweaver extension, now you can get it with over 25% discount until next Wednesday.

Mini-review & Competition: Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development

If you are a developer interested in creating cross-platform mobile applications, Apress' Pro Smartphone Cross-platform Development is just the book you need. In this week's mini-review you'll find very useful information about the content and also join our competition to win one of the free copies we give away.

What We Read This Week: 3D for Graphic Designers

The trend in graphic design is towards 3D, with the demand for motion graphics, animation, photorealism, and interactivity rapidly increasing. And with the meteoric rise of iPads, smartphones, and other interactive devices, the design landscape is changing faster than ever. 2D digital artists who need a quick and efficient way to join this brave new world will want 3D for Graphic Designers.

Readers get hands-on basic training in working in the 3D space, including product design, industrial design and visualization, modeling, animation, lighting, and rendering all the skills necessary in today's competitive environment.

What You Missed This Week

This week, we've released the all new extension for Dreamweaver, DMXzone Twitter Widget. Explore all of the options that we made available for you in the detailed overview and the video tutorial on how to use it! Create an amazing and unique Twitter Widget on your site and share everything that is important for you with all your users in real-time! We're sure you'll like it so don't miss our New product sale and get it now on the special price of €14/$20!

DMXzone Twitter Widget is Here!

We are happy to announce that our new Dreamweaver extension DMXzone Twitter Widget is officially released! Select one of the fantastic designs or edit them through the CSS, add header and footer, fetch the latest tweets from any specific user or a list of your choosing! You have all the options that you'll need to create an amazing Twitter Widget that will show your tweets in real-time and look fantastic on your site! It will save you a lot of time and enable you to share anything that is important for you with your users. Check out the demo that we've built, where you can see its great website integration, as well as the useful video tutorial on how to use it!

For a week you can save big with our Blitz sale, so be quick and get our new DMXzone Twitter Widget on the special price of €14/$20!

DMXzone Twitter Widget In Action

As you've already seen the user friendly interface of our new DMXzone Twitter Widget, today we'll show you how it works in the browser. Explore all the options that will be available within this great extension and preview the stylish collection of designs that we've prepared for you!

Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!

DMXzone Twitter Widget Features in Detail

Today we have more DMXzone Twitter Widget features to share with you, as development continues. Our new Dreamweaver extension, Twitter Widget, which is coming this Wednesday, displays your tweets on a web page in real time. You'll be able to create a custom widget with tweets from any source of your choosing and customize its size, refresh interval, design, and the text fields to perfectly fit your website design as well as the ideas that you want to share.

If you are eager to learn how it'll work you can find a list of the major features below. Stay tuned for more details regarding the release of our new DMXzone Twitter Widget this Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

This week, we've updated our Ajax AutoComplete  and Pure ASP Upload 3 with many new improvements and put on sale with 50% discount the  Pure ASP Upload 3 and the Pure PHP Upload 2. Last but not least we offer 3 free E-books on our Facebook page. If you still haven't downloaded them visit our blog post and learn how to do it.

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