Mini-review & Competiton: Photoshop CS5 Essential Skills

Master Photoshop CS5 project-by-project! Using a celebrated combination of real world examples, step-by-step projects and professional advice, two internationally recognized authors and Adobe Photoshop Ambassadors guide you through this powerful software package so you can start creating your own works of art in no time.

Upcoming HTML5 Slideshow and Flash MP3 Player Bundle

New forces bundle their powers! We will bring you the HTML5 Slideshow & Flash MP3 Player Bundle, which is very useful to add more value to your projects. Bring your photos to life with HTML5 Slideshow and easily put sounds and music with Flash MP3 Player.

DMXzone Newsletter Comes with Gifts

Today we're starting our haunted Halloween week at the DMXzone. As most of you already know, we send a weekly newsletter on Wednesday that contains a summary of our content, the best offers and the new releases. If you still haven't subscribe, now it's the perfect time to do it, because our friends from Vandelay Premier have a gift for you. Only in the weekly mailing you'll find an unique link where you can download vectors, brushes, PSDs and more - absolutely for free.

What You Missed This Week

It's Friday and that's the day we summarize all the hot topics from the past week, packed in a nice list for your review.

Dig Out the Hidden Powers Of Spry

It is possible that you heard of Spry and we are pleased to guide you through the Spry universe. Spry is a JavaScript-based framework that enables the rapid development of Ajax-powered web pages.

Twitter on Focus!

Since Twitter launched its major changes on the layout, which are still not accessible for all users, others already have experienced it fully. In her last article, Linda Goin explores it and also shows the new features, so check out Twitter: An old friend dresses up for Halloween.

Present Your Movies In Your Own YouTube Visual Interface!
Are you bored with the regular YouTube layout and want to give it your own touch? Today we present a small showcase that hopefully inspires you to create your own YouTube visual interface, welcome to our own DMXzone Tube!
Feed Genie & Paginator Bundle PHP Is Out Now!
With the Feed Genie & Paginator Bundle PHP you will be able to build a cool page navigation on your site and display your favorite feeds. Grab the Feed Genie and supply you website with latest images, videos or information and install the Paginator for the easiest access through the result pages.
Building a Photography Website feeded by Picasa

So, you have made a great website for photographer friend, but then he wants to add more and more photos and keeps calling you for maintenance! How do you let him update the website on his own? Well just let him use Picasa and make the website pull the photos directly from there!

Feed Genie Reborn and Released!

For those of you that can wait to put a hand on our newly released Feed Genie, here it is! As we mentioned yesterday, it combines both the ASP and the PHP versions, so you can use it for your PHP and ASP projects. Explore all the demos and videos that we've created to find the easiest way to use this powerful extension!

If you already own the previous release called Feed Genie ASP, all you can do is simply download the new one (free of charge), uninstall the Feed Genie ASP and install the Feed Genie.

You can also check out how we've combined Feed Genie and DMXzone Paginator PHP in a cool bundle.

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