Three HTML5 Extensions Updated

We've updated three members of our HTML5 family. HTML5 MP3 Player, HTML5 Slideshow and the HTML5 Image Enhancer are all having the latest jQuery 1.6.3 included plus lots of other improvements each. For a limited time period, until next Wednesday you can get these extensions cheaper. Owners of the extensions can update their copies for free! We also have two comprehensive Use Cases with Beautiful HTML5 Solutions to help you think of a project. Stay tuned, because we will release another three updated versions of HTML5 extensions tomorrow!

Special Ten Ton Books Offers for DMXzone Members

Ten Ton produces top quality software training products, helping users worldwide increase their web design and software skills. They where so kind to provide two amazing offers to all the DMXzone users, so if you're a DMXzone user, take your gifts right now!

What We Read This Week: Introducing Zbrush 4
This week we have a great book called Introducing Zbrush 4, which we received from Wiley. The book includes a DVD with example files and models to help guide you through each lesson, as well as movies to show you the sculpting techniques used to create many of the digital sculptures. Stay tuned for the full review and competition next week!
What You Missed This Week

We end this week with a summary of all the extensions updates, reviews and competitions. We've updated DMXzone Lightbox, CSS Image Gallery, Sliding Billboard and Sliding Panels with the latest version of jQuery, along with more improvements. Stay tuned next week, because we will continue our updating spree with six Dreamweaver extensions!

Photoshop Without Photographs Winners

We have free access coupons for 3 lucky winners that joined our competition: Photoshop Without Photographs. If you missed this amazing course from Video2Brain it's in our Reviews section along with some other fantastic and useful books, mobile devices and online trainings.

Lightbox and CSS Image Gallery Updates

The second pair of extensions that has been packed with the latest jQuery are the most popular DMXzone Lightbox and the CSS Image Gallery. We've also optimized them with many other improvements and fixes, which are available in full list so you can check out what we've done with both tools.

Sliding Bilboard and Panels Come with the Latest jQuery!

With the official release of jQuery 1.6+, we have several extensions that have been updated with it in order to increase their performance significantly. Today, we have the Sliding Panels and Sliding Billboard ready and both include the latest jQuery, along with other great improvements. Check out the full update logs below!

Mini-review & Competition: Creating 3d Game Art for the iPhone with Unity

We have our review for the Creating 3d Game Art for the iPhone with Unity book ready in our Reviews section, where you can read it and join the competition. This will give you the chance to win one of the 5 free books, Focal Press are giving away for the DMXzone users.

Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts Winners

The competition of Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts is over and we have 5 winners, who will receive the training DVD on their doorsteps. If you missed our mini-review you can still check it out in the reviews section.

What We Read This Week: Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development
Learn the theory behind cross-platform development, and put the theory into practice with code using the invaluable information presented in this book. With in-depth coverage of development and distribution techniques for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android, you’ll learn the native approach to working with each of these platforms. Full review of the book you will able to read next week, when we'll also have a great competition, where you can win one of the five free e-books, which Apress are giving away.
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