50% Off For 48 Hours On Advanced HTML Editor 3!

In addition to the updated Advanced HTML Editor 3 you can save big with our Blitz Sale! Now it is the time to get the Advanced HTML Editor 3 with 50% off for the next 48 hours, so be quick and get the extension cheaper! Once the Blitz Sale is over we will continue with the Normal sale until Wednesday, as usual, but on a different price.

Advanced HTML Editor 3.1 Released With Major Improvements!

Proudly we present you one of the fastest and most comprehensive content editors on the market! The famous Advanced HTML Editor 3 is amazingly improved in speed and performance as well as the enormous value adding Add-ons. Still not convinced? Check out the amazing features in the 9 Demos and 16 Videos we've created so far!

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Performance Boost with more than 300%!

Our developers have been working on a major update of our Advanced HTML Editor 3 extension and its Add-on Arsenal to be much faster and quickly ready to use! Let us show you how we incrementally decreased the file size, overall loading and downloading times for the best user experience in all famous browsers. It's even faster than many of the best WYSIWYG-editors on the market. Get ready for the best content editor solution there is!

Review: BlackBerry PlayBook

We had it already announced, the BlackBerry PlayBook! It's simple, neat, slick and maybe the world's first professional-grade tablet. You better check the detailed BlackBerry PlayBook review and let us know what you think about this tablet!

Mini-review & Competition: WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization

We have our review for the WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization book ready in our Reviews section, where you can read it and join the competition. This will give you the chance to win one of the 5 free e-books, Packt Publishing are giving away for the DMXzone users.

What You Missed This Week
Finally the Google Maps Directions Add-on has been released! Everybody can get their copy of this amazing add-on, which extends the power of the DMXzone Google Maps and the Ajax AutoComplete extension. All these extensions are packed in a discount Google Maps Directions Bundle. We've made a bunch of videos and demos to show you its huge effort as well. Last but not least, we have new tablet and books reviews in the making, so check out the previews to know what's coming!
Find The Nearest Hotspot On Your Location

We recently released the Google Maps Directions Add-on, which is a great addition to the DMXzone Google Maps extension. With this new Live Demo we demonstrate how you are able to find the nearest attraction while you are behind a computer or on the go with your mobile device!

Upcoming Review: BlackBerry PlayBook

Thanks to Research In Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry product line, we have the first BlackBerry Tablet to review! The BlackBerry PlayBook's browser is an extremely well eye-catcher and can be compared with a desktop browser. The review is in de making and will be posted very soon.

Google Maps Directions Add-on Live and Bundled

Here it is! Meet our newest addition to the DMXzone Google Maps and Ajax AutoComplete extensions - the Google Maps Directions Add-on. If you still don't have any of the extensions we also packed them in a discount Google Maps Directions Bundle. Check out the amazing features as well as the demos and videos we've created with all 3 extensions!

for the next 48 hours you can save big with our Blitz sale, so be quick and get the Google Maps Directions Add-on cheaper!

Google Maps Directions Add-on In Action

You've seen the features, you've seen the user friendly and extremely helpful interface, now we will show you how it works in the browser and give you the opportunity to look into some of the features, packed in this Dreamweaver extension!

Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow and be quick to get the Google Maps Directions Add-on cheaper!

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