Launching DMXzone Dreamweaver Templates Section

Recently we introduced that we will launch our new DMXzone section, the DMXzone Dreamweaver Templates Section! And here we go! We decided to bring DMXzone to a whole new level and let users create complete websites a lot easier. Portfolio, Blog, (non-)Commercial, anything is possible and if we say anything, we mean anything. 30-Day Gift Subscription Winners!

In a blogpost about WordPress meets Dreamweaver, author Joseph Lowery showed us how to create websites using WordPress and Dreamweaver together.

Linked to this post, provided us 3 x 1 month Online Training Library Certificates, to give away to our newsletter subscribers. The three fortunate winners are picked out, so let the kettledrums tremble.

960 Grid System Dreamweaver Extension Comes for Free!

We've talked a lot about the 960 Grid System recently and finally we can announce that the Dreamweaver extension is ready to be released tomorrow! The premise of the system is ideally suited to rapid prototyping, but it would work equally well when integrated into a production environment. In simple words it means that with the 960 Grid System you will be able to create Websites layout in few minutes.

Become a Dreamweaver CS5 God

As promised last week, today you can read the full review of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Bible book and join our competition to win one of the free copies Wiley are giving away! Dreamweaver is truly a tool designed by Web developers for Web developers. Designed from the ground up to work the way professional Web designers do, it speeds site construction and streamlines site maintenance.

DMXzone Dreamweaver Templates Section On Its Way!

Since we develop so many Dreamweaver extensions, we thought it's time to start creating complete solutions for Websites -Dreamweaver Templates. DMXzone is working on a new section, which will be online really soon.

What You Missed This Week?

For our busy friends, who don't manage to follow us every day, here is a list with the new stuff , published this week. Again, we have beautiful showcases, premium articles, new bundle and some interesting books, which we're reading recently.

Building an Air Show Website

Today, we have another cool and simple Website design without any fancy enhancements. We've combined 3 DMXzone extensions in order to create it and it's very easy to build.

Photoshop CS5 - Essential Skills Book Winners!

For all of you that read last week's mini-review of Photoshop CS5 - Essential Skills and joined our competition, this blog post is for you. Today, as promised, we will announce our 5 lucky winners, who will put a hand on a free copy of the book, which is provided by Focal Press.

WordPress Goodies You Might Want to Read

Even though we're focused on Adobe Dreamweaver we always keep on eye on what's going on in the Web design/Developer world. This week we concentrate on WordPress, as it's one of the fastest growing platforms nowadays. Whether you're acquainted with it or not, here are some sources that will help you.

Internet Explorer 9 will Fall for the Advanced CSS Animator

We got so excited when we found out that the sixth Internet Explorer 9 platform comes with CSS3 2D Transforms! The built-in support will bring you the smoothest native animations you can ever imagine in an IE browser without the need of any dirty hacks. Our first move was to test the Advanced CSS Animator extension, which performs amazingly.

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