Ajax Image Upload with Progressbar and Drag & Drop Integrated

Until we finetune our Advanced HTML Editor 3 we will continue to show you the great features available in the 3rd version of this amazing online content editor. Today, we will give you more details on the image uploading, resizing and live editing and all the possibilities with the help of our Pure PHP2 /ASP Upload 3 and Smart Image Processor PHP/ASP 2.

Mini-review & Competition: White Space is Not Your Enemy

We have our review ready for the amazing White Space is Not Your Enemy - A beginner's guide to communicating visually through graphic, web and multimedia design. This beautifully illustrated, full-color book covers the basics to help you develop your eye and produce attractive work. You can also join our competition and win a free copy of the book by answering a simple question, available in our review!

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Is Coming Soon!

The time has come to unveil one of the best kept secrets from our developers and share the future release of our full-featured and extremely easy to use Advanced HTML Editor 3, which will be available on DMXzone very soon. They've been working on rewriting the code from the ground up for the past 2 years and today, we will show you some of the new features packed in this Dreamweaver extension.

Create A Beautiful Ajax DataGrid In Minutes

With the amazing updated Ajax DataGrid extension you can create beautiful Ajax Grids in Dreamweaver. It allows you to select out one of the many table formatting options to fit the Grid perfectly in your site. The grid loads extremely fast due to Ajax technology that only loads the displayed data.

DMXzone Calendar Meets the Latest jQuery

One of our greatest Dreamweaver extensions - the DMXzone Calendar has been updated with the latest jQuery 1.4.4 and some awesome improvements. We also packed a stunning demo, where you can explore the features in this extension and which will show you how to present your important events to your users.

What You Missed This Week

It's Friday and that's the day we summarize all the hot topics from the past week, packed in a nice list for your review. We updated a lot of our fine Dreamweaver Extensions and reviewed the Nokia N8 smarthphone, so check out the summary to be sure you didn't miss anything.

Review: Nokia N8 Smartphone

Film, edit and test your high-definition masterpieces and share them with the rest of the world. The Nokia N8 is the first Symbian^3 smartphone which let you enjoy more than 250 excellent new features such as HD-video playback on your compatible widescreen TV and organize your social life on three home screens. Multitasking is easy with the new visual task manager and so is the scroll through opened applications within a single click. But is it also good for the Web? Read the review and find out!

PHP File Upload In Seconds

PHP File Upload 2 is improved to work with all the previous versions of the uploader! It's easy uploading files via a form and saving the rest of the fields in the database with the full support for PHP5. This one-click upload solution provides the best service in a few seconds without any needed coding.

Online Shop with Amazing Image Presentation

We have two great updates today for our most popular DMXzone Lightbox and the CSS Image Gallery, which when combined bring stunning image presentations to any website you create. Both extensions are also available in a discount bundle called CSS Image Gallery & Lightbox Bundle in our Extensions section.

Fluid HTML5 MP3 Controls with Fish Eye Menu

For those of you that are tired of the regular navigation buttons, here's an idea how to make them look amazing in a Mac OS X fluid look with the latest versions of Fish Eye Menu and HTML5 MP3 Player. For your navigations you can use any image you like, instead of the boring text buttons and make them navigate your whole website components.

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