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From Photoshop to HTML E-book Winners

This week we have 5 lucky winners who will have the chance to learn how to slice their designs like a pro with From Photoshop to HTML E-book. If you missed this incredible book from Rockable Press you can still check out our review in the Reviews section.

What You Missed This Week!

This week's summary is all about the newest Image Gallery Add-on for the Advanced HTML Editor 3. We've created several helpful videos and demo to help you using the product. And with a new Easter-themed Dreamweaver template we would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Happy Easter Holidays from DMXzone

DMXzone teams is going to search for some eggs the next 4 days and wishes you happy holidays and a great time spend with friends and family. What better occasion than Easter to present you our latest free template that can give you the needed holiday look of your web shop. It's already available in our Templates section so go and download it.

Image Gallery Add-on for Adv HTML Editor 3 Released!

If you haven't experienced the power of the Image Gallery Add-on in the previous Advanced HTML Editor version, you'll have this great opportunity today, because we have a brand new and compatible with the Advanced HTML Editor 3. This time we don't have separate versions for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET so you can use it on any server you work. We made a few videos to see how to set it up and use it's amazing functionality as well as a great demo that you can test online on the supported browsers.

Store Your Images for Future Use in the Advanced HTML Editor 3

Through the release of the Image Gallery Add-on, we gave new strength to the required Advanced HTML Editor 3 as well. A new dialog tab is created to organize your add-ons in Dreamweaver, like the Online Page Editor Add-on and of course the Image Gallery Add-on. The Advanced HTML Editor 3 & Image Gallery Add-on Bundle is ready to be yours.

Which Is The Best Content Editing Timesaver?

It takes precious time helping you clients with content changes. Especially when editing content is not that hard to do it by themselves. In Best Practices to let your clients edit their websites, we reviewed the most dominating and reliable content editing solutions on the market, encountering the best offer for your clients to manage.

Learn Dreamweaver CS5 in Less than 9 Hours with Infinite Skills

In this week's review we're taking a closer look at Infinite Skills Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial Training, which is for everyone that wants to learn how to work with Dreamweaver CS5. Packed in almost 9 hours of video and authored by professor Andy Anderson, it is a quick and affordable way to get up to speed on Dreamweaver CS5.

Upcoming Review: Nokia E7

Thanks to Nokia, we have the newest Nokia E7 in our hands. It is one of the first smartphones featuring Nokia's latest Clear Black Display and the last updated Symbian^3  browser. We are sure excited to test this phone with our extensions and see which improvements are made, compared to it's look-a-like N8.

What You Missed This Week!

New options are put into the Ajax AutoComplete! You can select an ID field for the autocomplete field and store it in a specific hidden field. To make it easy for you we bundled the extension with the Advanced HTML Editor 3 named the Ajax AutoComplete & HTML Editor 3 Bundle with a discount! The Online Page Editor Add-on is now also working on older PHP servers with some other new improvements. We posted a new book review of From Photoshop to HTML, with a competition attached to it and next week we will have a major release of the Image Gallery Add-on for the Advanced HTML Editor 3.

More Image Gallery Add-on Features Unveiled!

The soon to be released Image Gallery Add-on lets you organize your images in an Ajax based image gallery. Use it for quick and easy pick up within your Advanced HTML Editor 3. Fully integrated with Ajax multi upload and visual drag & drop, with just few clicks you can arrange your images in a great thumbnail gallery, zoom them for better preview and even delete whenever needed. And today, you can explore some more features that will be available in this Add-on.

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