Using Spry Data Set as a Source for HTML5 Slideshow

Spry data sets allow you to dynamically display related data throughout your entire website without having to rely on databases or server-side scripting. Dreamweaver makes building a Spry data set a relatively simple matter. You can build a Spry data set using an interface resembling a wizard that walks you through the process.

In our examples today, we will use the Spry data set as a source for our HTML5 Slideshow. Check out the demo with the final result and the video on how it's made!

Feed Genie discovers new grounds!

As many users already know, Feed Genie ASP is one of our finest extensions we’ve released not so long time ago. It has many hidden powers that you might not be aware of, so we will be posting more cases of great usages of the product.

Meet the new DMXzone Blog

This week, we've decided to rearrange DMXzone and now, you can enjoy the complete new DMXzone Blog! It will offer you detailed information about future releases, up-to-date specific features & highlights, and much more important, it is easier for you participate in the DMXzone community.

HTML5 Slideshow Teams Up with Feed Genie ASP

Starting today, we will try to supply you with as many demos and videos as possible to make your work with DMXzone extension easier than ever. Great showcases are coming in the next days from our developers to bring you the best user experience you can create with our products.

If you have any questions regarding the extensions, how the demos/videos have been created, or just have a small talk about anything regarding DMXzone, you can always contact Miro or Tedo on our Live Chat!

Major Update Coming Up - HTML5 Slideshow Gets Dynamic Power!

Because of the amazing feedback and many cases from our loyal users we are proud to release a new updated version of our HTML5 Slideshow, which will be available on Wednesday. This major update lets the user generate beautiful Photo Albums from Dynamic Sources.

Rob Nijkamp Joins the DMXzone Crew!

Today, we are proud to announce that we have a new crew member - Rob Nijkamp, who will conquer the marketing department to bring the DMXzone community at a great new level. Check out what he said when we welcomed him on board!

Feed Genie ASP Released!

Today, we proudly announce the official release of Feed Genie ASP. Getting you favorite feeds as Data Sources has never been easier. With our newest extension you can add the feed fields directly from the Data bindings panel to your page and any tag attributes as dynamic data!

If you're not an ASP user we'll have a PHP version very soon, so stay tuned!

Brian Wood Joins the DMXzone Premium Content Team

This week, we are really happy to announce our newest Premium Content writer - Brian Wood, who is a certified Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Instructor . He'll surprise you with the great videos he created for HTML5 Image Enhancer and HTML5 Slideshow. So check out this talent and get to know him better with all the other videos he created for Dreamweaver. 


HTML5 Image Enhancer Released!

Got bored of simple images? We have a great solution for you. DMXzone presents the HTML5 Image Enhancer, which brings you images to another level. Packed with real-time animation effects, reflections, gradients, image filters and transition, this extension will stun your users with fantastic customizable image borders with rounded corners and gradient colors, shadows, and even switchable filters on mouse over.

You don't need to worry about the Internet Explorer anymore, because we've made a special fall back method that uses Flash on browsers that don't support the HTML5 Canvas element.

DMXzone HTML5 Suite Released!

This week, DMXzone HTML5 Suite comes as an addition to the great DMXzone Suites Family (Designer Suite, ASP Technical Suite and PHP Technical Suite). The Suite contains the best HTML5 extensions we could ever possibly pack together in order to make your work as easier as possible. It's also 50% cheaper than buying all 9 extensions separately, so check it out and see for yourself!


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