DMXzone Paginator PHP Finds More Ways

Today, along with the Feed Genie release, we have many other great stuff and one of it is an updated version ot the DMXzone Paginator PHP. It has been optimized to work with Feed Genie so you can create multiple pages containing your favorite feeds and even open the full sizes images within DMXzone Lightbox.

DMXzone YouTube Channel

In case you didn’t noticed, DMXzone has its own YouTube Channel. The channel provides the fastest way to catch up of our latest video tutorials and reviews.

Our channel is a place where you can organize your favorite movies and debate with other Subscribers.

Uniting Feed Genie ASP And Feed Genie PHP
Not so long time ago we released Feed Genie ASP and this week we were supposed to bring you the PHP version. Instead, we've decided to offer you something much bigger! Just Feed Genie, both the ASP and the PHP will be packed together in a single extension, so you can use all the awesome features in your own needful way.
Upcoming Update HTML5 Image Enhancer
Tomorrow we are going to release a new version of the HTML5 Image Enhancer extension. This version contains new outstanding and innovative features such as full compatibility with Spry and optimized loading possibilities.
The Feed Genie Saga Continues

Since Feed Genie ASP has been released and with big success, our developers have been also working on the PHP version of this stunning extension, which will be released this Wednesday!

For the past three weeks, Feed Genie ASP showed our ASP users the benefits of having it and what beautiful work can be done in combination with Dreamweaver.

What We Read This Week - Photoshop CS5 Essential Skills

This week we have a great book called Photoshop CS5 - Essential skills, which we received from Focal Press, the company behind many Media Technology books and ebooks for over 60 years. Focal Press provides essential online resources for professionals and students in many areas including: film and digital video production, photography, digital imaging, graphics, animation and new media, broadcast and media distribution technologies, music recording and production, mass communications, and theater technology.

DMXzone Price Change Huge Success

Last week we sent out a mailing to all our loyal users about the major permanent Price Drop Off and we can tell you that we have received unbelievable positive and supportive response. We appreciate this greatly and proves that the DMXzone Family is better then ever!

What You Missed This Week

If you open DMXzone for the first time this week or you were too busy checking out all the new blog posts, premium content, extensions, etc., than this is the right place for you to be. Since we've started our blog in the beginning of the week, there were a lot of changes, improvements and releases.

What we'll do on Fridays will be to summarize all the hot topics from the past week, packed in a nice list for your review.

960 Grid - What Is It And How Handy It Is For CSS Layout

We noticed the wide usage of The 960 Grid System created by the great web developer Nathan Smith and put our developers on the task to create a quick and easy Dreamweaver Extension based on this amazing innovative system.

The usability gets a more visual tense so you can add/remove rows and columns directly in Dreamweaver.

HTML5 Slideshow Powers Up

As you all may know we've recently released a new updated version of our HTML5 Slideshow Extension for #dreamweaver. Now, it contains the possibility to generate beautiful Photo Albums from Dynamic Sources. Two of our finest Premium Content writers, Brian Wood and Teodor Kuduschiev, added new videos that will easily show you the benefits of this amazing extension.

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