What You Missed This Week

Another week has come and gone away, and on Friday we pack everything you might have missed during the week. New bundle, amazing new showcases with DMXzone extensions, free books and more are waiting on the list, so check them out.

Building a Hotel Website

Another collaboration with 3 of our finest Dreamweaver extensions. Fantastic presentation of images and easy navigation for fast preview of photos and information.

Building an Interior Design Home Page
Proving how good you're at your work has never been an easy job. Whether you're an interior or a web designer what impresses people is your portfolio. Today, we have a nice and really simple page that shows a collection of interior design, nicely put together with the help of 3 DMXzone extensions.
Fantastic Image Slideshow, Supported by Sound

There's nothing more impressive than having a great image slideshow and music on your website. To create such stunning combination, you need the HTML5 Sideshow & MP3 Player Bundle, which is already available in the Extensions section! Don't be scared and check out the demo and video we've packed in the spirit of our Halloween week.

Linda Goin Talks About PR Timing And Tuning

In this week's article, Linda shows how you can tune and time your PR to get the maximum results for your efforts. She takes you on a tour which shows that you have to become a guerilla at start, not a designer, to conduct a successful PR campaign.

Building a Photography Website Video Tutorial

Last week Teodor Kuduschiev (Tedo) created a stunning website combining 5 awesome DMXzone Extensions. The result was a Photography Website feeded by Picasa, which uses Feed Genie in order to pull photos from Picasa directly to the website and some more cool things. Today, will show you how you can do it yourself in two simple videos.

Mini-review & Competiton: Photoshop CS5 Essential Skills

Master Photoshop CS5 project-by-project! Using a celebrated combination of real world examples, step-by-step projects and professional advice, two internationally recognized authors and Adobe Photoshop Ambassadors guide you through this powerful software package so you can start creating your own works of art in no time.

Upcoming HTML5 Slideshow and Flash MP3 Player Bundle

New forces bundle their powers! We will bring you the HTML5 Slideshow & Flash MP3 Player Bundle, which is very useful to add more value to your projects. Bring your photos to life with HTML5 Slideshow and easily put sounds and music with Flash MP3 Player.

DMXzone Newsletter Comes with Gifts

Today we're starting our haunted Halloween week at the DMXzone. As most of you already know, we send a weekly newsletter on Wednesday that contains a summary of our content, the best offers and the new releases. If you still haven't subscribe, now it's the perfect time to do it, because our friends from Vandelay Premier have a gift for you. Only in the weekly mailing you'll find an unique link where you can download vectors, brushes, PSDs and more - absolutely for free.

What You Missed This Week

It's Friday and that's the day we summarize all the hot topics from the past week, packed in a nice list for your review.

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