What You Missed This Week

Check out our overview of all the past week's DMXzone updates. The Sliding Menu extension is updated with the latest jQuery and is working much faster now. We have added a new City Guide Mobile template to the Template Section. Last but not least we have a new premium article, featuring Pure ASP Upload 3 by James W. Threadgill.

City Guide Mobile Template

Today, we have another beautiful website design you can download for free from our Templates Section. Teodor Kuduschiev once again wrapped up an amazingly fast and clean, City Guide Mobile template, which is a perfect base for websites optimized for handheld devices such as iPhone. In this example, Teodor will show you how you can navigate through nearby places with the help of DMXzone Google Maps and Sliding Menu.

Get The Updated Sliding Menu With A Discount!

Turn your website into a iPhone like menu with sliding gestures for a smooth and innovating usage! We have updated the Sliding Menu extension with the latest jQuery 1.6.2., which means scrolling improvements and a better browser compatibility! Sliding Menu is on sale with a special discount until Wednesday. We've created a new live demo and video with a new use case and full support, which you can use for your own amazing projects!

Navigate Through the City on your Mobile

The mobile web might still be in its infancy, but why not taking advantage of it while on the go. With the increasing usage of smart phones and the numerous supported browsers mobile websites are the new trend. With couple of Dreamweaver extensions you can create on in just no time and today we'll show you how to do that in our City Guide demo and video tutorial.

Taking it to the Limit with Pure ASP Upload 3 Part 2

In this second part of James W. Threadgill's 'Taking it to the Limit with Pure ASP Upload 3.0' tutorials, he features the 'Multiple Images'. James will teach you how to delete multiple images—or delete a single image on a page with multiple images while setting the database field or fields to null by toggling the skip empty fields feature of Pure ASP Upload 3.

What We Read This Week: Build Mobile Websites and Apps

Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices is a practical guide for innovative front-end web designers and developers. You'll discover a fun and accessible approach to mobile web design and development, with enormous scope for opportunity. Make sure that you check out our mini-review next week, when SitePoint will give away 5 e-books in a competition!

What You Missed This Week
If you didn't have the time to follow us the whole week, here is a handy list with what we put out the last five days. We released the Google Maps & Lightbox Bundle which combines both of the finest Dreamweaver extensions. Also, we made a video and demo to show you how you can combine them. Last but not least, there are two new mini-reviews with competitions and a fresh member of the Dreamweaver Template section.
Put Your Café on the Map Template

We have a new and free Dreamweaver Template which is a café website with a beautiful sliding billboard of dishes. Your visitors can find the café in no time, thanks to the popping up Google Maps. The combination of Sliding Billboard, DMXzone Google Maps and DMXzone Lightbox is perfect for everyone who want to think of website for a café, restaurant, shop, club, just name it.

Mini-review & Competition: Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts

Let Ten Ton Books takes you through the world of floating layouts and learn how you'll have a lot more control over how your web pages are laid out. We’ll be giving away 5 copies of Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts Video Training by Geoff Blake from Ten Ton Books. Jump in for a quick description of the Video Course and join the giveaway!

Google Maps & Lightbox Bundle Released!

The DMXzone Summer Sale is almost over but we will continue to bring you high-quality extensions packages with great discounts and today we packed a Google Maps & Lightbox Bundle. With a single click you can add Lightbox functionality to any existing elements like images, links, forms or even your Google Maps. Check out the demo and video we created with both extensions to see how amazingly they work together!

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