DMXzone 10th Anniversary with Gifts Coming Soon!
Believe it or not but DMXzone is celebrating 10th anniversary this month - 10 years and going stronger! We never thought we would go that far, but here we are, doing what we like the most - bringing high-quality content and Dreamweaver extensions. Of course what kind of party will that be without surprises and because of that we have few coming up on Wednesday, when we'll officially celebrate our birthday. We'll have some amazing give aways and stunning sales.
Review: Dell Streak 5" Widescreen Tablet

Is it a tablet computer or a phone? No this is the Dell Streak 5". This mobile Internet device is Dell's latest flagship and it is rightly a nice device. The mini-tablet comes with a 5" screen which is very attractive for families, students and business users. In this review we will explain what's good and less good about the general purposes, its Froyo browser and of course our own extensions on the streak.

What You Missed This Week

Here is the weekly summary with all the new DMXzone stuff what you might have missed. It was for sure a week of extension updates and new astonishing HTML5 premium content. We will continue next week with much more product reviews and fresh and innovative extension related content like we always do.

Valentine's Day Shop Dreamweaver Template

For all the love birds Valentine's Day is all romantic, wine and gifts, but for web designers it means more work in order to bring the pink spirit to the website. And this is where our latest template comes to help. It will give you an idea how to create an amazing looking online shop that offers cuddle teddy bears, flowers and other Valentine's gifts. You still have couple of days more to use it for your work so just download it from our Templates section for free.

Full Manageable MP3 Player Video Series

Few days ago we showed you an amazing demo called A Full Manageable MP3 Player with Covers. Today, we have the full series of video tutorials that will help you recreate it yourself and follow the work in progress.

Launching DMXzone Reviews Section

Over the years we gathered a huge and amazing collection of Books and Product reviews and today we finally decided to make them more accessible to you by creating a whole new section called Reviews. It's already online and easier than ever to approach from our DMXzone navigation menu.

HTML5 MP3 Player Review by Paul Ogier

Paul Ogier from Outsource House took the time to review our recently released HTML5 MP3 Player and HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-On, and needless to say, we appreciate the good word he put for us. You can check the full review and see what he has to tell you about these two Dreamweaver extensions.

HTML5 Video Player Fuses Powers With Sliding Menu

On Friday we posted another great showcase called Sliding Catalog With HTML5 Video Player, combinding the HTML5 Video Player extension with the Sliding Menu. It looks so great that we've decided to pack them in a bundle. The HTML5 Video Player & Sliding Menu Bundle catalogs your content easily and brings superb navigation. This combination gives you the perfect tools to develop stunning presentation with dynamic video, audio and several other embedding options. Also check the video for a step-by-step tutorial.

New Feature: Spry Support for HTML5 MP3 Player

A Spry Data Set is a JavaScript object that you can use to display data from XML data source file on a web page. In other words a Spry Data Set lets you set up a website supplying interactive data to the user based on selections made while viewing the page. These dynamic pages display new data without refreshing the entire page and this is exactly what we did with the latest update (1.0.2) of HTML5 MP3 Player Dreamweaver extensions.

New Case: A Full Manageable MP3 Player with Covers
We brought the HTML5 MP3 Player to a whole new level! Today we created a full manageable player, where you can upload your covers and mp3s and play them on the web. Packed with amazing functionality such as validation for the formats of the images and mp3s, resize on upload and many many more, this player is what you should have on your website!
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