Mini-review & Competition: YUI 2.8: Learning the Library

For the next 7 days you'll have the opportunity to win a YUI 2.8: Learning the Library book, which is a tutorial, leading the reader first through the basics of the YUI library before moving on to more complex examples involving the YUI controls and utilities. So, check out the Mini-review and join our Competition!


HTML5 Slideshow Released!

Today, DMXzone announces the official release of HTML5 Slideshow for Dreamweaver, which comes with fantastic features.
Amazing Ken burns moving effect, HTML5 animations with canvas, CSS3 and jQuery, rich choice of slide transitions and many more make this extension so powerful! Bring your photos to life in a slideshow with cool looking navigation control, titles and decriptions. All this greatly integrated in Dreamweaver.



WordPress Heroes E-book Released!

Everything you need to run WordPress is included in this e-book, including links to find more information as you build your blog, CMS or group Web site(the latter capability comes with WordPress 3.0, which integrates WordPress MU, or Multi-User). You even get tips on how to write a blog. After all, Wordpress provides the secure platform for your site - you're the one who needs to make that blog succeed through great content and an eye on upgrades and secure templates and plugins.


Awesome Advanced CSS Animator Showcases!

We've added some more amazing Advanced CSS Animator Showcases to our collection! The never-ending  power of the extension is so overwhelming that we keep on finding new ways of using it, all that without any Flash!


DMXzone Extensions Go CS5 and Windows 7 Compatible!

With the official release of Dreamweaver CS5, we have updated all our extensions to be fully compatible with it! Also we have done some great improvements for the best user experience!

To take advantage of all this power - just download again the extensions you have from DMXzone and install them again. Note that the versions of the extensions haven't changed but you still need to download and install them again for full usage in Dreamweaver CS5.

Advanced CSS Animator Released!

Need full power and control of your CSS based animations? Awesome effects combined all together? Full Cross browser support and no Flash at all? The Advanced CSS Animator is the answer to your prayers!

With the Advanced CSS Animator you can animate virtually any CSS Property! Borders, colors, font sizes, position, opacity, apply CSS Transformations like rotate, skew, zoom and more! Use the supplied presets to choose from ready animations like fade in/out, expand, collapse, position in browser, paper spin, shake, blink or save your own CSS animations in a new preset!

Need more then one animation – well add as many as you wish! Those will be nicely added to the animation queue. You can run animations simultaneously, apply timing and easing and have a precise control of the animations queue! 

DMXzone Icon Finder(free extension) Released!

Quick and easy search and find cool icons directly from Dreamweaver! Powered by the amazing collection of you have now access to professionally designed icons in a click! Search and choose the icons you need and those will be automatically downloaded and copied directly into your site in Dreamweaver! No need for any cumbersome download, copy and paste any more!


Sliding Panels Released!

So you like the way iPad and iPhone work? Having great bouncing scrollable areas, minimalistic scrollbars, amazing sliding pages? Great gestures touch interfaces and stunning styles? Well you can have all that now on your regular browsers as well as touch devices with the new Sliding Panels extension from DMXzone!

Based on CSS and jQuery – fully cross browser, this extension offers support for native gestures on touch devices as well mouse gestures on regular browsers! Now you can scroll by swiping with your mouse on your browser or finger when using an iPad, iPhone or other touch device!

Divide your content in great looking pages that can be naturally slided left or right, with cool navigation and displayed in 15 styles! Every content page is fully visually editable in Dreamweaver so you can put any content in it!


Universal CSS Transforms: Flip(free extension) Released!

Got bored of your flat web pages and want some cool 3D flipping effects?  Meet the Universal CSS Transforms: Flip! This effect will allow you to flip any image or HTML content in an amazing 3D with a different one on its back! All with just CSS and jQuery - fully cross browser compatible! Control the flip animation by giving it speed and easing effect. Now you can finally create stunning animation effects without any Flash!


DMXzone Extensions Go iCompatible

We've just received a brand new iPad at the DMXzone office(we actually bought it but if Apple wants to send us another one, it's more than welcome). Today, we're excited to announce that we have our first iPad compatible DW extension - the Sliding Billboard! Now you can use gestures to fully navigate your Sliding Billboard with touch on the iPad or iPhone and with mouse sweeps on the regular computers. You can enable or disable this functionality with the new “Gestures” option on the Property Inspector.


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