Design Recipe: Mix Bootstrap 3 Collection and Animator

With the improved Bootstrap 3 family we continue to show you what you can do with these great tools. In today's showcase we used Bootstrap 3 Collection and the Advanced CSS Animator in order to create a beautiful page with animated show menu button which opens a vertical navigation with stacked nav inside on mouse click in the left sidebar.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation cheaper because they're on sale! All DMXzone Bootstrap extensions are also packed in the Bootstrap 3 Collection for additional discount.

Bootstrap 3 and its Components Greatly Improved

As we mentioned earlier this week, we have greatly improved version of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and its components and now we're ready to share them with you and their new powers. Support for the new responsive display modes for Bootstrap elements and adding Bootstrap includes for new pages through the Bootstrap 3 floating inspector are just a few of the new features that our developers included. Do not forget about the amazing new themes packed in the DMXzone Bootswatch extension.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation cheaper because they're on sale! All DMXzone Bootstrap extensions are also packed in the Bootstrap 3 Collection for additional discount.

Change Colors with Stunning Animation

Just a day before the official release of DMXzone Bootstrap 3.2.0, we have another awesome usage of DMXzone extensions to show you. For this showcase we designed an awesome car configuration page where we used HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP to connect to our database where our images are stored. Also we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements and Navigation for the great page layout, content and navigation. Last but not least the car color changes with the help of HTML5 Animate CSS and its fade in effect. 

What to Expect This Week

Our developers have been working on a number of great improvements for DMXzone Bootstrap 3, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation and of course their free add-on DMXzone Bootswatch extension. In today's designer showcase we'll give you a sneak preview of what to expect on Wednesday because we used one of the future included themes in DMXzone Bootswatch - the Sandstone. Check out the demo below and see how great this new theme looks on a page along all Bootstrap 3 tools and HTML5 Animate CSS.

If you still don't have these great Dreamweaver extension we have them nicely packed in the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, here's our Friday summery of DMXzone content that we released. Make sure to check out the amazing showcases we created using our recently released DMXzone Google Maps 2 and other great DMXzone tools. Also, we put out a fantastic pack of Dreamweaver extensions called Extended Dynamic Web Store Collection PHP/ASP. It's the ultimate collection for building dynamic web store with responsive layout and full shopping experience.

Extended Dynamic Web Store Collection

Extended Dynamic Web Store Collection PHP/ASP is an amazing collection of Dreamweaver extensions that allows you to build dynamic web apps and interactive pages. With it you can connect to any well known or custom database via a built-in connection wizard where you can define and manage your connections. Design CSS based, responsive web layouts and deliver full shopping experience. Empower full featured Google Maps and Geo Location services, implement beautiful CSS animations and many more.

Search Flickr Photos with Geo Location

We have another great demo page to show you today where you can use a search field in order to look for photos with Geo location in Flicker and display them on a map. For this showcase we used DMXzone Google Maps 2 to display our map. We also used Flickr public feed from HTML5 Data Bindings data source for the images. With the help of HTML5 Geo Location you can enter tags in the search filed in order to search for photos with Geo location which will be displayed on the map.

Check out what we did below and hurry up because the sale for HTML5 Geo Location ends tomorrow and the one for DMXzone Google Maps 2 on Thursday!

Share Your Location on a Map

In today's showcase we created a page that displays locations on the map. In order to do that we used HTML5 Geo Location which stores your current location when you hit the "share location" button. Once your location is shared, the DMXzone Google Maps 2 automatically displays the last 10 shares from the database. If you don't want to share your location you can only preview the last 10 shares by hitting the button. For the storage we used HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP to establish the connection and DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP to insert the current location.

Keep in mind that HTML5 Geo Location and DMXzone Google Maps 2 are currently on sale with a discount!

DMXzone Google Maps 2 Released and on Sale

Unleash the power of Google Maps in just a few clicks. Add markers to cities, addresses, businesses and events with info balloons on interactive, annotated maps and integrate them in your websites! Choose addresses and Geo locations from any feed but also from our newly improved HTML5 Data Bindings data source and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP. Enable dynamic tracking and positioning with HTML5 Geo Location and many more with our latest DMXzone Google Maps 2 extension!

Until next Thursday DMXzone Google Maps 2 is on sale. If you already own DMXzone Google Maps, we have a special upgrade price for you, just make sure that you're logged in with your DMXzone account before purchasing it.

HTML5 Geo Location Released and on Sale

Today we're happy to announce the official release of HTML5 Geo Location. It is the ultimate way to figure out where your users are in the world and ask them to share that information with you. Empower the full HTML5 Geo Location services on your page and do awesome location-aware things such as finding local businesses, show your location on a map an many more. It contains 10 different properties to specify if Geo location is supported, latitude, longitude, heading, speed, timestamp and other.

The HTML5 Geo Location is on sale unitl next Wednesday so get it now. 

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