Pure PHP and ASP Upload Improved and on Sale

We're close to improve all our extensions to be compatible with Dreamweaver CC 2015 and the now Pure PHP/ASP Upload 3 made it to the list. It empowers strong validated client and server side restricted uploads, making them more secure than ever. Full support for mobile file upload - now you can upload any image from your mobile phone directly with a great looking HTML5 progress bar. It also supports the DMXzone Ajax Form - turn your form to a dynamic ajax form so that it is submitted and processed directly without any page refreshes and show the result directly inline!

Until next Wednesday you can get Pure PHP/ASP Upload 3 with discount as part of our ongoing Summer Sale!

What You Missed This Week

This week we released a bunch of super-awesome Dreamweaver extensions that have been improved for Dreamweaver CC 2015. Among the updates you'll find DMXzone Google Maps 2, its add-ons Drawing and Directions as well as Universal CSS Navigation Menu. Also we improved Advanced HTML Editor 3 and all of its add-ons, which are also to be found as part of our ongoing Summer Sale with great discount. Make sure to check out the latest showcases as well.

Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Addons on Sale

Creating beautiful and rich content online has never been easier, even in Dreamweaver CC 2015. With the improved Advanced HTML Editor 3 you can enable editing of live text, images, tables and other content without any HTML knowledge, visually like in Microsoft Word. Turn the editor into your own custom CMS with just a few clicks, directly from within Dreamweaver and make your websites dynamic and editable by your clients. Make sure to check out the lastest showcase with these awesome tools. Until next Wednesday the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Addons are on sale as part of our Summer Sale!

More Improved Extensions Added to the Summer Sale

We continue to improve our DMXzone extensions so they can run smoothly on Dreamweaver CC 2015 and today we have DMXzone Google Maps 2, its add-ons Drawing and Directions as well as Universal CSS Navigation Menu. In addition our developers added improved 64bit Dreamweaver compatibility to the menu. As you already know, our Summer Sale already started so these 4 awesome tools are also included and now you can get them with discount until next Wednesday.

Use the Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider in your Projects

There's still time to benefit from our Summer Sale, which started last week and get HTML5 Slideshow 2, DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 and DMXzone Supersized 2 with great discount. All three DMXzone extension have been improved to run smoothly on Dreamweaver CC 2015. In our latest showcase, which you can check out below, we used our most awesome jQuery slider for the images that change with great effects. Make sure to check us regularly as we'll have more improved extensions and more discounts coming this week.

What You Missed This Week

If you missed an announcement, update or any content that we released during the week, here's our weekly content summary. We improved four of our most amazing galleries, including CSS Image Gallery 2, HTML5 Slideshow 2, DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 and DMXzone Supersized 2. We also gave our annual Summer Sale a start and each week we'll have selected extensions with great discount. You can track them on our right "On Sale" sidebar.

Take Advantage of the Improved DMXzone Extension Manager

Our core goal when we developed the DMXzone Extension Manager last year was to save you time and avoid unnecessary registration dialogs, serial numbers, etc. We want you to use your precious time for you actual work and projects. Therefor we're happy to announce the next improved version, which is already uploaded on DMXzone and you can download it or simply update it if you're already using it. We added a "forgot password" dialog and if you by any chance forget your pass you can quickly reset it by email. Below you'll find all the improvements that our developers made along other useful information regarding the DMXzone Extension Manager.

DMXzone Summer Sale Starts Today!

It's again the long awaited holiday season but it's also that time of the year when we give our Summer Sale a head start! In the next few weeks we'll put selected DMXzone extensions on sale for a week and you can get each one of them with 20% discount. Of course, the multiple purchase discount still applies and will be automatically calculated in your shopping cart. Along with the Summer Sale we'll release improved versions of some of our tools that need a little power boost for the newly released Dreamweaver CC 2015. We start with our most awesome HTML5 Slideshow 2, DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 and DMXzone Supersized 2, three absolutely stunning galleries! So until next Wednesday you can get them cheaper with our Summer Sale.

Make sure to check out our On Sale sidebar regularly to be informed with the current sales!

DMXzone Joins ReactEurope Conference

If you're wondering why our Techs are not available on the Live support, here's a hint - ReactEurope Conference 2015, which will be held in Paris, France (July 02 and July 03)! In an effort to bring you the latest technologies there are and continue to develop high-end extensions we'll be adopting React.js pretty soon. For more than a year now, React.js has changed the way we think about client-side applications through concepts such as the virtual dom, one-way data flow, immutable data structures and isomorphism. So if you're also attending the conference, there's a big chance you'll bump into one of our developers.

We apologize for the inconvenience their absence may cause but promise you to respond to every question or issue you have as soon as possible. Our Live support will be online again on Monday, ready to provide you with the best Tech support.

Last Chance for Bootstrap 3 Navigation and Elements Special Offer

Last week we released improved versions of the Bootstrap 3 extensions with improved Dreamweaver CC 2015 compatibility and the latest Bootstrap 3.3.5. Since then both the DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation and Elements have been on sale and until tomorrow you can still benefit from the discount and get them cheaper. In our latest showcase we used Bootstrap 3 extensions along with the DMXzone Supersized 2 to create an awesome fullscreen slideshow with beautiful images, responsive layout and great navigation so make sure to check it out.

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