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Setting up an Automated Import/Export

This Tutorial shows you how to set up an automated Import/Export in SQL server 2000.

This enables you to download/upload data from/to your live websites at set times of the day without having to manually run it yourself.

This is a good option for running during the early hours to bring live data from your website down to your local machine to provide a backup.

Setting up an Automated Import/Export in SQL Server 2000

Select the Database to Import to / Export from, Right click the database and select … All Tasks …Import Data or Export Data

Enter the name of the SQL server to copy the data from (if it is the machine you are working on you can leave this as (local).

Select Use SQL server Authentication, then enter your login details.

Then Select the Database that you wish to copy from.

Select the SQL server you wish to copy to.

Enter the SQL Server authentication details, and then select the Database you are copying to.

Select to Copy Objects and data, and then select the tables you wish to copy across. 

Click Options

Untick Copy database users and database roles

Click Select Objects

And select the tables you wish to Import/export

Select the Schedule DTS package for later execution, select the on the right hand side to enter the schedule.

Give the DTS package a name, and ensure the Server name is set to the local SQL server and enter the SA user details for SQL server authentication

 Check the details are all correct and select Finish to save this package.

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