I am getting the following error when using the extension:

msxml3.dll error '80072ee2'

The operation timed out

/ScriptLibrary/incSmartMailer.asp, line 1161

The timeout is generated by msxml object that is used to load the template file. This usually happen on MS Windows 2003 server when the used template file cannot be properly loaded. Some of the reasons for this behavior could be: template takes too much time to be loaded, the smart mailer is trying to send too many emails or the web server is behind a proxy.


  1. Try to make asp template to load faster through cutting down your asp code or using some speed tricks.
  2. Don not use session code in global.asa
  3. If your web server is behind a proxy see the following article:
  4. Disable the session state through adding this line at the top of the asp template file:

    <%@ enablesessionstate="False" %>

  5. Increase the time out. You can do it by adding the following line in /ScriptLibrary/incSmartMailer.asp before line# 1222.

    objHttp.setTimeouts 5000, 60000, 10000, 10000

    (Warning: If the solution work make sure that you have copyed the edited file to your web server. Because when you add server behavior Macromedia Dreamweaver could replace the modified incSmartMailer.asp with the original one).