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Ajax AutoComplete Manual

“A detailed information about the Ajax AutoComplete extension”
How many times have you struggled with entering long lists, while you had to lookup a product or country? AJAX AutoComplete will make your life easier. Your user can get a filtered dropdown with choices after entering a few characters, enabling quick search and selection without having to enter long text.

Table of contents

You can also read this manual in PDF format

The Basics: Creating a Basic AJAX AutoComplete Field
Make sure to setup your site in Dreamweaver first before creating a page, if you don't know how to do this please read this

Advanced Usage

Advanced: Generating an AutoComplete Field using a Database
Deploy the extension in four easy steps

Advanced: Editing the Field with the Property Inspector
In this chapter we're going to edit the properties of the AutoComplete field using the property inspector of Dreamweaver. Click on the preview of the AutoComplete field in the design view to display its properties. Below is a screenshot of the property inspector.

Advanced: Creating a Form with AutoComplete Fields
In this chapter we'll show you how to create a form with Autocomplete fields. We've created an empty HTML page with a background image. We are going to insert three fields, one manually, one from a database and one from predefined templates. The final form will look like this;.

Reference: Advanced Customization
In this chapter we are going to show you the layout and design flexibility our extension offers. By editing the autocomplete.css file you can set a huge range of options. We'll discuss the most important ones.

We have some Frequently Asked Questions answered.

Video Tutorials

Adding a City Search Field with Auto Completion
With this movie we will show you how easy it is to insert a city search field that uses Ajax AutoComplete on your page.

Working with Ajax Autocomplete Store ID Field Feature
With this movie we will show you how to select an ID field for the autocomplete field to store it in a specific hidden fieldusing Ajax AutoComplete.

Using Google Search Option in Ajax AutoComplete
With this movie we will show you how to use the autocomplete from Google search option in Ajax AutoComplete.

Connecting Ajax AutoComplete and DMXzone Google Maps
With this movie we will show you how to connect the Google search autocomplete option in Ajax AutoComplete with DMXzone Google Maps in order to autofill Address Form fields on your page.

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